Nose Blackheads, Ready For Their Close-Up!

Now, as far as quantity on this Nose Squish (what else would you call it?), we aren’t even entering the realm of teaspoons or ounces, however… the nice, crystal clear quality is what makes this video pop! (ha ha ha)

We have seen the Nose Squish performed many times previously, but I think this is the first time it is being presented as a “How To” lesson. And durn, he does a really good job of teaching the technique. Although, I kinda thought it just came naturally – pretty much, I was under the assumption that everybody did it. Maybe I need to rethink all the things I do that fall into the category of “Everyone does this naturally..” in my mind.

Here are some of the things that I currently assume everyone does:

1. When eating marshmallow cereal, you eat the crunchy bits first and save all the marshmallow bits for last.
2. Constantly check in available mirrors for any boogers doing the nose hang. (also, one finger to ear to check for wax migration…)
3. When using toilet paper, you engulf your entire hand mummy style to remove any chances of contamination.
4. Toothbrushes can share the same holder – but they never, ever touch.
5. Things you do not share: Deodorant, hair brushes, toothbrushes, wash cloths (or shower scrungies), towels…

I think you get the idea. My world is now in chaos. I must go and ponder upon this.

~ H.S.

How to remove blackheads fast” originally filmed and posted to Youtube by shawnstar86 on Apr 6, 2011

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  1. butterfly15323 says:

    How about just wash your face everyday?

    1. i wash everyday, with proactive no less, and i still get blackheads in this area of my nose. i am tired of people assuming that the presence of comodones or acne = poor hygiene. i would expect better from a ptz member

      1. Agreed tracy. My dermatologist said that my cystic acne was not caused by what I ate or my hygiene – I am an almost ocd obsessed clean person. Not quite a germaphobe ..but close. Please understand butterfly, acne can be caused by genetics and have absolutely nothing to do with how often you wash your face. Sigh … I had my problems with that …when I was about 14 my doc said ..wash 3x a day at these specific times with this product. Meant I had to wash my face at school … I ended up with impentago (sp) in the acne and had to stay home for nearly a month while it cleared up as it was contagious..left scars too. Sigh … screw the doc, I never washed my face at school again in a sink! It wasn’t my hygiene! lol No amount of washing touched the acne, only accutane had any effect on it. Antibiotics, if i took enough it would work for a while, but then i’d get immune to the antibiotic so that wasn’t even a long term solution.

        I personally don’t like this technique as it leaves far too much behind both untouched and partially expressed. Far better to use both hands and squeeze or use a tool for deep extraction. Nice try kid. lol

      2. I’m surprised too, Tracy. Some idiot from the general public might make the “not washing face enough” statement, but a PTZ Member? I wonder if that comment was made in jest?

        If anything, over washing probably leads to more problems than not washing at all.

  2. no amount of “nose squishing” will get to those nice, deep suckers aching to get out. Kudos for cleaning up with a cotton swab away from the pores direction. But we all crave more passion, mose commitment…..he needs “tools” >.>

  3. Trust No One says:

    I always appreciate when someone shares their own technique of blackhead removal. But, I could see he left some real treasure untouched. Maybe he will share ‘deep extraction’ next time. Thanks ~ H.S.

  4. Splatter Man says:

    Good camera, lighting, and focus. It would be nice to see this kind of clarity on a really award winning monster zit.

  5. Well done young man!!!
    Nice find H.S.!!!

  6. I wash my face twice a day, use astringent pads after lunch while at work, and I still get these little bastards. My method for removal is a pro tool, though – squishing my nose like that hurts and just isn’t effective for me.

    AND…I am now officially a dirty old woman. That young man is beeyooteeful.

  7. He would get a lot more if he did what he is doing and add one step. Push a finger against the fold that appears as he is pushing upwards. My hubby gets these, and it is awesome for popping his out.

  8. needs a facial from me:)

  9. Ohhhh Shawnee Shawn Shawn Shawnee. Where to Start with you young man.
    You’re obviously a good looking young man, and you do have a Greasy nose, but you’re in denial. Stop blaming the lighting for your shiny conk. Every kid over the age of 12 knows about this technique. But thanks for sharing it with us any way.

    Look take the camera and get out of the house a bit more find a nice girlfriend though you gotta have one already being that handsome right?

    Go and have some fun with your friends Time for some rock n’ roll mash it up party time big time fella let those Blackheads mature a little and then get the camera back out and film some big Gnarly ones as part of your hangover recovery Go Shawnee!!

  10. Dear Halphie:
    #1: Check.
    #2: Check.
    #3: WTF?!?!? Where do you plan on PUTTING that hand? Not up the back door, I hope….EXIT ONLY DO NOT ENTER. Same advice for applying aforementioned toilet paper hand to nose area for the booger issue.
    #4: DOUBLE check.
    #5: Shower poofies already got de soap on dem, but must rinse and dry, definitely. Clean clean clean for de immediate fambly ONLY, but share NOT with guesties, due to possible unexpected dingleberry issues. eeeeeeewie. All rest is DEFINITELY check.

  11. Pick_That_Puppy says:

    A talking Beiori strip?

  12. ow ow ow ow ow. noooo thank you. i’ll stick to my biore strips and then my handy dandy blackhead tool. ow look at him wince! pain pain ow ow.

  13. Innaffitoften says:

    Over-cleansing ones skin can cause a variety of dirrerent issues including overstimulating the pores and causing more oils. Biore strips rip up your skin and can cause your skin to look burned if you have sensitive skin. Using a tool specifically made for doing just this, is the way to go. It also seems like it’s pretty rough on the skin, I mean dermatologists tell women to use a light patting or light smoothing with your fingertips just to apply moisturizer, it seems to me that this would play havoc with those wrinkles I am trying with all that I’ve got not to get. There is a link, at least there used to be for a set of tools that work really well, right here on PTZ. My hubby gets these, I don’t. I get the 1 giant 1 right in the middle of my forehead or on the end of my nose that doesn’t heal for two weeks.

    Still, he was pretty funny, all serious about it, and maiking a “skincare for dudes” vid. lol! I am seriously not letting my man out of the house anymore, you women crack me up, he was cute, but i like what I’ve got, and I’m keeping him locked up. lol!

    Halph, had to address your little world in this one too:
    1. When eating marshmallow cereal, you eat the crunchy bits first and save all the marshmallow bits for last.

    Nope, every bite should have the proper ratio of marshmallows to crispy thingys.
    2. Constantly check in available mirrors for any boogers doing the nose hang. (also, one finger to ear to check for wax migration…)

    I don’t constantly check, as I am obsessive about my ears at each shower, they get washed and cleaned (with a cutip(sp?) every shower, so I know I’m good on that one. I am, however totally obsessed with kleenex and my nose. I actually fall asleep with kleenex in my hand, they are never dirty, and one can always come to me in dire need because of allergies or what have you, as I am always fully stocked with kleenex, and not the crappy kind either, real Kleenex, the kind with the bacteria killing stuff in them. My guy calls them “snot rags”, but the ones that I actually use go in the trash, the others are all under my headboard, in every pocket of everything that I wear, in my car, my purse and next to my bed, even on my coffee table. I am a little weird about this, I know.
    3. When using toilet paper, you engulf your entire hand mummy style to remove any chances of contamination.

    Contamination happens no matter what you do. I saw a show once where they used different tissue, 2 ply 1 ply, cheep expensive, and everything in-between. Even when they used 8 squares of 2 ply tissue (the good kind Charmin, if you care to know what you will be wiping with if ever you visit my home) and still there was poopy germs on their hands. How did they test it? Dog poop in trays, ttouching it with the tissue for varrying amounts of time. So, wrap all you like, but there’s still poop on your hands, lol!
    4. Toothbrushes can share the same holder – but they never, ever touch.

    Toothbrushes should never ever be kept in the bathroom, esp in an open air holder. When you flush the toilet hundreds of millions of little tiny poop bacteria spray into the air, and guess where they land? You guessed it. On every surface, guaranteed within 8 feet of the toilet. Toothbrushes should be covered after they are dried off with paper towels, NEVER a reused hand towel, that’s been sitting there for days, and stored away in a drawer.
    5. Things you do not share: Deodorant, hair brushes, toothbrushes, wash cloths (or shower scrungies), towels…

    Things that your pre-teen takes over, no matter what you say…see above list and add eyeliner, mascara, blush, expesive makeup brushes, dear God, the list goes on and on. Like your “good” pen that you keep w/your checkbook to doodle while waiting for food when dining out, and even yes, shoes! The one thing that I absolutely cannot handle is the little foot scrubber that keeps the calouses at bay to be used by anyone other than myself. I loved my ail salon, back when we were “middle class” (lol) but they SERIOUSLY re-used those things! God! I brought my own in when i got a pedicure. I also wont let any member of my family use them either. I got pink for me and blue for my husband, yes, he shaves his pits, and keeps his feet nice too, aren’t I just the luckiest? I’m seriously mad at him right now, so that was said with tons of sarcasm, tho’ I do appreciate his quality of grooming, lol!

    The number one thing that has shocked me as an adult, that I believed all women did until I worked in retail department sstores when i was younger, is that they do not wrap their monthly 4 hour “things” and take them to the nearest outside trash can, rather than 1, leaving them un-wrapped in my bathroom trashcan, or 2, and yes, this is the cold hard thruth, tho’ I worked in a decent department store (it was called Gottschalks, think Macy’s w/o the snoot, but often w/o much style, depending on the buyer) they would actually try on bathing suits w/o said “feminin hygiene product” (or panties) while menstruating, then leave us to re-hang (rather, throw away) the revolting mess. If they felt particularly classy, they would stick them to the 3 way mirrors in the dressing rooms. better yet, these fine “ladies” would try on bathing suits w/o underwear while suffering rabid infections in the “netherlands” Yeah. So the next time you see the poor woman that caught “dressing room” detail during the upcoming Spring and Summer months, be extra nice, they are dealing with all kinds of horrors. :)

  14. Innaffitoften says:

    Frightening typos in there. I do know how to spell “making” and just now realized that it’s q-tip. duh. Forgive me, I’m feeling grouchy (2 nights of insomnia)and didn’t look at anything that I wrote, just pressed “post comment” .

  15. I never thought of the “squish” technique until seeing it here recently. We always used pulling the skin taunt and the flat of a needle for fast extraction. That doesn’t miss the tip of the nose, which squishing does.

    I love a steady cam and good lighting on the subject matter. He didn’t have much to clean out compared to some vids, but I give him high marks for technique and enthusiasm.

  16. comedoness says:

    I really liked this guy, great how to vid. :-)

  17. I want to see him do another video on how he gets his teeth so white.

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