Ear Wax Removal Times Two

I know, I know. “Ear wax” is just a fancy name for something called “Cerumen.” I learned something new today. Looks like it flooded the ear canal. That’s why I thought it was some blocked tube inside the body. My bad. And I wants one of these curettes. There would be so much fun to be had!

Enjoy the ooey-gooey wax!

Cerumen Plug Removal

Curette Removing Cerumen

“Cerumen Plug Removal using the MedRx Digital Video VetDock system” & “Removal of cerumen using MedRx curette” Uploaded to YouTube by MedRxVet on June 30, 2011 & Jul 1, 2011

25 Comments on “Ear Wax Removal Times Two

  1. Too short! Too short! I could watch cerumen removal all day! I want one of the grabby tweezer things. I will outfit myself in superhero garb and wander the streets with my wax-eradicating-device close at hand seeking out those lucky devils plagued with cerumen over-production. I shall be known far and wide as (wait for it….) “THE WAXINATOR” Too prosaic? What would your superhero name be?

    1. CatWoman721984 says:

      maybe cuz Im tired but that was funny

    2. comedoness says:

      How about ‘The Waxinator – Can You Hear Me Now?’

      1. YES!! And I could have the guy from the commercials be my trusty sidekick!

    3. Pick_That_Puppy says:

      How would you know who would need your service?
      I guess you could ask them, and if they said “Huh?” tweez them…

      1. It could be a spidey-sense kind of thing where I would just know.

        Or I could be like the Bionic Woman and have super eyesight and I would be the only one who could hear that weird noise when I zoom in to look at things up-close and personal. OOOHH! Then I could pretend to be psychic and amaze and astound them with my uncanny abilities! I could approach people and tell them in a very knowing and sympathetic way that I can “feel” that they are suffering from excess earwax. And they’d be all “OMG, how did you know?” And after I performed my services they’d be like “Thank you, Waxinator! We’ve heard tell of this concept called “sound” but we never truly understood it until now! We thought things were supposed to sound like we were buried deep inside a candle! Our lives will never be the same again! We will go out into the world and tell everyone we meet about the miracles you perform and they will flock to you like mosquitos to a bug zapper!”

        And thus would begin my referral practice!

    4. Those are side biting forceps and you may have a set when you complete 8 years of med school plus internship.

      1. Pick_That_Puppy says:

        Or, save the $200,000 tuition and just go to Ebay…

        Karl Storz Flexible Foreign Bodies Forceps 27175B.


    5. I’m thinking a motto like “wax on, wax off” ? :)

      1. Aussie Cyster says:

        Puss, you just made me shudder…. I went for a wax once to a business called “wax on, hair off” bit of a gross name, so I should had known better…. was not a nice experience, she near on ripped my girly bits off! I spent a whole weekend with an ice pack in my undied.

      2. Aussie Cyster says:

        *undies :)

  2. When I first watched, I wondered what was wrong with that person’s ear, it was all misshapen. Then I realized these videos were from a vet. Duh. Also, I have a plastic curette and its not nearly as fun as you’d think it would be. Pretty much nobody in my family will let me use it on them anymore. :(

  3. Sorry to be harsh but this is bs, why get started and not finish, I am outraged!

    1. hehehe … really? Outraged? hehehe

  4. I think I may have nightmares about that pair of forceps…it looked like something out of transformers!

    That curette work was so beautiful though…

  5. That must have been some old wax to be using side biters on it! the curett would feel good it there was no wax in my ear!
    Good find gimpysgirl!!!

  6. thanks for posting gimpysgirl, not bad for an ear wax removal video.

  7. @suolucidir ….I LOVE the way you think! I want to be either “The WaxMaster 200″ or “The Wax Whacker”….Unitl I come up with something better, at least! I have had that loop thingie used in my ear before….I believe it’s the MD equivalent of a bobby pin. I wonder if they ever go into the ears with that nose roto-rooter thing? I wonder how much one of those roto-rooter things would go for on Ebay? I wonder if I better get some sleep?

    1. Sleep is highly overrated….especially when there is earwax to be harvested!

  8. I just love ear wax. DWS

  9. Can you imagine how it would feel having a plug of wax removed from your ear like that first vid?

  10. wow was that a piggy ear that was a huge ear wax gob they pulled out great find gimpysgirl smooches hugs and audie bear loves :)

  11. The disecting machine worked wonders.

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