Botfly extraction from dogs hind leg.

*****WARNING: Botfly/Parasite?animal Video. Use Discretion in Watching, and Respect When Commenting. Thanks! END WARNING!*****

The bot gave a good fight. But lost in the end…

“Como tirar um Berne” posted to YT by zinid2008 on Aug 17, 2010

12 Comments on “Botfly extraction from dogs hind leg.

  1. Git that screaming kid out of there, argh! Hope the pup is better now.

  2. Poor pupy, they were pretty rough on him. I bet he feels better now. It looks like they decapitated/debutticated that bot fly.

  3. I know that whenever I wanted to do something potentially painful and/or scary to one of our poopers (sorry – that was our term of endearment for our fuzzies), the first thing I did was bring my small children over and instruct them to make quick, random movements while yelling in a loud, high-pitched voice. Worked like a charm every time…. every time I wanted to freak them out and make them panicky and mistrustful of me, that is!

  4. that thing was forreal dug in there. poor ol dog. much better now. “dug in like an alabama tick” to quote jesse ventura from predator. thats right a predator quote =)

  5. unclelarry says:

    Geez, those things give me the willies. I’m sure it had to be done & the dog feels better, but *shutter* Gawd, I hate bot flies.

  6. Botfly + tweezers = Gotfly

    Gotfly + Horizontal force = Notfly

    Problem solved.

    NB excessive force applied to tweezers could result in de-buttification of Botfly with a small puss eruption (Bonus ;-) )

  7. Splatter Man says:

    Those bot flies are tough. That’s the first time I’ve seen one come apart like that during extraction.

  8. Im going to have to start listening to the videos I post. Im sorry for not warning everyone =(

  9. Katie Hernandez says:

    It seems like the pup isn’t really used to be handled at all :( Poor thing. I hope hes okay now :) (and maybe takes a nip at the screaming kids for freaking him out even more . .. )

    1. Telling the dog he’s bad and better behave. I thought I saw 2 more on the hips. I think it was sealed with some type of adhesive spray.

  10. What language are they speaking?

  11. ahhhhhh they hould have squeezed it out everytime they yanked the botfly with the pliers that maggots spikes were grabbing on to the inside of the dog but i am happy they got it out but dang did they have to be so ruff with it great find hatenot smooches hugs and audie bear loves :)

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