Huge Blackhead?

Welcome back my friends to the show that never ends
We’re so glad you could attend come inside, come inside!

I don’t know if this is a blackhead but put your brightness as high as it will go and enjoy the show. Its a little hard to see so I had to watch it 7 times ;)

“The Neverending Blackhead!!!!” posted to YouTube by “ZionsWarrior1″ on Saturday, April 16, 2011

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  1. Wow, that’s a really old cyst…definitely smell a sequel! LOL
    Great find, love this one dripper!

  2. dripper – what an excellent find!!! This one is going on my favs *and* on my Christmas Wish list! Hmm, I wonder how “Mall Santa” would like it if I sat on his lap and whispered into his ear…

    “I want a never-ending blackhead for Christmas. Hook me up with the stringy pus, Santa!”

    Yeah, I might get a really weird look, not to mention a really big shove off his lap. He he he – great photo op – me in mid-air between lap and floor!

    Thank you very much, drippah honey, great way to start my Sunday!!!

    ~ H.S.

  3. awesome
    looked like tiny strings of chocolate pudding
    looks like it might have been more of an ingrown hair than a blackhead though
    either way its still a great vid

  4. They looked like ingrown hairs?

  5. Ingrown hair would not be that long and would not keep breaking. Just a long gray stringer. Nice!

  6. I’m goona find me a good wall to lean against and wait for the second vid becuse they ain’t done!
    Excellent find dripper!!!
    (Thumbs up on the Karn Evil 9 intro!)

    1. Your right we aren’t done. This has been on my husbands leg for years and started out 3 times bigger. I just decided to video the other day. I really have no idea what it is but I really enjoy squeezing it!!!!

      1. Thank you Tonya for stopping by! i am Carmy on the Tube. I LOVE this vid and hope to see more…much more. Welcome aboard!

      2. OM there was so much stuff coming out- lol- I felt like I could almost smell it from here! KEEP SQUEEZING!!!! Excellent!!!!!!!!

      3. Tonya…Thanks for sharing this with us! You’re lucky to have this ‘gift’ that keeps on giving! It also looks like your husband has other blackheads on his leg…am I right?

      4. I thought you had great technique. Thanks for sharing it with us. Next time, I’d love it if you’d collect all the gunk on a tissue or piece of paper and show it to us when you’re through. That was great!

    2. I knew you would notice that!!! lol

  7. Nice post!Thank you very much! :)
    Liked the vid a lot.

    But the popper’s technique wasnt that good IMO…but still,it was good!Really good.

    1. This is not a regular bump that u squeeze and then it pops. This is embeded in his skin so it’s really hard to squeeze.

      1. ThatSmellsLikeAss says:

        tx for filming! if you have him take a hot shower before ya pop it or put a hot, wet cloth on it for a few minutes before it will be easier to pop and not hurt your fingers so much

  8. She needs to shave her legs! I wouldn’t have turned the camera on with that much leg hair, I’m vain LOL Good find!

    1. I’m about 98% certain that it’s a dude’s pimple that they are popping, not a chicks.

    2. Innaffitoften says:

      yeah, I am pretty sure the guy saying “yeah I can feel it go around there at the end is the one being popped”.
      Although I DO shave (wax) my legs, some people don’t and it sn’t our place to judge even if this were a woman. Ii mean really, not EVERY woman shaves, and believe it or not, some men like that, not sayin’ I do or my man does, but, hey, it’s their body..
      That was crazy icky. I think it’s a cyst that hasn’t “matured” no waaay is that a blackhead, it’s just too much stuff. I will sit or lean on that wall with BT.

      1. princesspustule says:

        Innaffitoften you are right. Its not our place to judge. Even though this is a dude not a woman. Women in Europe don’t shave their arm pits or legs. Believe it or not. There are more women in this world that don’t shave than there are those that do. This was a kick %ss video, good going dripper.

    3. This is not my leg it is my husbands. I’m just as vain as u!!! Lol

      1. If they would have read your comment above. About it being your “husbands” leg. We wouldn’t have to read another save the whales and love your neighbor speech. Or love the whales and harpoon your neighbor. any way i’m sure they’ll correct me. Thanks for the video, great job !

  9. LadySquirt says:

    So awesome! Where can I find three of four of these?

    My moto is…”A blackhead a day keeps the doctor away.”

  10. I thought black heads was where just the end of the zit had a black head. This one is more like a black stringer. Loved it!!! Very nice find. Keep’em coming.

  11. Splatter Man says:

    This gets interesting at about the 2:30 mark. The stuff that comes out has an unusual texture… sort of dry and crumbly. Welcome to the show.

  12. Splashpopbong says:

    This was phenomenal. Why is it that blackhead always appear on that spot that when you try to press it out the skin goes in? So strange. This is what makes them so hard to deal with.

  13. My first post- I’m a lurker for about 3 years.

    There is plenty more in there- they coulda opened it up a little more and it would have been a little more satisfying for me.

  14. I liked this one too. The odd, petrified-like goop, and the gray color. Very different. Also, did you see the smaller blackhead at the upper right side? Maybe they’ll film that one for us too!

  15. Trust No One says:

    5 by…….dripper…… appeared that there were several other big blackheads near by(?)

  16. DermDrWannabe says:

    Hello! Great post, it was enjoyable…but I would have liked to offer some squeeze

    I have been lurking forever…and I finally have the courage to ask questions.

    Why is the string cheese so dark? Someone suggested that it was a melanin, but that seems impossible since that poor dog on TV had a lump that produced cheese that seemed like wet dryer lint.

    So…how come the color changes?

    1. As the sebum in most blackheads and sebaceous cysts are dead skin cells and such… it does not surprise me that in the darker skinned ethnicity’s, it would reflect in the hues of the skin.
      We have seen this over and over again with with Hispanic and African American (and others) skin types. I will look into it for sure for you though Derm. I love your name…I want to do this too but I am getting to old to change! lol

  17. Dripper is in the house ladies & gentlemen!!!!
    Awsome find my friend, I give this a 2 thumbs up and 5 stars, straight to my favs.
    That thing must have been brewing for a while to be that thick & crumbly.
    Inna & Big Tull make room on the wall for me, cause you know this one’s deffinately got a squeezequell!
    Thanks for a great find Dripper!

  18. Wow, that was stranger than a barking cat…

  19. If they would have grabbed that thing from underneath with both thums and forefinger, and started squeezing from the bottom, you would have seen a huge explosion that went on and one. Just picture it, my mouth waters!

    1. you took the words right out of my mouth!!!!

      1. Thats what I wrote in a earlier comment,but she replied saying;”This is not a regular bump that u squeeze and then it pops. This is embeded in his skin so it’s really hard to squeeze.”

        So…I dont know…
        But I still think that our technique would work much better…
        She also said that she did it a couple time already and it always come back…So be ready for the part 2.

        I enjoyed her vid very much,so,she can do what she want!

  20. Awesome! Silly string Sunday!! Thanks dripper! Wooo Hoooooo!

  21. It was so dry. I’ve never seen sebum bounce.

  22. Pick_That_Puppy says:

    Damn! That was black to the bone!

    Good one!

  23. luvalotapus says:

    OMG, it started going great guns halfway through! And the color- battleship gray! So unusual. A real gem.

  24. Did you see all those other blackheads just begging to be squeezed? What a popologists’ dream!! Great find.

    1. I don’t think they were zits. They looks more like multi-haired follicles that have a little scab form using a bic shaver for the 142nd time. Don’t ask why I know that.

  25. It is the original scenario of THE NEVER ENDING STORY.

  26. one of those things you light on 4th of July and the snake comes out
    what’s with the color? wow=-wa

  27. They didn’t get to the potato’s yet….never mind the dip!
    I’m waiting for the sequel!

  28. Is it just me, or does anyone else find it ironic that black people’s blackheads are actually in fact, black? I mean, call me a dermatologically uninformed whitey, but that one is totally new to me…

    1. Apparently part two of this blackhead violates YT’s policy towards nudity and sexuality. Step right up ladies and gents…..get ready for the most bawdy body part ever seen by human eyes….wowser, wowser, a blackhead of the leg. Some of the things that I have seen on YT are such remarkably vile and gross displays of human body parts (many of which should only be viewed in private) and they are censoring a blackhead. I don’t understand.

  29. wow I hope to see part 3.great blackhead post the best I think

  30. It looks like they will always have something to do on a slow day…interesting squeezable thingamajig growing there…great post

  31. Love it! Love the milking action going on!

  32. That is one black blackhead!

  33. Stinging right along

  34. Another Contender in the contest for Blackheads

  35. that was some fun,can watch that all day,the never ending old cyst,impacted,woohoo

  36. Dag-GONE! That nasty ol’ black shee-ite werent NEVAH gonna end! – DANG, baby! – WASH YE’SEFF!

  37. Alice's Kitty Mama says:

    awesome – but a blackhead or a cyst?

  38. My Obsessive/Compulsive Disorder kicks in on this one. I have to watch it at least once or twice a day!!

  39. evil zitlover says:

    my fiancees back is covered in deep seated blackheads, but he wont let me pop them, i think im gonna have to ambush him with a rag and some chloroform. who else thinks so?! ill video tape all of his amazing blackheads being removed by my skilled fingers.

  40. Beautiful! Why did he stop, I’m sure there was more to be shared.

  41. Good grief!!!!! I hope that the Guinness people have seen this (and don’t mean the whiskey Guinesses)

  42. no follow up vid….I would expect a part 2 by now ;)

  43. Awesome! Refillable cyst :) The contents so unique coming out like dried silly string. POP ON!

  44. Wow–even this far down the line this one deserves attention. It is going to be hard not to recognize this pitted-out delightful producer in any other vids. I wonder why there haven’t been more? They broke up maybe? And she kept the camera, he the zit.

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