Way Awesome Pilonidal Cyst Surgery!

The best part, not to spoil it, is that they show the dissection of the offending flesh that has been removed!!!! Yeah!

~ H.S.

“Enfermedad Pilonidal.wmv” Uploaded to YouTube by Coloproctologiamx on Jun 1, 2011

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  1. pilonidal cysts are my absolute favourite, because I can only imagine how much better the sufferers feel afterwards.

    1. Well, I can only speak for myself, but afterward I felt horrible. Granted, after about four or five days I was feeling much better; but that period of time was brutal. I couldn’t sit, lying down was painful (but doable so long as I didn’t move)…mostly I stood and leaned against walls. I didn’t feel any release when they lanced it (I had a local so I wasn’t feeling much at all just that moment), and when the local wore off it was mostly just pain.

  2. unclelarry says:

    Fascinating. That thing was the size of a walnut. He had to feel better after the extraction. They sure carved his backside wide open didn’t they? Cool video HS.

  3. Kinda’ looks like a red, eyeless pac man bubble guy. lol…! These have got to be such an ordeal to go through! Great find again!

  4. Not for me. Just gore without the glory of projectile cheese.

  5. just think how the body was battling that thing!

  6. I’ve been dying to see one of these things opened up…at last! I thought there would be more gunk and hair in it, though- I had the idea it was kinda like a dermoid, but obviously not. The way they were playing with it made me think it was saying “Feed me, Seymour!”

  7. I’m with Unclelarry on this one that had to be a killer for that person!
    Great find H.S.!!!

  8. i had one of these for maybe 2 years i think. i didnt have a problem with till it got big

  9. Big Tull and Unclelarry are right for sure. Thats a serious new one they opened up on their backside.

    Bet they didnt sit for a couple days for sure

  10. Pick_That_Puppy says:

    I think we need to see the hole that thing left behind…………………..

    You got your marching orders H.S..

  11. ProfessorPop says:

    I have had this surgery done and let me tell you, I almost wish I hadn’t. First of all it
    took damn near a full year to fully seal shut [the surgery] created more problems than it solved (such as this tiny spot that healed wrong that tears regularly that they can do nothing about). I am still in excruciating pain & have a standing prescription for a narcotic skin cream that has to be rubbed on by my wife 3-4 times a day [she has to wear gloves or her fingers go numb for hours]
    and to top all that off, I have this thing/growth/whotheFknows growing from one side of the incision that we call my “Butt Nipple” it is a 1+” callous looking growth that the dermatologist said ‘don’t worry about it’ that started forming when the surgery site was healing.
    Unfortunately I don’t have surgery video, the VA doesn’t allow cameras in the OR, [I did ask with PTZ in mind :D] but if you guys want to see the scar & the “Thing” I can post a pic or 2.

    1. Pick_That_Puppy says:

      Sign me up……for 2


    2. thanks for the story – and yep, a pic would be sick – do it!

  12. tattoo2u says:

    Hey, that reminds me I have a Hot Pocket in the microwave.

  13. These things gross me out more than any other kind of zit – and they totally fascinate me.

  14. These are the WORST kind of cyst.No personal experience,but I heard so many “bad stuff” abt it!
    The post-op seem to be more painful than before it(another kind of pain).

    And if you’re single…its a daily trip to the hospital,or…you can always move back with your parents.
    Plus,the post-op treatments seem soooo humiliating.Some ppl that went trough the op,posted their daily routine on youtube.Kudos to them ;)

    I wonder why(even tho I respect their opinion)some ppl could say that these cyst are their favorite!!!I dont understand!They are not fun to watch,you know that they’re painful +++++ for those who get it,plus,these ppl are cicatrized(scar) for life.

    I hope,seriously,that I will never have to deal with such a thing(among others).Give me 10 beautiful cyst on my arm,that I can deal with on my own and I will be happy.

    Good luck and much respect to all the people who have,or had to deal with a Pilonidal.You paid your due,thats for sure.

  15. at the end when they opened and closed the sac(?) all I could think of was que the opera music LMAO!!!

  16. Why are they doing surgery on Pac Man, did he eat to many dots. Pac Man really does look like he is in some massive pain. Please make him better so he can get back to running away from those wicked ghosts. lol DWS

  17. Sock Monkey says:

    I think they should have given the growth to the patient so he could have hit a few times with a hammer and showed it who was “The Boss”!

  18. Wonder what would happen if they left the cyst alone after it was tested for cancer and other serious diseases. After reading the comments, if I had one to appear, I would definitely give it 2nd, 3rd, and 45th thinking before I agreed to have it removed. My empathy for all those who have gone and will undergo this surgery inpatient/outpatient alike.

  19. Wow! I wouldn’t of thought those cyst left you with that thing inside! Gross. But I have to say I love the draining videos! Hehehehe…

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