Poor Baby Boy With Carbuncle On Nose

1. DO NOT WATCH WITH VOLUME. You don’t want to, He cries and it breaks your heart/ Reminds me of the dozens of times I have had to go to the ER and listened to someone’s poor little darling getting treated, and their loud wails – even after they’d been numbed. Most of the time, it is the child’s way of expressing beyond a shadow of a doubt “I *don’t* want to be here!!!”

2. Wow! What an amazing carbuncle! Never seen one there before!!!

3. Now you can watch. Tee hee

~ H.S.

Draining a carbuncle” filmed and posted to YouTube by evelync1953 on Mar 5, 2011

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  1. If his name was Simon. they could have left it alone. and he could go on tour as Simon and Carbuncle. Have to work on his singing though. more folk, less death metal.

    1. Pumperpimple says:

      Naughty naughty you tee hee. Love it!!!!

    2. Bwahahaha!

      1. Oh no…someone else has my warped sense of humor. That was very clever…wish I had thought of it !

      2. You will tell us all your secrets young mr. spy. We have ways of making you talk. Bring out the dirty needles and begin poking. We’ll have infections going in no time. Muahahaha.

  2. If the carbuncle was numbed it should have cut it enough to drain freely. The little one wouldn’t have such a bad time of it. Would have made for a more spectacular “pop” too!

    1. zittylover says:

      even more pressing than it might break the bag into the eye cavity, is not it?

    2. fakegagh8r says:

      Yessssssssss. I know they didn’t give him anything for pain or numb it or anything…it would’ve been better for the child to endure the needle for iv pain meds and/or numbing than to have that sore thing pushed on WITHOUT lancing it. I don’t know why doctors are so insensitive…they are so used to seeing ppl in pain, they just stop caring. Horrible! Poor baby. Had to turn off audio…I have a 4 yr old son and it was breaking my heart and making me livid at the doc.

    3. I couldn’t agree more “gajustme” !

  3. aww, poor little guy! he’s too young to have acne! I’ll bet he feels a whole lot better though, that was really a huge carbuncle. btw, what exactly is a carbuncle?

    1. A carbuncle is a collection of furnacles. I don’t know if that is spelled right. Type in Carbuncle to see a vid on this site to show you what damage they can do. One guys back I think had to be scraped….cool…gross but cool looking.

      1. Oh that man is a butcher, drip… the 3rd world medicine carbuncle that is…. horrible and I don’t think that is truly a carbuncle no matter what! I think the nurse said the doc was drunk and she thought he was unnecessarily cruel…

    2. Trust No One says:

      @ curious: Definition of a Carbuncle: Group of Boils that show deep infection of contiguous follicles with Staphylococcus aureus. Description: Tender firm indurated erythematous subcutaneous fluctuant mass studded with draining pustules. Causes: Frequently associated with diabetes mellitus, exfoliative dermatitis, prolonged steroid therapy or other immunocompromised state. http://dermatlas.med.jhmi.edu/derm/

  4. That is such a shame that that poor little one had to endure that…..there are mild forms of anesthesia they could have used to calm him long enough to get that thing drained…..you can’t use local anesthesia because a child that age is going to scream and pull away just out of fear…..they need to be sleeping or at least calmed down enough to get the procedure done! Poor baby…..

    1. I couldn’t agree more.No need for this little guy to be awake thru this

    2. I’m with you, Friends

      1. so am I…

      2. me too though wont antibiotics help?

      3. no dripper, antibiotics don’t help

  5. Awwww, that absolutely breaks my heart.

  6. That poor kid has more problems than a carbuncle on the nose! That infection had worked it’s way near the right eye. He needed to be sedated and an i&D performed!
    Great find H.S.

    1. BT I think you hit the carbuncle on the head! that looked nasty, and at very least an I & D performed!

    2. I don’t think he had an infection going to the eye, it’s normal for the facial tissue to swell alot. I work as an ENT RN and see that swelling frequently. I do agree with draining and putting a perose drain in, as well that poor litle muffin should have had some light sedation. Who knows, maybe they couldn’t afford it.

  7. rebornmoron says:

    I THINK a carbunkle is a small cluster of cysts…..kind of like grapes. I think that cutie probably did have some kind of anesthesia…..his crying doesnt seem to be from pain as much as it is from fear. He grabs for the hands that are breaking the carbunkle but he is also allowing them to treat him by lying still and not trying to get up. Anesthesia or not I think the little guy is being VERY good!
    I too hope he is all healed by now with very little to NO scarring. Who knows…he might not even remember any of it.

    You are one VERY brave young man. A lot of grown ups wouldnt be as brave as you!

  8. princesspustule says:

    This poor little guy needs to be in the hospital. He has cellulitis of the Right eye from that carbuncle. He will need a good 3 days of I.V antibiotics and you are right gajustme, it should have been lanced so it could drain but it needed something over it to catch any drainage to keep it from draining into the eye and making things worse. They seemed to be gentle with him though. I didn’t have the sound up (as far as I know they could have told him they were going to pluck his nose off ) tee hee, should have listened before writing my comments.

  9. Poor baby. Could they not have let him use gas first so he was not lucid? The gunk itself was great.

  10. neetersb112 says:

    hmm… all i see is a bunch of pixellation. any techie people able to help me fix that?

  11. jaybluejay says:

    tattoo2u. Ha Ha Ha Ha. That was a good one.

  12. I enjoy a nice pop, but not at the expense of a child..please let’s not post people this young ok?

    1. ThatSmellsLikeAss says:

      well, if they don’t post anything that is objectionable to anyone, there will be nothing elft on the site. for example, animal videos bother some people, children bother some people, some people are funky about seeing a butt or a boob. so it really comes down to just don’t watch the ones that bug ya.

      1. Trust No One says:

        @ ThatSmellsLikeAss: You are a ‘wordsmith’.

  13. bustmybuttons says:

    Canazit, no one enjoys the fact that this baby was hurting and had this horrible infection on his nose but the fact remains that someone had ALREADY filmed the procedure and posted it so what is the harm in watching it? It isn’t like someone gave the boy the carbuncle to harvest just to put up on this site. Geesh, relax. If you don’t want to see it, don’t watch it. Simple.

    1. Here Here! I too agree that if seeing children with these types of conditions bothers people, then don’t watch! The title clearly says “Poor BABY Boy With Carbuncle On Nose” Don’t click if you don’t like :)

      1. bustmybuttons says:

        Exactly! Sometimes I think people click on titles that bother them just to come in to make noise about how they don’t approve of the content of said video. There will always be people around to stir the pot though so it is to be expected. I am not fond of seeing certain situations on here, so I usually just bypass them completely. I don’t even click on them or read the comments. I mean, what is the point of starting a fuss? I don’t get people who have to pitch a fit just because people are enjoying something when they’re not. Well, sorry! Keep it moving and you’ll be okay! <3

  14. this is horrible! my son had one removed off his forearm and they numbed him first. have to wonder what kind of doctor is such a sadist, oh yeah Josef Mengele

  15. I feel bad for the kid but does that thing REALLY hurt that much or is the kid just more afraid than anything? I don’t know since I’ve never had one before but I had a friend who had one removed from his arm and he said it didn’t hurt at all.

  16. I have my own ideas B im not moved or at all needful to answer to you for your needs. i have no need to be corrected.When you say “Simple”, it shows your need to dominate someone. sad.

  17. I work with kids for a living, and it’s hard to tell when watching a video and not knowing how this particular kiddo acts when all is well, when hurt, when scared, etc. He looks like he’s between 3 and 5 years old, approx, and if something is happening to a kid that age that hurts or is scary, they get MUCH more upset if a) they’re in an unfamiliar place, b) with unfamiliar adults/caregivers, and c.)they can’t see what’s going on, which can make them feel safer/less anxious. This poor little guy had all three happening at once, and they were messing with his boo-boo, which at least was hurting like crazy BEFORE any anesthesia they might have given him- so that’s what he remembers! I bet he was pulling their hands away so he’d be able to see, as well as reacting to the pressure on it. Only thing they can really do when that upset/scared/hurt is to cry it out, it’s so overwhelming to them!

    1. sorry- I should have started out my post by saying “@ TheRza82….” :)

  18. bustmybuttons & Canazit, I totally understand that you both need to say how you feel about this post and comments, and I support the fact that you’re being pretty direct and honest, but since you both seem upset, if you need to continue, would you please consider PM’ing (private messaging) each other to resolve it?

  19. jordan1870 says:

    OK…I’m all for the child not being hurt but I can tell the doc was NOT finished popping. So…why not continue the vid so we could see the rest? I’m sure there was at least a quart or so left in that huge thing! Darn….so much pus, so little video… ***sigh*** Thanks, HS!

  20. Hi screams every time the doctor squeezes it. I’d say he was in pain all right. Poor guy and no one is comforting him geez.

  21. I can understand the thought behind those who believe children should not be featured here, but I do think that most of the folks here are honestly interested in learning, and the little ones play a role in that too. This is an interesting case, and I’m curious to see what, if any follow-up was done. The exudate certainly looked a nasty darkish green!

  22. Over my dead body would that be filmed if it were one of my boys and it is too bad they could not have sedated the poor little guy as it sure hurt.

  23. My dad would have given me something to cry about if i did sit still and let the doctors work.

    1. Trust No One says:

      @ gaston804: I came up under the same regime. “Kids were to be seen and not heard.” Remember it well.

  24. gaston804 boy what a mean dad, to punnish you for behaving as a good boy.
    im also sorry this little boy hurt so much but we didnt cause it, video it, or work on it. we are just by standers on the path of life.
    i for one am very happy the little tyke is being worked on by medical professionals. this is an educational vid like it or not, it shows professional treatment of a skin ailment.
    go little guy, your a real trooper, hope you heal quickly and completely.

    1. jordan1870 says:

      Ya know, norm…I don’t agree with your comment about gaston804 (none of my business anyway) BUT I DO agree with your comment about being glad that he’s being worked on by medical professionals. We all saw the vid of the little girl lying on the ‘park bench’ as her grandmother poured the violet liquid over the boil as her mother squeezed it and she cried throughout the duration of the vid. So….at least this one is in a medical environment and is hopefully getting proper medical attention.

  25. littlemisssquirt says:

    I’ve refrained from commenting for the past few days as this arena has become a boxing match between viewers. I don’t look at certain vids due to the disclaimer and I honor that. Let’s be thankgul the babay was taken to a health care facility. Since we don’t know all we can’t diagnose. I’m sure all will be well. ANd let’s take off the gloves and remain in the proper corners….especially to CANAZIT.

  26. vulturedoors says:

    This video didn’t really bother me, other than the loudness of the poor kid’s howling at a couple of points. I’m sure it does hurt, and he’s obviously scared, too, but you also have to remember that kids that age can be extremely dramatic because they don’t have any ability to fine-tune their responses. It’s either “okay” or it’s OMG WTF I’M DYING”.

    Also of concern might have been the risks of sedating a child that young, as well as the fact that this looks like a part of the world where there may not be any supplies to spare on what is a relatively “minor” medical need for pain medication or sedation. Also possible is that the parents had to pay for this treatment and could not afford the additional cost of sedation.

  27. bustmybuttons says:

    Hey, I didn’t say anything rude or inappropriate so I don’t see why I should have to PM anyone. I didn’t say anything different than anyone else did. The fact remains that no one here filmed this video. This child doesn’t belong to any of us, nor is this POPKIDSZITS.COM. I am a mother of two small children and I wouldn’t film my own children’s medical procedures for “sport” but some people do and every once in a while a child will appear in a post, sometimes it is bearable to watch, sometimes not. I just don’t see the point in whining about it every time when there is a warning clearly posted. You have the choice to NOT watch it. If you don’t like it, move along. How hard is that? That’s all I’m saying. Is that so terrible of me?

  28. I have been a “pop that zit” member for a long time and have seen and heard it all.
    I am not a fan of political correctness, and don’t like people who suck up to others (you know how you are).
    most of us come here to see the big pus pop, and the one to top the one before.
    I dont want to see video’s of adults and children being kidnapped and have there pimples popped by force but I am ok with most everything else. The fact is we don’t know if this child was in more pain than fear or if he was a brave little angel or a spoiled brat.
    We come to see the zits pop but we can also post comments, the comment may be about how big the cyst was or how much pus was on the mirror or it could be about some strange thing the popper did or said. Come on people, we don’t need you to be the post police…after all at the end of the day we are just people that log on to a web site to watch other people pop and squeeze zits!

  29. What kind of parent would let something like that get so big and painful on a kid before taking him to a doctor!?!?

    1. I was thinking the same thing. Why is it that they let it get so infected? It shouldn’t matter if it’s a third world country or not. Common sense is common sense. So is compassion. They waited until it worked in to his eye and hurt like hell.

  30. Would hope the little one is doing ok. They didn’t bother to try and keep the crud out of his eye. ? no insurance or the problem would never have gotten so big.

  31. All children scream like that, it doesn’t really matter if it didn’t get the new toy it wanted or if it fell and hit the knee.

    I doubt this video was made for us at popthatzit so what is there to complain about. The Video will still be online here or otherplaces.

  32. that was horrible poor lil fella they should have gave him numbing or sleepy meds for this

    1. I totally agree!! Everytime he squeezed more out, I kept clenching my teeth hoping it wouldn’t get in his eye or tear ducts. I got really close a couple times and we didn’t see it all.

  33. Poor little guy but it HAS to come out!!!! I’ve seen kids where these things were ignored, it bored into their face, destroying the underlying bone and tissue to the point they are left with huge facial deficits that plastic surgery can do little to make the face look normal. As a result, these kids are ridiculed unmercifully by other kids and the object of stares and comments under the breath of adults.

  34. you know the boy was in alot of pain, just look at that angry bunkle with it’s green pus kid was a trooper I think, look how it had closed his right eye with infection.

  35. cybersharque says:

    Yanks, Brits, Euro-#### Canadians and Ozzies should all be grateful to live in the part of the world where we can get anaesthesia. That lesion needs to be resolved radically (and I would give GA for this) because I have to explore the wound tract ‘all the way’ to the bottom. Infections in this area are dangerous because this part of the face drains to the cavernous sinus. This is a great big vein that drains the brain. Unlike most veins, the Cavernous Sinus has no valves, which means that an infection can ascend the sinus and enter the brain. Pyogenic encephalitis. Mortality with that in a third world country is going to be >90%. EBOLA is less lethal than an ascending infection of the cavernous sinus. Possible implication of the CS in the periorbital inflammation on the right side, which can cost him the eye. IN fact, the case study everybody gets in 2nd year med school is a 12-year old girl who lost BOTH eyes in order for the surgeons to get access to the fulminating retrobulbar infection, which they attacked with direct instillation of antibiotics and, eventually, disinfectants. Yes, they irrigated her brain at one point with 1% hypochlorous acid (1:10 dilution of clorox!!!).

    She died. The infection essentially ate her brain.

    Never DIY a zit in the triangle formed by the corners of the mouth and the bridge of the nose. Seriously this is one of the ones that always need a physician or nurse-p to look at.

    1. Nice to have a doc in the house…love these explanations!

  36. Thanks to Halphie for providing this one for those of us who couldn’t view it before! Sad though it is to witness a young one in pain, I allow myself the hope he will fully recuperate once this is completely cleaned out.

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