Scottish Boil Fiesta

I found this! It looks like a party. Lots of pus (multiple holes?) and laughing lasses. I’m not good with accents, so they could be Canadian for all I know. Hope it’s new to you. :)

“kj Coll’s Boil” Uploaded by walshman01 to YouTube on Apr 25, 2011

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  1. Get those hyper wipers out of the yard and let him do his business!!!
    Damnation!!! The womenfolk turned a classic vid into a common one!
    Helluva find squish!!!

    1. Splatter Man says:

      Hyper wipers! Good one, Big Tull!

    2. mrtasteless says:

      Classic carbuncle. We don’t get to see too many so well illustrated.

      The cackling and constant wiping (by three people – without gloves) left me frustrated. Don’t people realize that pushing on these is pushing infection and other contaminates back into the site!

      @dripper – /agree – this guy will need some meds – and an appropriate draining asap. Gotta be massively painful.

    3. do you really have to have that many wipers. ?

    4. wipo obsesso

      good eye, squish

    5. I think the strategy was to insert themselves so they could perform the squeezing.

  2. pussbuster says:

    That was great but there was a lot left.

    He was doing the press down and away technique.
    I never heard about it till someone on a video a month or so ago was telling the person popping, to do it that way.
    What’s the deal with that ?
    He could have a lot more if he squeezed in.

  3. That one had so much more potential! I don’t usually complain about people in the videos, but that woman in the floral dress was SO annoying!

    1. annoying is an understatement. and why did she have her hand shoved up under her dress?

  4. I rather enjoyed this video, a few good squirts and gushes. The lady was actually quite funny ” wait. stop! go!” Sounds like they were having a great time and that’s what popping zits is all about.

    1. I agree…I was laughing the whole time. That was a carbuncle and he better get some meds soon!

      1. I’m with you and Tamara on this one Dripper, I loved the whole thing begining to end, and the directions were killing me! :)
        I hope he does get some antibiotics soon too!

  5. The lady in the flower dress was doing the pee pee dance.

    Lots o’goo and I love Scottish accents

    1. Aussie Cyster says:

      thanks for pointing that out. I had previously missed it and seeing the pee pee dance made it even funnier than it already was.

      aaagh the pee pee dance, brings back memories of my young school days. I hated using the school toilets, so by the end of the day I was dancing on the front porch trying to open the front door :)

  6. unclelarry says:

    That was a big ‘ol knobbie on that neck. I would love to get my hands on something like that. The vid ended too soon. Looks like a lot more in there. Nice post Squish.

  7. *officially puts his application in, for the removal of the offending wiper lady’s hands from the wrists, for blocking and covering the goo when it wanted to be freed from captivity.*

  8. Pumperpimple says:

    Not Canadian………Nope Nope lol. grrrrrrr. I want to squeeze that thang so bad lol. Us Canucks don’t say zit off like that tee heeeee.

    1. I’m a Vancouverite. So that was definitely not Canadian. It was Scottish. It was also good content.

      1. Hello from Pitt Meadows!

  9. Pumperpimple says:

    I just realized we are censored. Ahhhhhhh @#$%^&&*((()LOL

  10. weejockpoopongmcplop says:

    Not a Scottish accent, think it’s a Lancashire accent (north England). For those of you struggling to recognise Scottish accents think Groundskeeper Willy, Fat bastard from Austin Powers, Sean Connery, Ewan McGregor, Rod Stewart, Billy Connolly, Annie Lennox, Craig Ferguson, etc…

    1. Craig Ferguson is OURS now – ha! I saw him sworn in like a real American (hot, sweaty and in a large crowd). I was so proud. *sniffle sniffle* (Yeah, I have a thing for Craig Ferguson – the only reason to watch late night tv!)

    2. Yup definately not Scottish, and perhaps even Manchester area. :)

  11. Pick_That_Puppy says:


    Bring your own beer, boils & babes…

    1. LOL!!! Invites should emphasize brining the boils!!!

  12. Aussie Cyster says:

    sounds like we’ve all been enjoying a few drinkies hahaha

    1. You wouldn’t have a pint of Fosters on hand?

      1. Aussie Cyster says:

        a pint? noooooo a stubby, yes!

  13. I wish he would hold still and stop moving around for the camera. It looks like a 3rd nipple being milked.

  14. Loved this video, Squish! Great pus coming out of there, but OH, if only we could only banish the Hyper Wiper…

  15. IvannaCPus says:

    Ha ha! I LOVED that “Tainted Love” was playing in the background. It was at the perfect part of the song too… now I will always thing of big exploding pustules when I hear that song :) ahhhh

  16. I really enjoyed this one….funny bunch of folks really helps set the scene…hee hee hee!

  17. dixiebelle6577 says:

    We want more! There is a LOT MORE in there to come out. We need a sequel.

  18. Mmmm yummy. How’s everyone Doing? I can’t watch the vids here on my laptop. So I have to use my cell lol

  19. He needed to take off the shirt, put a wee cut in the boil, put the hyper wiper outside the gate and blast off!

  20. He came this close on at least three separate attempts to having that thing spew like Mauna Loa; but nooooooooooooo, the hyper-wipers decided it was time to wipe even while he was in mid-squeeze!

  21. He came this close on at least three separate attempts to having that thing spew like Mauna Loa; but nooooooooooooo, the hyper-wipers decided it was time to wipe even while he was in mid-squeeze!

  22. His son is one of the wipers, he calls him Dad. He is wearing an Irish Claddagh ring. So probably Irish. Great video, great quality and good pus pops! Hoping for a 2nd video.

  23. Poor fella’s Matrix probe-port is infected. : )

  24. Hyper Wipers. That is a great term. There was an entire TEAM of hyper wipers in this one. The moment it got interesting, he stopped and the paper towels came in.

    1. I get such a huge kick out of the creative usernames, avatars, and comments on this site. And I I love that your avatar is a screen capture of the infamous Picker Licker. I could NOT believe it when that guy licked his fingers after squeezing his face!

  25. They are definitely not Scottish or Irish accents. I’m pretty confident that they were from God’s country (as the locals call it), which is Yorkshire, a county in the north of England.

    1. Well spotted Jock saved me from my whole North of England routine again.

  26. No way that puppy was finished. I love how the woman yells about infection and germs and yet she and other proceed to wipe without gloves. I hope there will be a part 2. And maybe next time the dude could sit still so I don’t feel dizzy watching the vid.

  27. Hyper wipers…loll
    Love it!!!Never heard of it before!
    For every good cyst(puss,zits,abscess,etc…)vid we’ve got,theres a “hyper wipers” to ruin 3 good vids!

    No scientific numbers here,loll.

    1. Welcome to the site, plushhh. There are a heck of a lot of fun new terms you’ll learn, Heck, you might even coin a phrase or two yourself!! One never knows what we will suddenly grab on to – PTZ is quite the random family. he he

      ~ H.S.

      1. OH Thanks HS! ;)
        I wish I’d seen it earlier!(your “welcome”,I mean…)

        Now that I’ve been here for a couple months,Its getting funnier,since i know more member and their “PTZ personality”!!!

        And btw,you are a great poster.Later…;)

  28. PlzEyeInCyst says:

    It is nice to see a family have a good time with something sooo beautiful. He was very lucky to have that, wish I had one.

  29. Def NOT Scottish or Irish. They come from the North West of England toward the Manchester area. Their accent is border accent between Lancashire and Manchester.
    Loved all the different holes!

  30. zittylover says:

    I cut the sound so I did not listen to their dialogues. ( im’ french, i should not understand what thes say) This guy seemed to be very stupid and angry. Macho Man and hooligan on the edges. is’nt it

  31. comedoness says:

    That was lovely, ducks!
    Um, why did the woman in the flowered shift keep lifting it up and sticking her hand in where the sun don’t shine?

  32. I have never seen a six hole pus shotter. Very Nice!!!!!! Wish I could of seen it all being drained. There was soooo much more to come. Please send another video of round two.

  33. unclelarry says:

    Can you imagine standing in a checkout line behind this guy? Would you be able to keep your hands off of it?

  34. Jen_the_ledge says:

    Kev ….. mate….. you should have sucked it up and let the girls do it love….. sorry….

  35. It’s late, but I had to comment. It’s not the first time that a camerawoman’s wild swinging to and fro, and loud laughing/talking have ruined what could have otherwise been a classic boil bursting. Heck it’s not even the first time I’ve heard this woman’s hellish cackles and crazed screams: she was on a recording of Shakespeare’s Macbeth…as the “First Witch”. She was well cast.

  36. i haven’t seen a multi-holed boil in a long time. I had the AMAZING opportunity to pop one of these things when I was working in an advanced age nursing home (you had to be like 85 yrs old to get in)

    Cute little old man asked me to pop the boil on the back of his neck and it squirted on my arm and got in my hair. it was coming out of all sorts of pores! it was awesome and chunky and had that foot-cheese smell. It never looked red or infected but he eventually got tired of asking me to squeeze it every week so he had it removed by the doctor. LOL Darn but it was a good love affair while it lasted. LOL
    **big note…always use PPE!! (personal protective equipment)

    if i was working on this guy, a face shield would have been a must!!

  37. Pick_That_Puppy says:

    I’ll bet it tastes better than Haggis ! (Look it up children)

  38. i most deff give this 5 stars i loved the accents and the power of the squirt

  39. “squeeze it all or you’ll get germs”,,, oh my

  40. angela walters says:

    If these women are that disgusted by sebum and infectious goo, how do they care for the children that are inevitably in the background? Surely children excrete things far more disgusting and vastly less interesing than a delicious furuncle!

  41. The guy looked like a line backer for a NFL football team and acted like a little girl squeezing the monster :(

  42. I think the accent was Welsh, gotta love the screamers and the hyper-wipers…lol great video though

  43. so much for all being quiet there,good one though,i approve of the squirting and the pus coming out.wonderful to see whats next,wish we coculd have seen this through though

  44. NMGAPAOH says:

    Oh the potential if he would have just let someone squeeze it for him ;( Boom green pus logs would have sprung from every hole. Nice family gathering and dinner table.

  45. Thanks to Squish for the original post, and to Pappie and BigTull for providing the interest and the referral. I hadn’t seen it before. The cacklers were a bit of a distraction, but the poppee/popper was quite dedicated to the task!

    1. I’m like you popfiend, hadn’t caught this one before-despite the hyper wiping, I loved it. The accents cracked me up & the way they say the f bomb like it’s just your average adjective!(or verb, noun, etc-one word fits all!). So much more potential payload but still a good entertaining post. TY Squish for this oldie but a newie to me! :)

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