Big Dog, Bigger Lipoma, Biggest Relief!

Impressively monster-sized lipoma removed from big doggie! Talk about having a weight lifted off your chest!!

LOL, Enjoy and have fun!

– mookzmom, MVM

Thanks very much to Gyrperegrinegw for “Lipoma” (Uploaded to YouTube, Apr 15, 2011)

22 Comments on “Big Dog, Bigger Lipoma, Biggest Relief!

  1. Poor puppy, she’s been carrying a bowling ball forher owner!
    Vid maker did an awesome job with the series of pics and music!
    Great find MM!!!

  2. Pick_That_Puppy says:

    I think I ordered that at a Spanish cafe once….

    ……………………………….. it was good

  3. Wowsers! Awesome video, great music! Since it was a lipoma I bet the vet said to leave it until it started causing problems but boy that was huge. Hope doggie feels much better noe, I would love to see an after shot of him awake. As usual, well done MKM.

  4. Looked like a fine Haggis.

  5. unclelarry says:

    Wow! That was a monster. I hope the doggie felt better. On another note, who thought of SNL “more cowbell” when the music started?? =8-)

    1. Juicy Pop says:

      I did! I did! “I got a fever, and the only prescription is more cowbell!”

      Thanks MM, that was cool :).

  6. truthinrock says:

    I was amazed that a person would allow this condition get to this point!!

  7. looks more like a breast reduction to me…

  8. this one hit really close to home for me. my doberman developed one of these in the center of her chest. the vet told me that it was a fatty lipoma and not to worry – it can be taken out if it got bigger. well, bigger it got and fast. she was an old dobie, as well. when the vet got it, it was discovered that it had infiltrated the chest wall and encompassed one of the mammary glands as well. as a result, part of the wall and the gland were removed but the margins could not be gotten out due to extent of the inflitration. i felt bad for my girl and the vet who cried through out the surgery. when it came back, it did with a vengence, twice as big and spread out more. rather than have her be sliced up again and due to her age and risk of having her pass on the table, i opted to let her go to the rainbow bridge. therefore, this pup is fortunate as well as a great vet who was able to remove it intact. hope it never returns on her and if it does, they respond asap to avoid what i had to deal with. poor baby!

    1. moogless says:

      My vet refers to me as a helicopter fur-parent for the same reason. My boys are super healthy, but when the tiniest thing goes wrong, you can bet your ass, I’m down there harrassing the vet. My fat-dog, LAg Spike has has a few little lipomas and the vet has always said because of his heart murmur that he’d rather not removed them. But the one on his breast bone grew this year- not much, it went from pinky finger nail size to thumb nail sized. Luckliy my boys had their teeth done and Lag was due to have a tooth pulled from ‘his days on the street toughing it’ (aka the little chinese lady feeding him deep fried dim sims – no wonder he’s had teeth problems!).

  9. More cowbell!

  10. To be really creepy 2 of those would be kinda sexy

  11. I hope those weren’t dead cats laying on the table at the 30 second mark.

  12. loved the music
    just made the images
    really happy for the dog

  13. wow that was amazing and huge as heck i love doctors vets the surgeries they perform are always amazing great find mookzmom smooches hugs and audie bear loves :)

  14. Oh what a relief it is.

  15. I really wish it had been “live”. :)

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