Almost Smells Like Poo

Cat has a huge abscess on its side/back. Veterinarian does an incision and drainage procedure, releasing a stupendous amount of thick yellow pus, complete with large pieces of fibrin to be pulled out. Nice find, Shilo! Thanks!!

“Large Cat Abscess” Uploaded to YouTube by Macross4 on Jun 6, 2011

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  1. Beat me to it! I’ve dealt with some kitty abscesses on my own cats. Always amazing how much goop they can accumulate in so little time. And they’re such good healers too! Hope this kitty mends well, and thanks for posting!

    1. YEs that goop was amazing!!!

  2. unclelarry says:

    When the video began I noticed how small the gauze the doc was using. He definitely needed a bigger boat for that pus pocket. Nice flow and chunks. I’m glad the kitty got medical attention. Great post Shilo. Thanks.

  3. tattoo2u says:

    Wow, cats are good for something! Before you start yelling at me, My dogs made me say that :)

    1. LOL Pain in the Abscess! My dog sat & watched that video too-she is in agreeance with your dog! Great post Shilo, that abscess was so big it almost had it own post code (oops zip code in the USA!). Thank you!

  4. Pick_That_Puppy says:

    How many of that poor tabby’s 9 lives did that subtract?

  5. slider1964 says:

    He should have used a kidney dish.Cat bites are just toxic, always turn into a festering mess.

    1. @slider1964 – agree with you. Maybe they dry bathe the cat after the abscess is drained? A tom cat of ours got in a fight and bit in the throat. The lump that came up was as big as his entire body. We could not catch him to take him to the vet. We made him stay outside and good thing. He ran up to me getting out of my car and it burst. I didn’t notice the smell only the pus the consistency of cottage cheese a gallon of it! That was almost 25 years ago but it is as clear in my head as yesterday.

  6. fantastic shilo…that pup had a purulent fountain going on! I would rather hear them laugh then scream anytime….

  7. That cat was in one helluva fight or the wound was left untreated for too long!
    Now if the doc would keep the gauze out of the way we could see better!
    Great fine Shilo!!!

    1. BT, I respectfully disagree with part of your statement…only because I’ve had cats for almost as long as I can remember, and these things do get enormously huge….sometimes almost overnight. My youngest cat, Spot, one morning showed up with a lump almost as big as his lil’ kitten head on his side. He’s such a laid-back lover kitty, that he let me lance it and drain it repeatedly, inject vet-supplied ointment, AND bathe him with antibacterial cat shampoo…all without arguing much…he purred through everything and acted like he just adored me. Today he’s a big bruiser with a smooth, shiny coat (and he still loves me too! WooHOO!) Anyway…I don’t want to pick a fight…just wanted y’all to know these things can and do arise VERY quickly in cats.

  8. Poor kitty. He will have to wear the collar for a while, not to mention that festive hair cut. The other kitties will laugh…..come on….you know they will. Cats mock….I’ve seen it.

    1. I’ve seen it too Zitgoggess, especially the younger kitties, they can be .. well .. just cruel!
      Pointing their paws and laughing and staring!
      I’ts just not nice. :)

  9. Funny…does it sound to anybody that at 1:09 there is a purring sound in the background over the heart monitor beeping? I know that cats purr when they’re in pain (which this poor kitty obviously would be with this huge cyst), but can they do it while they’re asleep? Just wondering.

    1. Victoria…That’s an interesting question. I know my cats purr AS they’re going to sleep, but it stops once they drop into deep sleep. Would be an interesting question to ask my vet when next we visit!

  10. nothing like having a leaking pussy…cat

  11. Loved it, Shilo! Our good doc suffered from a case of Ham Hands, though! and darn that surgical lighting! That abscess was goop heaven….

    1. And for the record, I think a TRUE scientist would have rustled up some poo to compare and contrast the smells… :D

  12. This video brought out of couple of the dog lovers vs. cat lovers. I’ve often wondered if we Popologists have anything else in common aside from our love of pustulence…

    I’m an animal lover (cats!) who keeps my nails short and likes “How it’s Made” videos…Anyone else??

  13. I love the animal pus. I think that is why I became a Vet Tech. Love it.

  14. Crypto Dentist says:

    dream job for PTZers, right? but i wouldn’t be able to handle being a vet, just because i would go to pieces seeing sick animals :(

  15. they should have used one of those puck dishes they give you in hospital to catch vomit i loved the laughter in the surgery room and the smell is kinda like poo lmao haha great find Shilo smooches hugs and audie bear loves :)

  16. wow, another great cat abscess!

  17. Crypto Dentist says:

    this is a great vid and i’m not knocking the vets in any way, but it’s always entertaining to be watching a surgery vid and hear “oh my god, what the hell?” :D

  18. Oh, poor thing :( :(

    Must have been in excruciating pain. I’d like to have seen the entire removal. Looks like they planned to insert a drainage tube.

  19. great video, what is the medical definition for fibrin? i see its yellow stringy pus, but why doesn’t every infection/abscess have it?

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