OMGOMGOMG They Put Up Another One!!!

OMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMG I am just so excited! I had to rush right in here and put it in so everyone can see it with (well, maybe before, or awhile after) their afternoon snackie time!!! I had originally aimed for breakfast, but the best laid plans of mice and changing hamster cages and forgetting you had no actual bedding to refresh the cleaned cage with, thus instigating yet another trip to the Mega-Super-Someday-You’ll-Just-Move-In Wal-Mart… well, I’m sure you know what these types of days are like. lol

Salisbury Immediate Care & Injury Center, the posters of the great and amazing two part video:


has just graced us with another Abscess Incision and Drainage video!!!

NO more preamble, push play you silly Popologist! (1:15 is where the scalpel comes out to meet skin, so no dwelling too long on anesthetic injections! YAY!) I’m outta here to go watch it again! (tee hee “Hey doc is that a finger in my back, or are you just… wait… ewwww! THAT BE YOUR FINGER DURNIT!”)

A very special shout-out to poppintime who also got very excited and submitted this video, just at a more normal human hour rather than just after the stroke of midnight – the insomniacs play land time!

~ H.S.

Abscess Incision & Drainage with Sac Removal” originally filmed and posted to YouTube by SbyImmediateCare on April 4, 2011

HO-BOY! Action, yeah!

79 Comments on “OMGOMGOMG They Put Up Another One!!!

  1. i want one! what i wouldn’t give to pop an abscess like that….

    1. 3cysterscafe says:

      Me too! Just once I’d like to experience popping and extracting one of these! I’ll be able to mark this off of my bucket list!

  2. You know it’s ripe when the pressure of the injection makes pus ooze out, but is gauze so expensive they had to use each piece until it was completely saturated before using a clean one? I’ve always heard in first aid course to avoid contaminating the wound, and there the real med-people go rubbing all the pus around. Nasty.

    1. pussbuster says:

      It seems pretty common that people using gauze have to get as much as it will possibly wipe up.
      But have you ever noticed it’s just the opposite with some people using toilet paper.
      They pull a big piece off the roll, fold it up nice, do one little wipe and toss it.
      That bugs me because it slows thing down.

    2. so here’s my thing: why do they use gauze? it doesn’t sop up anything! There must be a medical reason…

      1. IvannaCPus says:

        it’s easily accessible in the hospital, and usually comes in sterile packaging. Plus, it’s nice and soft on a wound.

      2. gauze is suber-absorbant, sterile, lint free, stays together so no remnants are left behind

    3. My thought was that they were obviously trying to get their money’s worth out of that gauze.

      1. I thought the same thing! Like, is the cost of gauze through the roof now?

  3. littlemisssquirt says:

    The top quality of this production can be measured in only one way: I have watched these vids for the past 6 mos. As I watched this one I had to leave my laptop to hurl. That is quality. I agree with the cheesiness of the gauze pads……

  4. unclelarry says:

    That was one of the best cyst videos EVER! The early splurts reminded me of an old fashion coffee peculator. This is the birth of another PTZ Classic. The sun & the moon & the stars lined up just right to put this treasure into the Hall of Fame.

    1. Absolutely fabulous soooooooooooo meaty…

  5. Pick_That_Puppy says:

    …..why yes, it WAS good for me.

  6. I’ll echo the “you made my day” sentiment! I have loved the first videos this group shared for quite a while now, and was hoping they’d share some more! Brava, Ms. HS!

  7. Bloody brilliant! (literally)

    A fantastic, beautifully filmed cyst vid set to a throbbing dance club beat. I’m surprised that the sac wasn’t bigger, but I’m not complaining. This was very satisfying to watch. I love that this doc (or maybe it’s this particular medical center) takes videos of their procedures. I hope that they know that there’s a group of miscreants out there (us) that appreciate them.

    Great find!

  8. Boy, that doc sure was thorough! I kept thinking, stop, I think you killed it already!! Awesome vid, another favorite.

  9. It looks like a heart at 2:16. ;)

  10. This wasn’t that good. The person popping it sucked- you gotta get underneath it, really get some flesh to squeeze. You won’t get a good pop when you pinch right around the opening! Also, what was up with the gauze? Plus, their hands were in the way too often… this one sucked. The only good part was right at the beginning.

    1. Innaffitoften says:

      You truly seem to be in the minority on this one Anna. Seems to me that only a doctor would be qualified to judge another doctors popping “technique”. I don’t think that an MD is looking to get a squirter that has to be cleaned off the ceiling. Take a moment, look around, smell the roses and chillax, it’s a pus vid, and it didn’t “suck”, it drained.

      1. 3cysterscafe says:

        She musts been cranky that day! Tehehe…..

  11. Loved it. Thanks

  12. DrSpencer says:

    This is how my thought process went for this video: “Ooohhhh, a surgery video! Those are my absolute *favorites*! I owe Halph and poppintime a big thank you. Look at that great video quality; this is going to be a good one. Ahhhh, what a squirt! Look at that ooze! This is just what I need after such a stressful day. Wonderful….. Hey, doc, get some more gauze. Good, good. Such flow! Hey, doc, move your hand. Move your hand! Good. Oh, there’s the bigger incision… Check out that sack, nice. What the heck? What is he doing? No. Doc, move your finger! Move your finger! ‘I thought Halph was joking! I thought she was kidding! No! No! No! The horror! The horror!'” Ok, that last part might be a slight exaggeration, but why can’t I honor Brando while enjoying pus?

    Excellent find, HS and Poppintime! Thanks for a great surgery vid; they are my favorite. It was a great treat after a long, tough tough day. :) Thanks again.

    1. zittylover says:

      I did not put the sound, as shouts and jeers unbearable.
      However, I felt that this doctor was more than nervous! a bit like an alcoholic in need!
      or, he was totally ignorant in matters of popology:)
      Dip the forceps into the abscess to break the loculi not to scrape the tissue and break all the capillaries surrounding!
      Here’s an example to follow, I think you it:
      very little blood, all the loculi were broken, a real feast for eyes and ears!

      1. That, zittylover, is my favorite video *of all time*!

      2. Zittylover & DrSpencer…The Best Back Zit is my all-time favorite, too!

  13. comedoness says:

    There were several soul satisfying splurts in there. :-)

  14. luvthosecomedones says:

    Wonderful, but I agree, at the end it was like the doc was hoping to find just a little more with all the digging he was doing….. I suppose I’m guilty though, I would do the same!! :)

  15. Great vid once again. Not my favourite kinda of Pus But that’s by NO means a criticism or complaint. Quality , quality vid with some good pokin around. You Guys Kick Ass .
    Standing ovation for the PTZ PDS (Pus Detection Squad) YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE!!

  16. Absolutely wonderful! A new all-time favorite! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

  17. freidabob says:

    Makes me want to go get a nice bowl of tomato soup and throw some cottage cheese in it…. lol… then finger paint with it and a piece of gauze……

    Loved the spurts….

  18. oooooohhhhhhh yes. Yes. YES!!! SO satisfying!! Thank you, poppintime and Halphie! This was AWESOME! Finally, a doc after my own heart- keep on squeezin’ and something else is BOUND to come outta there!
    I am so profoundly happy right now. Straight to the faves, yes, sirree.

  19. That’s a Fav!!! Nuff Said!!!
    Excellent find H.S. and popintime!!!

  20. I love a good pus pop as much or more than the average popologist but!
    something about this doctor kinda creeps me out, anyone else feel the same way.
    something about the way he put his finger in the hole was like he did it for his own personal joy, is this the sane doc that opened a very large cyst and played with the cheese like a kid in a sand box , I mean by all means keep them coming but we may see this dude on the news some day arrested for sexually molesting someones cyst.

    1. zittylover says:

      i think so! to put his finger in the hole at the end of the video is very weird!

  21. 5 Stars and on my Fav list!

  22. Smoke,if you got’em…

  23. Excellent find H.S. and popintime!
    Perhaps we will have a Physician’s submission page?? :)

  24. Thanks HS! I hated the squeezing technique (don’t they know that you must get under the darn thing!!!), but it was otherwise perfection! Loved the part when the doc spread the abscess open (around 2:03)… the patient must have felt soooo much better.

    1. Imagine how wonderful it would have been had they just grabbed it from underneath and given a big squeeze!!!!

  25. Only here would a commentary on how to do it better wouldnt seem out of place. Yes, hands were in the way 80% of the time. Yes, he couldve wiped the blood more. I dont mind blood, pus or ooze, in fact I ate a flagel and 3 jumbo marshmallows while watching this. But when the blood hinders my view of such a beautiful mess….I get pissy. Heaven would be doing this for a living, hell would be having to hear and listen to it through a keyhole only, and being able to do nothing about it. It only provers going to medical school does not guarantee not pissing off the members of this forum. They should hire us as consultants. I might be onto something here….

  26. The hospital probably charges the patient $10 for each gauze square used

  27. Trust No One says:

    Absolutely bloody wonderful. I kept thinking till the bloody end, blood thinners!

  28. Aussie Cyster says:

    I think the Dr is a closet emo, he certainly liked cutting!

  29. mondo excellento profundo delecto

  30. firey_iced says:

    WOW!~ This was NUMERO UNO! Amazing. I couldnt take my frigging eyes off of it. Best thing I have ever seen on this website! 100 stars right off the top. That was just amazing! KUDOS!

  31. Man, my butt really puckered when he went for a depth record with those little pliers. He’d have really freaked if he’d pulled them out with a piece of spleen hanging off them and then he goes and fingers the wound. I’ll bet that was a sore wound the next day. Great find as usual Halph.

  32. Definitely gauze rations at this hospital!!

  33. Best video I have seen in a while. I love the way he keep sticking his finger in the hole at the end. Just Awesome!!!!!!!

  34. bloody fun! thank God it wasn’t a home job. that was surgery

  35. yes! oh god yes! *lights cigarette*

  36. Sorry I too have to say ‘terrible technique’ From the injection of the local to the scraping with the clip to the poking around like there’s no tomorrow! I thoroughly loved watching all that lovely pus then got pissed off by the guy doing it.
    I have seen some absolutely brilliant toe curling beauties during my years working in the OR & so wish I had a recording of them to relive over & over & over…

  37. As beautiful and awe inspiring as Ol’ Faithful!!! Love it!!
    Thanks for sharing!!!

  38. I love when the knife goes in, something about me screams in anticipation. More cheese please.

  39. cybersharque says:

    Anna is right. And you don’t need an MD degree to recognize butchery. The departures from the standard of care begin with the anesthesia. Injecting the lido into the cyst is a mistake. There are no nerves or blood vessels inside the cyst. All that does is increase the intracystic pressure, resulting, in this case, in a ruptured cyst.
    I get a little itchy about ruptured cysts because the chief resident in my ER rotation made us fill out M&M forms every time we had one rupture.
    Second, the excision was not wide enough, so this was substantially certain to rupture.
    Third, the operator used sharp technique far too much. Blunt dissection (which includes pressing on the tissue next to the cyst) produces better results, both medically and cinematographically.
    Fourth, as soon as you enter the cyst cavity, you’re supposed to swab the cavity and send the swabs to pathology. If there’s a recurrent lesion, it’s important to know what pathogen is involved when the pt comes back for followup.

  40. loved it but I wish he kept going cause the end when he was gonna pull that big one out.

  41. that was great!!!

  42. ahhhhhh 5 stars for great song choice 5 stars for great removal this was an awesome post thank you Halph Staph smooches hugs and audie bear loves :)

  43. I know the majority of you will disagree, but I didn’t care too much for this one. The beginning was good, but after that it was too runny and bloody for my liking. I prefer the thicker texture cheesy stuff…Just a personal preference…

    1. I’m with you on this one,,I felt the same way, It started off alright, but then it was all blood,,then after the sac was removed, and I have to say being a Surgical Nurse that this technique of removing the sac was unusual., the Dr managed to squeeze out something thick and black, but unfortunately covered most of the extraction with his hand, and removed it quickly not allowing the viewers a chance to properly see and appreciate it LOL…

  44. This was a great post, loved it. The pus just kept coming…love it.

    1. One infected cyst!! Each time it spurted there were chunks of white pus. One good push and it would have gushed all over the place. Nice find.

  45. OK< OK, I remember this guy. He was a big crybaby w ith his mother/wife beside him, speaking softly and gently to him. He needed a big swack across the head and a stern “shut up” to go along with it! I’ll make a fine doctor……………….someday.

  46. Anyone know the song playing in the first one?

  47. Aside from wishing we had the real audio, rather than music, I loved this video. I always hate when doctors give a few squeezes and then pack it…this doctor definitely didn’t do that!

    1. No….but he sure does believe in conserving gauze, doesn’t he? Dang! Get a clean one for Pete’s sake!!

  48. PopinInStyle says:

    That guys going to need a blood transfusion. Holy crap!

  49. Jan Badinski says:

    OMG, the blorp continues.

  50. 5 stars all around great camera job great pus abscess drainage what more could a girl ask for on a monday :) great find Halph Staph smooches hugs and audie bear loves :)

  51. LOTS and lots of payload from a huge reservoir of nasty goo. Great camera work and good attention to hygiene. I was concerned at first that the medic might be a hyper-wipe but that was soon dispelled as the medic concentrated on mining the goods. This is an excellent video with all the requirements of a classic

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