Big Chunks!

May I need to Say More…

HUGE ZIT POPPED” created by RyansBriefs, posted to YT on 3/14/2011
(Note: Is it real? You decide… looks gnarly tho’! )

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  1. Dear Gawdamighty! If I ever get a cyst or zit or whatever …just SAVE me from roving bands of teenaged boys! I hope that kid’s parents are savvy enough to see this and get him some medical attention quickly!

    1. It looked like The Blair Zit Project. Very clever, boys.

  2. crylittlecyster says:

    Hmmm due to cutting of the video I am on the fence if its real… how could they drill a hole that big and not have anything out already?

  3. The comment said “This is real not FAKE” : )

    1. MissTinkJordan says:

      I don’t think it’s fake

  4. there’s no way that zit was real! the hole was to big for pus not to come out before the big push!!!!!!!!what does everyone else think?

  5. FAKE looks almost like a Twinkie lol or some nice whipped cream. I was waiting for one of them to lick it lol

  6. Yep, I leaning toward the “fake”.

  7. Splatter Man says:

    A bright future in special effects awaits these young’uns. Good show, lads.

  8. Really Fake! Although, I have to admit it looked very good. Thumbs up for the attempt and the acting…

  9. pussbuster says:

    Who the hell filmed it, it looks like 2 year old.
    Maybe that’s part of the deception, so you can’t get a good look at it.
    All those napkins are hiding something.
    I will say it’s some good acting, the conversation makes me want to believe it.

  10. MissTinkJordan says:

    I viewed it on youtube fullscreen hitting pause and play throughout the video it looks a bit less fake

  11. The skin inside the napkin ring is a darker orange color…your right a srawberry and creme twinkie!

  12. It’s fake, BUT I Loved IT!!! Going on my favs list!!! Bravo Gentlemen, Bravo!!!
    Excellent find popintime!!!

  13. That is so damn fake!

  14. Fake in my opinion. A for effort tho………

  15. firey_iced says:

    Does anyone else put half the videos they watch on mute so they dont have to listen to all the screaming and crappy background chatter?
    Great video on mute!

    1. yes best viewed on mute for sure Firey! :)

  16. FAKE!!! My guess is they used cream cheese to simulate the pus.

  17. ROFL!!! whoever made this vid is genius! every single thing we have ever complained about when watching a vid is in here…the hands in the way, the screaming, the camera whirling about, the plethora of paper towels, and many others. what a spoof!! LOVED it!!

    1. I’m with you curious. What a show. It was entertaining and absolutely hilarious. I am giving them a standing ovation. Bravo. Spielberg, look out, you have competition!!

  18. strongstomach says:


  19. That was some preservative-filled pastry product – ain’t no doubt! Momma’s gonna be plenty pissed when she goes looking for the strawberry swirl cheesecake later!

    Oh, I just re-read my comment and had a huge Adventures in Babysitting flashback moment (ain’t no doubt! remember? when they are running from the bad guys and they end up in a blues club? Ain’t nobody leaves here without singin’ the blues? And Elisabeth Shue sings the babysitting blues and the teenage boys cap one of the verses off with “ain’t no doubt”?) OMG – now I have to watch it! Netflix, don’t fail me now!!

  20. lcking0623 says:

    Ok, got to Youtube, they have admitted that this is completely fake. I hate when people do this. So, everyone knows, it is very fake. They do not hide it. I am so let down.

  21. Had me fooled, but I still want protection from roving bands of teenagers…lol

  22. comedoness says:

    It did look fake. No way would there be a hole that big with that much ‘pus’ left in it. Good spoof, guys!

  23. mrtasteless says:

    F A K E

  24. Yep, agree. It was fake! Bad acting!

  25. OK – so here is all the news. Sit tight folks – poppintime, remember – regardless of fake or real, it is awfully satifying and a great find, ‘kay? :)

    If you watch this kids other videos, he is an amateur filmmaker. The way that the napkins and hands were placed were particular to keeping the donut safe – now doesn’t it look like a jelly and creme donut? The hole that the creme goes in? Pretty ingenious! And the second squeeze, the donut starts breaking apart, which is why the film stops. Way too much creme comes out in the first squeeze, despite the size of the hole, it is too wide to be coming out of skin.

    All in all though, the small tricks, the reactions of his crew, were actually incredibly good for a young person. He has a good eye for detail! Give him some latex for fake skin and some real stage special effects makeup, and I don’t think we would be questioning the reality!!! :)

    I for one, think this video is assuredly deserving of a place in the PTZ Archives! Here here! Woo-hoo and good job! Anyone with me? lol!

    ~ H.S.

    1. I’m with U! Good Fake and still like the video! There are some other fakes on here I’m sure but this has by far been one of the better ones! Who doesn’t like all that cream? Hahhaha Thanks H.S.

    2. with proper edititing that would have been classic – still the best fake I have seen:)

  26. Oh god! O___________________O LEMME AT IT!

  27. Wholeheartedly agree, this one’s worth watching several times…even though I can’t stand it when kids are smarter than me…hee hee hee

  28. pussbuster says:

    Like I said earlier.
    Those guys are good actors.
    What your seeing doesn’t look real, but what your hearing from them, makes you want to believe it is real. It did for me anyway.

  29. I just read the comment thread on Youtube and it was changed up to “Fake” good eye my PTZ Friends!

  30. I would have bought everything except the first squeeze contents went up so far and it was too white. I know creme filling when I see it.
    I also looked at the YT comments and copied this:

    “Almost fooled me. Great acting´╗┐ job guys:) Twinkie?
    cynlynj 1 day ago
    @cynlynj nope it was a cream puff!´╗┐ :D and thanks!
    RyansBriefs 1 day ago”

    I thought it kind of looked like a thumb sticking up there.

    He stuck in his thumb and pulled out a plum. LOL


  31. @poppintime,
    Thanks for posting! It sure sparked some conversation!

  32. BigSqUeeZe says:

    Fake or not, it was fun to watch.

  33. Not for sure if it’s a fake or not. Wondering!!!!!!!!!!!! Loved it!!!!!!

  34. I watch all videos with the sound turned down, it’s just better that way.

  35. Fake or not, I have a headache from the camera dancing back and forth. Please, warn us about roller coaster camera work in the video description.

  36. Definitely not a fake. In fact, it’s a fairly good extraction considering it looks like the sebum and sac are cauliflowering out at the same time.

    Check this out in the archives.

  37. I lean towards FAKE as they cover way too much skin with paper towels before they squeeze. Looks like they had a hole in a donut or a twinkie and then squeezed it’s innards out.

  38. This is fake unfortunately.

    There was no need to use so many paper towels and it looks way too much like whip cream.

  39. looked like fun with birthday cake.

  40. Pick_That_Puppy says:

    Nice napkins…..

  41. nice gaping hole to make the fake seem real –good fake effort, or not

  42. I wish it weren’t so but I have to go with fake.
    Why was his ENTIRE back covered with paper towels?
    Why didn’t the popper budge his left hand at all?
    I’ve never seen sebum that looks like Cool-Whip & blood like strawberry sauce.

  43. Well…they totally had me going.
    Now, I’m all heart broken.
    But, I’m still hungry.

  44. Wow, for a minute I thought I was at the Dairy Queen!

  45. Justin Beiber needs to wash his back more often…dude.

  46. And the Oscar goes to……………………..

  47. Fake or not….it was fun to watch. I almost believed it was real!

  48. now that was amazing but damn he liked shoving that knife in his friends back a lil to much….parents should keep a close eye on that one hmmm

  49. WOW!!! I’ve never seen one stand up straight as it exits. Amazing, wish we could have seen the rest of the video.

  50. wanderingpopper says:

    So much for the butterfly towels.

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