Horse’s Neck Abscess

Animal Pus & Blood Warning ———–Animal Pus & Blood Warning
Ah, thankfully vets do travel to care for the larger animals. Today we see Weston’s tough neck abscess get drained. The little kids in the background don’t seem to be interested. I guess Doc has been there a time or two.

(Note: With volume up you can hear some nice squishy squirty nioses! Ewww!)

Thanks to YouTube’s daizy3311 for posting “Weston neck abscess- Horse abcess” on Mar 14 ’11.

16 Comments on “Horse’s Neck Abscess

  1. I grew up on a Horse Ranch and I am an avid rider as well and I am so glad they called out a Vet to take cake of this baby : ) Good post SD!

  2. Excellent video, great tenderness taken by this Vet with this lovely horse!
    Thanks for posting sdschlegs!

  3. It was nice to see an animal abcess dealt with before it was big enough to be seen from space!

  4. 2 for 2 on animal vids today!!!
    Excellent find sd!!!

  5. Not sure if the horse is sedated or just stoic as all get out. It always amazes me how animals will sit patiently for their humans to poke around to try to help them.

    1. i was amazed, he didn’t even flinch! I think horses are magnificent beasts

  6. Trust No One says:

    @ SD: Thanks, another kool find. The horse did show great patience. Win win for both.

  7. Excellent find, SD! A lot of the farm vids gack me but this one is awesome…those sound effects…!

    Uhm, I don’t wanna be a nay-sayer, but I can’t believe a vet would go after this sans gloves. Speaking from experience, growing up on a farm means learning how to handle things – ALL kinds of things. Those bare hands are experienced, no doubt about it.

    “…squishy squirty noises!” FTW!!

  8. Thankyou SD you,ve been busy of late keeping us all entertained. your effforts as always are both interesting and appreciated. I felt as relaxed as this horese watching this. Good finds again…;-)

    1. @pussmeister General

      Ah shucks, thanks ya’ll ….

  9. Pick_That_Puppy says:

    ……hello ….. gloves!

  10. lol aside from the lack of gloves, awesome video! great find and what a patient patient! It always amazes me how patient the animals are compared to the people! lol People are either wooses from the get go or scream at the sight of pus! There should be a training program for the camerafolks so they learn not to freak when the pus shoots out!! lol Great to see videos like this where everyone remains calmn. :)

  11. Nice pus and blood content. You should of flushed it out real good. It would of helped you out a little.

  12. poor horesy i know it feels better getting that gunk out great post sdschlegs smooches hugs and audie bear loves :)

  13. Hemostat needed to open it up larger! Strange how it’s bloody.

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