The Knee Bubble Gets The Knife!

I love how this guy calls it a knee bubble. Fabulous! And the doctor – in my opinion, he seems like one of those very particular, meticulous practitioners. He wanted that cyst out and intact. I was afraid we weren’t going to see any contents from this bad boy. But, praise be!, that bugger just did not want to be parted from its happy home. And when it broke open at the top, you could see a change in the doc’s performance, It looked like he was a bit ticked that it was no longer whole, and just started slashing away at the persistent sac o’ pus!

Anyone else think at one point it started to really resemble an egg from the Alien movies? Should we be nervous that tiny little face huggers (well, at that size, nose huggers would be more appropriate… ok, bad mental image… ha ha ha!) are going to take over the world?

All in all, a enjoyable de-cysting vid! And a first as far as location – I don’t recall ever seeing a sebaceous cyst on the side of someone’s knee, and at that size, to boot. Fun!! :)

~ H.S.

(P.S. Love what the patient said in the YT descrip: “Decided to finally remove my ‘knee bubble’ and film it for your viewing pleasure.” Thanks, mhscrew!)

“Sebaceous Cyst Removal” Uploaded to YouTube by mhscrew on May 30, 2011

22 Comments on “The Knee Bubble Gets The Knife!

  1. Sigh… I missed seeing the squish!

    1. That would be a great bumper sticker!!! “Don’t Miss the Squish!” lol, ok, I’m weird, I just like how it sounds!! :D

      ~ H.S.

  2. Doctor: “This could be a horror film, you know.” Doctor, we here classify this as a love story.

    Thanks, HS! I love the surgeries!

    1. I move that we, the members of PTZ, offer the good doctor in this video our heartfelt thanks for being so cool!

  3. Did I here that cyst say nyah nyah nyah nyah nyah nyah at the doc or was I dreaming?
    Great find H.S.!!!

    1. BT, you were dreaming again; go back to sleepytime.


  4. Thank you, I need all the entertainment I can find these days!

  5. unclelarry says:

    Dragged that sucker out kicking and screaming didn’t it? It was a beautiful thing when it burst. Excellent find HS.

  6. Hey that’s the way it’s really suppose to be done, can you blame up for wanting all of them squishy now!!!! We used to watch these and think they were the best but we have been so spoiled of late… Fantastic find and we did get to see the cheese whiz!

  7. comedoness says:

    HALPH STAPH: Nose hugger, LMAO!!!!!

  8. It can be so lovely when it’s done in one fell swoop.

  9. excellent cheesesy post

  10. again, love was demonstrated – one could bronze that
    Halph, as it flowered it sure did look like the alien face mask! heh heh heh!

  11. pussbuster says:

    The squeeze out one’s are great, but it’s good to see this kind every once in a while.
    The doc is a pro.

  12. Wound up with a kidney stone, so not as chipper as usual, but this video certainly helps my mood! Thanks, HS! Love how “warty” some of these sacs look when they manage to get most of the thing out without chopping it all up!

  13. Another awsome post by HS!
    Thank you Thank you Thank you! :)

  14. Now that is how it’s suppose to be done. Very nice Doc. Excellent technique!!!

  15. Pick_That_Puppy says:

    Is there any one of us that wouldn’t love to be on the aqua end of that scapel ?

  16. i would love to be the doc doing this ahhhhhh dream job

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