Grandpa’s Spider Bite

Grandpa has a spider bite that is mostly healed. But he just can’t leave it alone….
I looked all over the archives and couldn’t find this so I hope it’s not a repost.

Thanks to YouTube’s reaperqwerty for posting “spider bite” way back on Dec 24 ’09.

14 Comments on “Grandpa’s Spider Bite

  1. Ok seen some pus then the world started spinning~ Camera and music was horrible!

  2. haha the music surprised me!! Thanks gramps!!

  3. unclelarry says:

    I’ll be humming that song all day. =8-O

  4. ACK!!! Get me off this roller coaster!!!
    I’d be pulling off the scabs too!!!
    Good find sd!

  5. Maybe he was trying get all that crappy music out of his body. Who was running that camera, Tony Scott?

  6. Trust No One says:

    Come on Gramps, get the right tools for excavating that wound and for scab removal. His finger nails were useless, should’a used a paint scraper. Thanks SD.

    1. @Trust No One

      Oooo paint scraper, that’s a good one. LOL


  7. Why leave it alone if there’s pus in it? I’d be forced to remove that scab too. I just wouldn’t give the camera to someone spinning around and would skip the music.

    Maybe the cameraman was dancing to the music?

    I feel nauseated and it’s not because of a pus overdose…

  8. If I was Gramps I’d sue that damn spider and then jerk a knot in the camerman’s ass.

    1. @Skull Ranch Cowboy

      Oh my God, you made me laugh!!!

      1. Shoot, that’s just Central Texas country boy logic. I haven’t begun to delve the depths of my twisted mind yet. Stay tuned.

  9. NMGAPAOH says:

    Just pull the thing off and get over with it!

  10. SCABS are our bodies way of covering a wound and help the healing process !! PICKING the scabs off only prolongs the healing process !!
    My husband is a TYPE 2 Diabetic and he is a very slow healer and he is a scab picker too ! It drives me crazy to see him constantly pick until he bleeds and to see the scarring on his arms ! Can’t wait for colder weather so he will wear long sleeves !

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