Very Cool (GROSS) Toe Wart Removal

I am developing anew affinity here on PTZ – Plantar’s Warts! Also known as Verrucas. So, I am idly surfing YT, hoping to come up with something remotely interesting enough to bore the masses on the site – when lo and behold – NASTY WART TOE!

Warts are contagious. I am unsure on the how’s and why’s at the moment, but unlike developing a sebaceous cyst, you probably stand a much better chance at contracting a nice wart, cultivating it, and then one day having the earnest pleasure of going through the removal process (all captured on video, of course!!)

So as I dream of the many verrucas that may possibly be in my future, feast your eyes on this baby! Wooo – I love dem little black seedies! And the holes left when a big ol’ chunk rips out! Oh yeah! Me likee big time!

POP ON! (and RIP OUT!)
~ H.S.

Wart removal on my toe, nasty, gross, disgusting, disturbing” originally filmed and posted to YouTube by Kuzya316 on January 20, 2011

59 Comments on “Very Cool (GROSS) Toe Wart Removal

  1. EEUUUUWWWWEEEEE I take it all back I posted a comment earlier today on another one of these saying it was the biggest I’d ever seen. Jesus I can’t type for shuddering. This has got to be the mother of them all and if it isn’t then actually I don’t want to know .OMG It’s a double header OMG If Frankenstein’s zombie flesh eating monster from the swamp had a verruca Then it would look like this. Sheeite I need a valium.

    1. @pussmeister I actually laughed out loud!
      Fabulous comment! I think a few of us need a valium, perhaps Halph will get some for us all!

  2. OH I can,t stop scratching myself all over. when he takes his sock off I’m thinking Jeeez that looks bad aw it’s only the dressing Phew!! then he takes the dressing off Hells Bells that one cheezey lookin Ugly toe still I’m strangely drawn to it warts and all ;-0

  3. HAHAHAHA! If you listen carefully you can here someone in the background doing a spot of Hoovering He’s obviously aware of this as he casually tosses his chunk of necrotic flesh onto the floor either that or there’s a dog somwhere I haven’t spotted. The dirty little bugger I hope someone recognises him and tells his Mum HAHA.

    1. I heard a bird squawking and chirping in the background as well. Perhap he should let the little birdy peck out all those black seeds and see if that helps! LOL!

  4. Pick_That_Puppy says:

    It’s his own fault for picking up toads and frogs with his feet…..

  5. unclelarry says:

    Man o man. That’s an ugly thing to behold. How does he walk with a nugget like that latched onto his toe? With my OCD I wouldn’t be able to rest until I yanked that thing out by it’s nasty little roots.

    1. blackrose14 says:

      I am with you on this one. I would grab some gloves some peroxide to clean the wound and a fresh brand new sterilized blade and cut that puppy off. Unfortunately you need to grab the roots so tweezers would be needed.

      1. I’d like to see a doctor go after it with a curette. that was just awful looking.

      2. @sjhamn I really wanted to see some digging too!

  6. Oh yeah. serious marshmellow toe here. Im with you Unclelarry. That whole things gotta go if it were me.

  7. blackrose14 says:

    I have had a wart before it is not as simple as just removing the wart you also need to get rid of the roots so it doesn’t grow back. Grab some tweezers and start garbing those roots or that thing is not going to go away easy.

  8. At around the 56 second mark it looks like a little, tiny fish face….weird. I would have been shaving that crust off with one of those razor-blade callous remover thingies WAAAAY before it got that big. How uncomfortable would that be to walk around with in your shoe!

    Was this done in a pet store of some sort? or a vet? What’s with the multitude of birds in the background?

  9. His toe looks a little bit like a face. A screaming face :D

    1. To me his toe looked like a puppy just after it’s born. Of course us at PTZ have rather bazzare imaginations. LOL LOL

  10. butterfly15323 says:

    ok this brings back memories for me because I had a wart on my toe(my right foot, second toe) when I was about 12 years old that I had accidentally knocked loose when I stubbed my toe on a floor model tv in my bedroom. Man did that leave a nasty bloody mess, needless to say the wart was still attached to my toe with the stem of it hanging out(it looked like a brain with a spinal cord still attached to it) and I ended up cutting that nasty thing off with a pair of toe nail clippers. OMG was that thing nasty!

  11. Anyone else ever make fake warts using layers of Elmer’s white glue? That’s what this reminds me of.

  12. p.s.- I did it when I was a kid (a really long time ago)

  13. He needs to pull off all that dead tissue and get to the doctor for his athlete’s feet condition.

  14. Lord have mercy, I think a little too much acid was used on his toe….it looks to me, and this is ONLY my opinion, that some kind of salicylic acid based paste or putty that hardens was put on his toe and now all of that white flesh that you see is dead tissue….I had a plantar wart some 25 years ago, and my doctor gave me a bottle of salicylic acid to take home with me and every night before I went to bed, I had to clean off the acid, use a pumice stone to remove any dead tissue, re-apply the acid and bandage my foot back up. My foot NEVER looked like this guys toe!!!! Maybe it is just me, but this guy needs to see his dr. asap to address all of that necrotic tissue….again, just my opinion!

  15. Halph, your vigilance and expertiese has added another first to my life. I’ve never, and I mean never, ever, seen a rectal orifice on a toe. My day is now complete. Rock On.

    1. @Skull Ranch Cowboy
      “rectal orifice on a toe” LOL

    2. Could you imagine the smelling shoe…OMG!!!

      Dr.School will need to out do himself this time with his super-duper-hyper-anti-odor powder!!!

      Good luck DR….

      Good to the dude with the wart!Hope hes feeling better today.

      good find HS ;)

  16. That was awful! I had smell-o-vision as I watched this. My son plopped down on the couch next to me and had his shoes off! I couldn’t for the life of me figure out why I was smelling nasty ass feet..I guess it made this video memorable!

    1. Ha, Ha- I had a brief whiff of feet, when he took the dressing off… Just my imagination, tho.
      By the way- that is one nasty toe. I think it was over treated as well- too much dead skin. I hope the wart was dead, because the skin on most of his toe sure looked like it was dead as well.

  17. Trust No One says:

    @ xoSAxo: Your opinion looks to be pretty accurate. Wart guy may be letting that wart get away from him. After pulling off the white cap, he seemed to be unsure of his next move. But, I want to thank Wart guy for sharing with us the wrong way to TCO that wart. Hats off to ~ H.S. for bringing yet another very interesting vid.

    1. Thanks for the positive feedback TNO….it’s actually nice to hear people say good things about your opinions.

  18. firey_iced says:

    Errr. Can we post the rest of this video?!?! I wanna see some carnage!

  19. BoogerKing says:

    At 1:27; I saw The Scream with my own eyes.

  20. ew! I agree…it looks like he’s not used the war remover stuff correctly. Also, get a gander at the skin surface of the toe next to that blob…it’s looking pretty excoriated and spongy…lawdy!

  21. Around 56 seconds the little fellow looks like he belongs in Edward Munch’s painting The Scream.

  22. Oh – sorry BoogerKing – you already said that.

  23. It looked like Mr. Bill saying oooooooooooooohhhhhhh nooooooooooo!

  24. If you think that single wart is bad, you haven’t seen anything. My daughter caught plantar’s warts when she went to the swimming pool with her grade 4 class. She had so many warts on the bottom of her feet that when she walked, she bled. It took years of treatments, eventually a treatment called dpc finally got them but it was years of pain and hell for that child. One time a phys-ed teacher in grade 10 gave her a hard time and didn’t believe the doctor’s note that she brought in, so our daughter sat down, pulled off her socks and all her bandages and walked on the gym floor leaving little blood trails behind her, the darn teacher never doubted her again! Plus she had a few choice words of mine ringing in her ears when I found out about it. I threatened to have daughter’s dermatologist write them a letter for failing to allow our daughter to be excused based on his recommendation. He’s only the best in the city.

    While we all love the gross things we find on this site, I just wanted to point out that those plantar’s warts are extremely painful and very contagious. Every one of us ended up with them, in a milder form than hers thank goodness but we still had to battle them. My husband stands for 8+ hours a day and the one he got … well lets just say men do not go to doctor’s like we women do, so he dug it out himself shortly after it was big enough to do so. Painful barely describes it. I honestly could never have done it.

    If that guy (or a doc) had taken a sharp blade to it, the whole thing would have peeled right off. Would the core have come too? hard to say, he might have had to do some digging to get the whole thing, but it would have been a good video.

    good find. ty

    1. That sounds like an absolute nightmare. The poor child!

    2. @fire So sorry to hear of your family troubles with plantar warts, especially your little girl. Some teachers can be real A-holes at times.
      I really wanted to see some digging in this vid as well.

  25. I totally agree on plantar warts. I got one while a senior in high school. Basketball was pretty painful,but then I got drafted!! I ended up a medic and was finally able to cut the damn thing out with nail clippers. What a relief!! I don’t mind warts that protrude a bit,as you can usually get rid of them in a few days by tying a string very tightly around them.(works with skin tags,too) If the largest one falls off, the seed warts will all disappear in a few days. Halph,that was one NASTY looking wart. I think the poor guy was beyond self-help and probably needs to go to a podiatrist!!

    1. When I was a kid, I had one in the middle of my thumb pad. I played with it for a few weeks before I got a microscope for my birthday. Needless to say, I ripped that puppy out the next day. Unfortunately the microscope wasn’t powerful enough to penetrate the wart, so all that pain was for nothing. I was a bit distressed about the hole left behind too! Thank god for Neosporin!

  26. I totally agree with Sunshine. I has the same type of wart on my big toe and I did exactly the same thing the first time I used the acid stuff meant for this type of thing. It even took some of the skin off of the toe next to it. But anyway, he should do just like Sunshine and I are both suggesting. Use the salicylic acid sparingly and each night take one of those pumice stones adn give it a good scrubbing. That will remove the dead tissue. I did it until I got right down to the root of the wart. The onlyb thing is that if you do not remove the root, these warts WILL come back to haunt you. Fortunately mine has never returned(yet). Good luck with that

  27. ThatSmellsLikeAss says:

    oh ffs get a cheese grater! hehehe. i had some kind of wart on the end of my thumb when i was like 8 years old. i got sick of it. one day in class i decided to rip it out. it had roots up thru my shoulder and talk about bloody! still i was glad i ripped it out but dang it was hard.

  28. Halph dear Lady you are outdoing yourself with these great & different posts, I like the new direction PTZ seems to be taking, almost a “gourmet” side of the usuall pus, boil, cyst, zit action!
    Keep up the fabulous work!
    That was one hell of an ugly looking toe!
    Like most of us I too have had one of these, thank God not as bad or as ugly, and strangely picked it out myself, roots and all!
    1st sign of liking strange things, like picking off scabs, and sun burned skin, then puberty hit & I discovered zits! *ahhhh*
    Suddenly I feel as If I have revealed too much of myself! :}

  29. Short answer: go to the doctor!
    Nice find H.S.!!!

  30. I had one of these when I was younger and I used some finger nail clippers to remove the skin around it. (looked like a moat) then got some needle nose pliers and YANKED that baby…. O M G PAIN!!!!! and also bled everywhere. I at the time didn’t know they had roots so I was freakin out big time when I saw this thing just dangling there. It never came back though. ;)

  31. Splatter Man says:

    That toe put me in mind of Sand People.

  32. Popthatpus says:

    I stepped on something at the pool once when I was a kid and got one of these. But mine was weird… it kind of grew inward more than outward, and it was right on the ball of my foot right below my big toe. It hurt so bad I couldn’t walk! I even missed like 3 dance classes, and I NEVER missed dance class. I ended up having to go to the doctor and have it burned off. The anesthetic he used wore off a little bit more than halfway through the procedure. It hurt like a mofo!!! My mom’s got one on her foot right now, but I’m pretty sure she wouldn’t let me take a picture of it. Boo.

    1. That is what Plantar Warts **do**. They grow inwards.

  33. Thanks Halph, very interesting indeed. Like some of the others I really wanted to see some digging in that hole.

  34. Innaffitoften says:

    Dear God, with all of these tales of “public swimming wart infections”, I am sure to never ever go into a public pool or spa again, disgusting, I would freak out if i had a toe like this! EEEEeeek! and Owwww!!!!

  35. COOL! I’ve always wanted to make a plaster cast of my toe too !!

  36. There are two newer videos from the same poster on YT. In those they actually get the wart off. Just thought you might want to make it a set of 3.

  37. he knows that it’s contagious, right? He cares, right?

    Actually pretty cool

  38. NMGAPAOH says:

    I wonder if cancer treatments like cyber knife to kill the seeds and infected areas or topical cancer creams would do any good? I think it’s worth a try.

    1. Try formaldeylhyde (sp) like the young girl in the British video. It needs to kill off all of that wart.

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