Cyst Pop~

Cyst looks like on leg hopefully their will be a Part II~

“Popping huge cyst” posted to YouTube by kelseybarfield on Apr 12, 2011

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  1. Aussie Cyster says:

    nice but I want to see more

  2. Oh Yeah!!! Good pop! Where’s the line form for the sequel!
    Good find popintime!!!

  3. se è difficile, go to the doctor!!! farà un bel lavoro si si si!!! yuk!

    1. What does lavoro mean? Are you speaking Spanish? I can understand a few words because I speak French but not “lavoro”. I am very curious!

      1. ThatSmellsLikeAss says:


      2. Lavoro means work in Italian, which Ziabia seems to be… ciao Ziabia, ma attenzione perche non parliamo tutti l’Italiano!

  4. Love It!!! Love the pressure build up and then EXPLODE!!!!! More!!

  5. OMG that was the longest 46 seconds of my life. I was literally screaming….squeeze it HARDER!!!! lol

  6. ThatSmellsLikeAss says:

    dang, moreeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  7. I am left wondering why Big Bird was perched in this guy’s lap? Love the **POP** after squeezing so hard!

  8. There are those times you just wish you were there to help you were there to help your neighbor!! It was just too much for him to handle by himself.

  9. Putting that much pressure on something like that, without a slice, is just asking for a face full of some really nasty cyst jizz…

  10. I love it when the chunky cheesy essence comes through no matter what the resolution…I was encouraging him the whole time. “Come on! You can do it! Here it comes! Just a little bit harder!!!”
    If only we had gotten that last ‘splosion. Waiting with bated breath for Part 2! Thanks, poppintime!

  11. comedoness says:


  12. Pick_That_Puppy says:

    We’re gonna be seeing more of this one…….. hopefully soon.
    In the mean time go get yourself a pair of industrial zit pliers.

  13. #1, that needed a small cut because the gunk was thick and #2, that cyst required two hands to sqeeze….my my opinion

    1. woops….meant to say “just my opinion”…..I guess I should go to bed, it’s 3am LOL

  14. Oh how i wanted to give that a good ol squeese… POP!!

  15. How did I miss this little gem back in April?? That’s a beautiful pop. It ended way too soon.

  16. pashion4popin says:

    what a great vdo – too bad we didn’t get to see the finale :( part 2 would be perfect :D

  17. First time I’ve seen the four finger squeeze not work :( Lots and lots of potential.

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