Self Scalpel–Cyst to Lipoma

He thinks he has a cyst on his arm and gets a little in-home help from a doctor friend. They discover it’s a lipoma. Pop goes the lipoma!

Thanks to YouTube’s Technoted007 for posting “Self Surgery – removing a cyst with scalpel” on Mar 24 ’11.

21 Comments on “Self Scalpel–Cyst to Lipoma

  1. well. hmm. I could never imagine numbing and cutting into my own skin. this guy did it with the straightest poker face I’ve ever seen. I am amazed…

  2. unclelarry says:

    This guy is Rambo! Did he stitch it up with sewing thread?

  3. Wow, he is my new hero. If they ever make action hero figures of him I am going to buy a bunch of them. Maybe some will have lipomas and some will have cysts.

  4. If there are people standing around, why is he relegated to giving himself that injection one-handed? Especially since someone else was more than willing to wield the scalpel?

    After all the times he commented on not being able to feel anything, I would love to have just one quick sound bite from after the lidocaine wore off!

  5. I don’t know about anyone else but lipomas just don’t do it for me. (that’s not to say that I don’t appreciate your work in finding all of these videos, because I definitely appreciate that)

    1. Yep. No pop, no pus, no party.

  6. pussbuster says:

    I’d say the reason he did what he did, and no one else helped was because he didn’t want them to.
    He wanted bragging rights by everything himself, but the nurse took over when she felt she needed to.
    It’s a guy thing.
    He has some hairy fingers.

    1. perhaps that explains the shiny nugget.

  7. I agree, pussbuster. I think this fellow wanted to do as much by himself as he could, and perhaps didn’t want the doc to jump in when she did, but I felt like she gave him good and proper guidance and needed to step in to show him how to do the rest. Excellent video!

  8. what a thoroughly nice chap this young man seems to be!?.

  9. Pick_That_Puppy says:

    That is a prototype of the new ObamaCare home surgery kit.

  10. I would love to do my own home surgury – back to the selection at hand or arm if you would – surprizingly nice payload at the end solid 3 star!

  11. My boyfriend had a lipoma the size of a golf ball underneath his shoulder blade…it was the nastiest thing I’ve ever witnessed…and BLOODY! It hasn’t came back though….

  12. I must have a dozen of those on my arm, back and side and a few on my legs and there’s no way in hell I’m gonna do that to any of them. Hell no.

  13. Im glad he atleast had the common sense to do this while a doc was in the house LOL

  14. Somethings you just can’t do for yourself. Perfect pear at the end. It was tiny.

  15. pashion4popin says:

    fun and fearless – unfortunately no pop or squirt but hey bump be gone!

  16. Thank goodness that lady was there to step in and take over! I can see DIY cyst draining but removal? That is gutsy!!!

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