PTZ Highlights: Blackhead Stringer Delight

Sounds like a dish at an ethnic restaurant, eh? It does make me ponder, however – it seems like the PTZ community on the whole is one of the most accepting groups of people I have ever had the privilege to know. It does not matter where you are from, the color of your skin (by most people’s avatars, very grey!), the language you speak, your gender or orientation – as long as you love the pop, you are one of us!

Makes me quite proud to be a part of someplace like this. *BIG GRIN*. It makes me even happier to find a video where the blackhead (punto negro, grano, spot, comedo, forunculo, etc.) just keeps shooting out the good stuff!!! Oh yeah, this is home!

~ H.S.

el granito que aporto ramon” Uploaded to YouTube by katsumoto8611 on Feb 19, 2011

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  1. Squeeze-alicious says:

    OMG!!!! Instant classic!


      1. 3cysterscafe says:

        You’re not kidding!! WOw, every time I watch this I crack up at the men laughing so hard! I couldn’t understand a word they said but, laughter is a universal language! Lol

      2. Its huge!

    2. That is epic! Why don’t I ever get to pop blackheads like this?!

  2. I wonder how long he had that. Great way to start the end of the world. Thanks HS

    1. Aussie Cyster says:

      I had better warn you not to go and spend this weeks mortgage money on new shoes to wear to the end of the world. It is past midnight here and well and truly the 22nd and we are all alive and well ;)

      1. I figured if it hasn’t happened at 6pm East Aussie time, it ain’t happening today!

      2. Well thank gosh we are all still here – I just started my “bucket list” and eating Burgoo someday with BT is on there, as well as a trip around the US and Canada meeting PTZ’ers. A world ending catastrophe really would have put a wedge in my plans.

        Ha ha ha – we are probably still here thanks to the efforts of three totally unrelated people who somehow foiled a plot or stopped the chain of events of whatever was going to happen. Its true! Happens all the time in the movies, I’ve seen it!!!

        Glad to still be here!
        ~ H.S.

    2. Yes, great to measure! I could not believe it was black from the head to the tail of it. Must have sat under the skin a long time to develop that lovely color.


  3. Very satisfying, great find!

    1. 3cysterscafe says:

      I’m back for my daily dose of………laughter!!

      You thought i was gonna say “pus” , didn’t ya? Lol

  4. Splatter Man says:

    Nice one! The camera work makes me feel like I’m part of the action.

  5. I dunno, I find this more disgusting than just about anything because it’s just dirty. C’mon, how long does it take to nurture a blackhead that big? Nasty…

    1. I agree – I would have liked it so much better if only the end of it was black and the inside was white. I am sick – I know – but I think we all are in our own ways. Just my freaky fetish!!!!

    2. It is oxidized, not dirt.

  6. That stuff had been there for a while for it to be black for that long. I bet they squeeze that out regularly.
    Good find H.S.!!!

    1. comedoness says:

      I’m thinking that you’re right.

  7. @BT if they squeeze it regularly, how could it have been there for awhile? LOL just pickin at ya a little, big guy. :)

    seriously, why WAS the whole thing black? thanks for a great start to the weekend, Halphie!

    1. It may need to be squeezed once every 3-6 months, plenty of time to get oxidized.

  8. That was one I’d seen and passed up on on YT because I thought it was probably already here…lol…Didn’t check, obviously! Ah well….It was WONDERFUL! And it was one of those very odd-colored ones that make me wonder about the makeup of such things! GREAT FIND!

    1. Aussie Cyster says:

      you guys all do such a great job. thanks for everything you post :)

  9. Aussie Cyster says:

    loved it. thanks HS

  10. Pick_That_Puppy says:

    Shoelace storage port.

  11. How come you always find some MEGA great vids like this on HS?
    The vid was awesome ;)

    But what was this?Not a black head!
    Anyway,idc,it was awesome.
    Thanks for the post :)

      1. He he he plushhh – I wouldn’t mind if one *was* on me! I’d be filming it every week, or whatever interval it needed to refill!

        :) I think it might be just one of those impacted pores – like the one my mom had – which sometimes came out gray, sometimes creamy colored, and once in awhile yellow. But she showered daily, so its just the oils and level of oxidization I guess.

        Thanks, plushhh (AND everyone for always being so sweet!)
        ~ H.S.

  12. IT”S ALL BLACK!!!! what is it? It’s disgusting. It’s amazing.

  13. great squeese with dark cheese :)

  14. popmaven says:

    That was awesome! Great find, H.S.! It is definitely nice to be a part of a community like this! :)

  15. What a great stringer! hey, any medical types in the house who do derm? Can somebody tell us why sometimes the pus is gray and sometimes its yellowy white??

  16. That’s one hell of a satisfying blackhead *happyface*

  17. That was some dirty looking black head but have to say I got more of a chuckle out of listening to the men enjoy themselves giving that pock a squeeze.

    1. comedoness says:

      I was laughing myself listening to them carry on while they squeezed that blackhead, too much fun!

  18. Now that was Nice!!!!!!!!

  19. comedoness says:

    OMG, I’m in LOVE! What’s your address, I’ll be right over.

  20. I don’t think this is a blackhead…Rather an older cyst like from the three part series “Huge Blackhead” ( I think because he has a darker skin tone, coupled with the fact that it’s probably old, make’s the sebum excreted a darker color rather than the traditional off-white yellowish color. Nevertheless, 4/5. A good video to view if today is really THE END OF THE WORLDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD.

    1. LOL – You just wanted to say End of the world like that! Loud and booming across the heavens, eh?

      Well, its 12:16AM EST, and all is normal around here – I heard the usual midnight domestic argument about half an hour ago. At 1:00AM or so I should get either a drunken caroler or drunken chest puffing fight. *sigh* Who needs cable tv? I have enough Reality Shows just outside my window – thank the lord I’m on the 3rd floor!

      Have a great “The World Didn’t End” day, everybody!! tee hee

      ~ H.S.

  21. iloveblackheads says:

    OMG – I am in love! So fantastic!

  22. Awsome find HS, we just bought a 5th wheel trailer and so I just got in from the shore to catch up on my PTZ viewing.
    The only “rapture” I got caught up in today was this great post from you, thanks for making my post apocalyptic day. :)

    1. Oh I am SO jealous!!! I want to have a trailer and live in it while traveling all over the continent!!!! Was it new? Used? Pop outs? How many does it sleep?? Tub, shower, or potty/shower cubby?

      It is so cool you have one!!! Just don’t park it in a trailer park in tornado alley – that’s just asking for a free ride to Oz! lol

      ~ H.S.

  23. Can I have one of those for christmas? Pretty Please! Great find HS.

  24. mrtasteless says:

    What else can be said? Exquisite. Right up there with Pete’s pustulant pimple.

  25. I can only wish to grow something like that. I don’t have the patience to grow and nurture a blackhead/cyst. I pick at things too much. I had a squeezegasm watching it.

  26. Magnificent!

  27. Wowzas3400 says:

    Awesome string! Nice color too! You rock Halph!

  28. PHFWOOO-OO-OO-OO-OOHAA-HEEE_HAAA GET IN THAT WERE BLINKIN MENTAL. Ithink I’ve managed to tie a bow in my lower intestine whilst watching this. Blackheads have always been my favourite medium. But vids of this quality and quantity (payload) are PHEW and Far between Halph you remain the Princess of Pus, the Sultana of Sebum

  29. Ditto pussmeister general – wondered what I could say whilst I would normally be smoking about now. Phew and far between, indeed. Dee-lightful. Thanx

  30. ah that was dirty yet beautiful

  31. Viewing this makes me giddy with delight!! I couldn’t help but notice the resemblance to bird poop. (Strange…) Why did it continue to come out black? Oh happy Day!!

  32. OMG that zit was seriously black!!!! OMG!!!

  33. BoogerKing says:

    I always dream that a blackhead like this would make this delicious popping, scraping, screechy sound, making it more delicious and beautiful. I am a happy woman tonight…

  34. princesspustule says:

    Do you guys remember the video of the hispanic guy that had a large cyst on his neck? He had a tattoo of a pair of lips on his neck. Well his sebum was dark grey. I think some people just have different color sebum. Now if that think was half black and the other half was white then he would probably have a hygiene issue but, I don’t think this was the case. I could be wrong, have been before but ,I just think that was the color of his sebum.

  35. Sweet Sweet relief!!

  36. black gold …texas tea…nice & nasty

  37. And since he was born he believed it was a birthmark…

    NICE one. Love it <3

  38. fluffy_01 says:

    Oh my gosh (I know, overused phrase, but:)!!!! That was an epic blackhead! *sighs in pustulant happiness* ;)

    1. fluffy_01 says:

      Oh yeah! Way to go, HS! I agree on the cuisine. Whats next, Pus Puffs?

  39. How did I miss this when it was posted? Oh my marshmallows, it’s beautiful! Thanks @Halph Staph for such a great post. Even if I missed it on Rapture Day, it was rapturous to find it today!

  40. holy zit blackhead was huge you could tell there was all guys there they laughed hella hard put some chicks in the crowd and they screech and scream lol

  41. I heard it said that the color of the blackhead cheese is determined by the skin complextion, it being made of dead skin cells

    1. Deb p aka @lovesalsa says:

      That does make sense

  42. captaincarbuncle says:

    Why can’t I know someone with one of these? Why, why? And why can’t it be refilling…. or would that be asking too much? :)

  43. Awesome job! That’s great.

  44. Sock Monkey says:

    I wonder how old that bad boy was?

  45. my hubby has one like that on his back that i keep trying to pop, but it is a stubborn bugger, I hope it looks like that when it goes

  46. phillip jackson says:

    i wonder how long that blackhead had been waiting to be evicted?

  47. looks like that blackhead has been there for awhile… good post…

  48. Sweet Squeezer says:

    Reminded me of the smokey snakes we lit as kids on Independence Day!! Whoooooo good one!

  49. I’ve NEVER EVER, EVER, EVER, EVER, EVER, EVER, EVER, EVER, EVER known or thought a blackhead could get that big or spurt out all brown and black in color!!!! Learn something new every day. I don’t think I could let it grow that long. I thought it was a cyst.

  50. Poor video quality, but very interesting. I’ve never seen one where the whole string is black

  51. Another fine video, Halphie. They were having so much fun with this I hated for it to end. I shall have to watch it again just to see if I can understand anything they’re saying!!

  52. That was awesome! Such a loving community event; the squeezing of a magnificent punt Negro. And more than enough to go around! I had to hit replay on this one!-Poppie

  53. it just keeps giving and giving

  54. That reminds me of the post never-ending blackhead that was on a guy’s leg that we were going to get to see the next time it filled back up but we never did. Ahhhh Heavy Sigh

  55. MistressOfSqueeze says:

    gotta love the laugh track

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