Squeezing Pus out of Isis’s Cyst

****WARNING: ANIMAL PUS! Dog with back cyst – watch at your own discretion, comment with respect. :) WARNING****

Poor Isis has to listen to the mom direct the daughter. SO obviously the camera work is not the greatest, but good shots of Mom squeezing. Not full blown money shots – the daughter keeps on moving (I dont see a future of PTZ vids for her.) I can almost hear Isis saying I could do a better job myself!

I hope you all enjoy!

“Squeezing Puss out of Isis’s Cyst” Posted to You tube 4/10/2011 by melissakauffman17

14 Comments on “Squeezing Pus out of Isis’s Cyst

  1. unclelarry says:

    Nice little sebac action going oh here. The doggie seemed pretty mellow about the procedure. Might want to mute it due to some gagging sounds in the background. Good find queenlancealot

  2. “Are you supposed to squeeze all that out?” LMAO. I love kid’s questions!

  3. For some reason I thought this was already on here! Good thing I was wrong and queenlancealot got busy and put it on here!

    Good post and thanks for catching something the rest of us missed!

  4. My wifes Cocker Spaniel had those in in her later years. They STINK!!!!!!!!!

    1. Pick_That_Puppy says:

      My cat had a lump on its ear that I squeezed. Damn thing blew juice all over me, and YES it stunk!!

  5. Our German Shepherd has had a cyst on her back for about a year but there’s no way she would let us squeeze it and the vet says it’s fine and doesn’t need to be removed.

  6. Good vid but im gonna agree with mom
    “do your job and hold the camera still.. photographer”
    I really love the family cyst fun time videos like this one
    even if they are a little wobbly

  7. I think there is deffinately going to be a squeezequel to this for poor Isis!
    Dog’s skin is loose enough to be able to get up underneath this, so it’s kind of like removing a band-aid, do it once the right way, no muss, no fuss, and one time only.
    just saying…. :)
    Oh yes thank you for posting queenlancealot!

  8. comedoness says:

    Nice one. The mom was very patient with the silly kid antics.

  9. otakucode says:

    Kids that like cute animals often say they want to be a vet… those aren’t the kids that become vets. Kids like this, who can handle the actual biology are the ones who become vets. Glad to see parents helping their kids understand the world, including how gross it gets!

  10. Oh I love Airdales and you barely ever see them anymore! Good pup, nice little cyst!

  11. haha kids ask hella questions all the time kinda go off like a parrot does lol my youngest son does it all the time and the gagging was expected kids are funny the dog did great great cheese and lil blood mix great find queenlancealot smooches hugs and audie bear loves :)

  12. Simon you are the greatest!!!!!

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