Gout Draining? Weeee, fun!

I know very little about gout, other than there‚Äôs a buildup of some crystals in some of the body joints in certain people. I have never heard of anyone having to drain pus-like fluid as a result of it. Anyway, this is a two-parter, both short, but the squeezin’s are pretty good, enough to at least make a nice appetizer for a Popologist!

– mookzmom, MVM



Many thanks to nokooksallowed (and his toe) for the fabulous exudate! lol “Fun with Gout #1″ and “Only fun with Gout part 2″ (Uploaded to Youtube, Jun 3, 2011)

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  1. ouch that thing looks pain full. great work on all parts though

    1. @Rose – yes and very good!!ll;. I read that all animal internal organs are very very bad for human, especially the liver since it filters the blood and toxins build up and deposit. Goose liver is THE WORST.

  2. WTF, it looks like i’m watching a horrormovie called “Butcher From Hell”.
    And it made my day better!

    Great find, mookzmom!

  3. careful, really big veins in the big toe. I never heard of gout pus before either. looks like a regular abscess to me. Ingrown toe knuckle hair, bad shoes?

  4. No way I could cut on myself I’m too squeemish. I hope he plans on throwing that bowl away when he’s done.

  5. unclelarry says:

    Wow! That was awesome. Fantastic payload. Gout, huh? Hmm, learn sumthin’ new every day.

  6. I just looked it up. Sometime the tophi bumps from gout can ulcerate and become infected…wow. Here a pic of a guy getting the uric acid build-up removed from his toe. Nasty


    1. Innaffitoften says:

      your link is bad. interested in seeing that. try again, please?

      1. It’s not bad, just delete the [img] and [/img] and paste it in a new browser window

  7. I have friends who have gout but I didn’t know it would progress to this state. I’ll bet walking is pure hell. It also looked like the knuckle on the toe had a similar site.

  8. Are they doing this at the kitchen table? Is that a soup bowl I see?

    Ah, the wonders of PTZ :)

  9. That was a great find Mom! I had a vid on here once called …got gout, get it out” and it was pretty gross..I think its gone now but a lot of nastiness can happen with it.

  10. mookzmom – you’ve introduced a whole new genre – gout pus; yep, you’re the MVM
    oh, and by the way: AAAAARRRGGGGHHHHH ! !

    1. My thoughts exactly Magna!
      Excellent find MM!!!

    2. LOL Magna!! Fabulous use of font to fully express your feelings!

  11. Splatter Man says:

    How about cherry juice and allopurinol?

  12. Pick_That_Puppy says:

    I hoped that helped your gout. Having an open wound on your feet has its own set of problems…….

  13. Master Miner Mookie, this was great! How rare to be able to headline a whole new pus-filled genre in the PTZ world.
    play REPEATplayREPEATplayREPEAT…

    I had no idea gout could create such good pus!
    Wait here for me, everybody- I gotta go squeeze my uncle.

  14. yeah, that just looks like regular pus. husband has gout and the pain is in the actual joint. the uric acid builds up. but yeah, you can get those bumps, and maybe the wrong shoes can cause the bumps to become infected. that was a massive infected bump. I hope he got some relief and didn’t cause more problems than he solved!

  15. truthinrock says:

    How funny the caption where mookzmom doesn’t know much about Gout and right next to the video is an ad for Uloric, a Gout medication.

  16. Dear 8 pound 6 oz baby jesus….please keep the pus filled gout toes away from thy feet. Amen. I don’t know but all of the sudden my toes feel like they’re throbbing and burning. Sorta like when someone you know gets head lice and you get sympathy head itching going on. Could these be sympathy gout? Pardon me do you happen to have some Grey Uloric?

  17. OMG–I could hardly watch this because it looked so painful–almost had to turn it off like I did that recent video of the baby who had infection in his leg and had it cut open. I know of people who have gout and I understand it is quite painful when it gets going–to the point where it can be difficult to walk. I can’t understand how this guy just cut away at himself and kept squeezing as if there was no pain. How is this going to heal? That’s quite an incision!

  18. comedoness says:

    Holy gravy, that poor foot had to hurt like crazy! Nice find!

  19. I have be a critic but what a ROOKIE mistake, you don’t push directly down on the top of a cyst, you need to place fingers outside of the large mound and squeeze down and UP!! come on people it’s PTZ 101 for gods sake!!

  20. squeezit smore says:

    Holy monster lump! Is it me cuz it didn’t look like it got any smaller!! More vids n joy for us i hope!!

  21. CystrButtPimple says:

    thats something else i never want to happen to me. i’ve heard if gout, but never imagined that’s what it was. i hang garlic and crosses on my door to keep it away….hey, it works for vampires, why not gout????

  22. Gout milk?

  23. Was that gout on top of a bunion? That part of the foot is very painful. Bunions run in my mother’s side of the family.

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