Big hair tweezed

For those of you who like people tweezing their beard, this is for you. (I’m a new member, and
I haven’t seen this one on here yet.) Who ever did this has an amazing camera! When he pulls the thing on out, it looks like there is some pus or white looking stuff on the root of the hair. Anyway, I hope you enjoy.

“[Dino-Lite] ひげを抜いてみたよ~ pulled a beard.” Uploaded to YouTube by yukihiro72 on Jan 4, 2011

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  1. tattoo2u says:

    The root looked like a worm. never saw a hair like that. What about the blackhead in the upper right corner of the frame?

  2. yikes, got tears in my eyes!

  3. I have an 8X magnifying lighted mirror I use for tweezing my eyebrows. Once in a while I get these extra-thick, coarse hairs in that area, and when I get them out, they look like this too. No infection, but it sure makes me wonder why some hairs in the same area are so thick and other are not. Anyway, GREAT video! Thanks! (by the way, my 8X mirror makes me feel like I have HUGE nostril hairs too! lol)

  4. comedoness says:

    I like it. Now, let me at those blackheads!

  5. What a gem! I wished that video would have lasted 3 minutes! Great find Fluffy! 5 stars from me!

    1. fluffy_01 says:

      Thank you! :)

  6. Sweet!!
    Good find fluffy_01!

  7. Good God that big

  8. *Good God that was big

  9. Damn…it was SOOOO GOOD…..
    Why did they cut it so short?We could see so many other “hairs” with potential!!!

    Well…it was short but sweet.And I loved every sec of it.

    Thanks to the original posters and the PTZ vid finder @fluffy_01

  10. We want more! We want more! We want more! Please?

  11. Innaffitoften says:

    That was so cool! But I NEED to know what the….??? I mean why the slimy stuff? Why did he pick THAT hair, the others were almost as large as that one. Weird, very weird, but so cool I watched it 5x’s in a row, THEN called my husband over to watch it 3 more times!
    Great find! I love ingrown hairs. If we had a better camera, we could get some cool shots, as my guy has a hard time with his beard, well he actually has a “beard”, so it would be more like the neck hairs. He exfoliates, etc., but still has a hard time, esp. with the “white” hairs that seem to be more and more prevailant these days, lol!

    1. The “slimy stuff” is the live part of the hair. It hasn’t solidified yet. I love plucking my eyebrows and getting the really big white roots with some of mine. I had no idea that was pop worthy material.

    2. He probably started to feel the infection so early that it was not red or engorged with pus yet. I’ll bet that the hair he plucked was just starting to feel tender to the touch. Good thing he didn’t wait until the infected hair got bigger to remove it.

  12. Juicy Pop says:

    AWESOME! Just awesome! Wooo hooooooo!

  13. that was wicked cool…need more places!

  14. unclelarry says:

    Wow! That was a big, honking root. I thought I saw a spleen attached to it. =8-O

  15. zitfetishvet says:

    What a fabulous view. Now let me attack the rest of them on his face. I have never seen anything like what was on the end of that hair. I was expecting a follicle but I couldn’t tell what the crap that slimy thing was.

  16. dixiebelle6577 says:

    WOW, that’s all I can say.

  17. There’s a name for this kind of hair, and of course I can’t remember it. It’s when a hair is really fat. Help anyone?

  18. Pick_That_Puppy says:

    It looked like turkey skin….

    Maybe it was a turkey that has a 5 oclock shadow.

  19. Ewwww! That was cool!

  20. I remembered!!! I know- amazing…

    Anyway, they’re called ‘compound hairs.’ I looked them up online and apparently the official name is pili multigemini. Awesome.

    Tha Dud

    1. Ever since menopause, I’ve been getting those hairs. I’ll get just one or two of them at a time, on my chin or at the corner of my lip. The roots are deeper and thicker than normal hairs and really hard to pull out – hurts more than plucking a normal hair. It looks like a blackhead before it breaks through the surface. Sometimes I can’t get them out right away and they get a little infected. Don’t have a video camera or I’d film it.

  21. Looks like root rot to me. Like when I love a plant to death and overwater it.

  22. That root was wicked! It looked like part of a dead worm. Wonder why he didn’t pluck the one to the left, it was just as large???

  23. popthatholz says:

    I love this! I think there should be a category dedicated to this, hair plucking/tweezing, would be brilliant :D

    1. fluffy_01 says:

      I have been thinking that too.

  24. Wow, I have never seen a hair with a root like that on it…That was just soooo cool….I agree popthatholz and fluffy, we need a special category devoted to just hairs, including tweezing, plucking, pulling, cutting, etc. That would be great, I just love to watch ppl pluck out their ingrown hairs…Sweet…..DwS

  25. After watching it a couple of more times, I would love to squeeze the end of that hair and see if anything comes out, it looks so sticky…DwS

  26. Wahhhh! I wanted to see more. I love plucking hairs. When I was younger I used to pluck my armpit hair instead of shaving. It took longer but it was worth it … lol :P

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