Sham-Wow! That’s absorbant, but where’s the bit of rubber?

This poor guy has quite the abscess on his thigh/buttocks from, well, I’ll let him explain: “Bad shot of stanazol. Caused from a bit of rubber from the seal going into the barrel…. then my buttocks :)”. Ouch! I don’t know if I’d smile after that. But he’s a great sport about popping his free-flowing abscess, and we get to enjoy the show! And, he’s found an ingenious use for those disposable dish towels you can buy at the supermarket. They clean up pus so well! So, our popper/poppee’s been shot through the arse and ‘roids are to blame! They give love a bad name (bad name)! Our video’s star disagrees, he thinks the positives of steroid use outweigh the negatives. But love is a social disease. Press play, folks, I can do this all day.

Thanks to liquidsnake1959 for the original YouTube post “bouras’s massive infection” on May 9, 2011

27 Comments on “Sham-Wow! That’s absorbant, but where’s the bit of rubber?

  1. Verrrrrrrry Nice….and the cyst was pretty good too!! Yowza!!

  2. unclelarry says:

    That was impressive! The pus looked like river mud flowing down his cheek & thigh. Outstanding find Dr.

  3. Good flow of goo he had there.
    is there a possibility of a pt 2?
    Good find DrSpencer!!!

  4. Aussie Cyster says:

    On behalf of Australia… please excuse his potty mouth :)

    I love it when the goobers run like a river, that was great.

    thanks for the post!

    1. moogless says:

      Haha, I was just thinking that!

  5. pussbuster says:

    Good one
    He’ll be back.

    1. not if he has to get his butt amputated! lol

  6. I think he needs to go see his doctor and get a good shot of Penicillin in that Ass!

    1. Yes. I was thinking the same thing. This definitely looks like it’s a good candidate for antibiotics. I really hope he went to the doctor to have it looked at. It’s worrisome.

  7. BoogerKing says:

    I like the sterile conditions of the towel…placed on the floor, on a side table, and wiped over and over on a nasty wound.

  8. He won’t think it’s worth it when that thing necrotizes and he loses a big chunk of his well-muscled ass, or his leg, or that no-doubt shrunken bit of meat between his legs.

  9. Great vid and commentary. Loved it.

  10. Funny his rump does nothing for me. It’s a Handi-Wipe BTW

  11. Pick_That_Puppy says:

    If women go to the bathroom together to powder their noses,
    Guys go there with their buddies to do what??

    Thanks Dr Spencer

  12. dixiebelle6577 says:

    Loved it; especially the color of that pus and they said it stinks! LOL Good find.

  13. Really enjoyed this one! I’ve been coming up blank on my mining runs lately, so if anyone can find a treasure like this, they have my gratitude! Yup…looks like this fellow needs some medical attention pronto! Keep ‘em coming!

  14. owwwie that one is loaded.. i found myself thinking ” just let em drop” Then no worries abt soiling the boxers..After all he had protection on the floor!

  15. That was great Doc. When I feeling a little down I just come here to read all of your posts and I am laughing in no time….thanks guys!

  16. Oh now that everyone knows I am a girl I am going to change my av again!

  17. Why don’t they just tuck the damn rag into their jocks and just let the pus flowww!


  18. added to my favs,have a nice and etc-yummy

  19. rebornmoron says:

    I tell him all of the time….



  20. NMGAPAOH says:

    Argh, delted, again :( :(

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