14 Minutes of Armpit Pus Drainage!!!

Yes, it really is true For 14 whole minutes she squeezes pus from this poor guys armpit boil. I couldn’t even complain of hyper-wiperism – because she was putting so much into the squeezing between each clean-up!

14 minutes of nasty green yellow thick fluidic pustulance, 14 minutes of staring at a hairy pit. 14 minutes of wondering how much will still be in there after the video ends! 14 minutes knowing that they could have lanced it, but with it being in the armpit – that might have made it worse. 14 minutes contemplating how far it is to the nearest E.R. so he can get it properly tended to but at the same time… being glad they didn’t for at least 14 minutes!

It… just… keeps… coming… out!


~ H.S.

Popping a BOYLE” originally filmed and posted to YouTube by Ninanikk on Jul 31, 2010 <--- I know! Talk about digging for this one! lol

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  1. they need to remove the pus plug ? and what is with the cuticle remover ? and nail sissors ?

  2. too much wiping ,let it flow .

    1. I agree. And all that wiping just pushed the pus around the armpit hair.

      1. I agree also. His underarm should’ve shave for this procedure. Still so much to go but great find! :)

      2. OH YES!! Shave that pit first!!!!

    2. Grandma had it right – make a big hole, then PUSH the pus out and room to break up the loculations – that is why nothing was coming out.

      The remaining area was full of loculations that she needed to break with her finger of the cutting instrument.

      OH — shave his underarm and tell him it was needed :) :) :) :)

      A HUGE boil with soooooooooooo many opportunities!!!

  3. butterfly15323 says:

    I think if men were to shave their armpits most of them wouldn’t have this problem…

    1. Dream on sister!!!!!!!!


      1. My kids don’t get why I crack up whenever someone says that! Of course, it’s usually me saying it and then laughing hysterically at myself…. maybe my kids just think I’ve gone right around the bend to looneyville.

      2. Yeah mine too suolucidir, still may as well have fun with our approaching senility eh?

  4. This is why i use deodorant!! not anti persperant!! Need to let them pits breathe!! YIKES!!

  5. Nice placement of the Papa John’s banner ad after that description! XD

  6. Shave before you operate…ewww all that hair mixed with pus! Love it ;)

    1. zitfetishvet says:

      Ewwwwww. I know. Exactly what I was thinking. They probably would have had an easier time with all that hair gone.

    2. agree, it gives that ‘something about Mary’ moment

  7. There has to be a pt2 somewhere!
    Great find H.S.!!!

  8. lmfao “I can feel your big ole boobies on the bottom of my feet.. feels like i’m steppin on watermellons” dude… before surgery, SHAVE!

    Great find H.S.!!

    1. Innaffitoften says:

      I am on day 3 no sleep, but I don’t get what he meant when he said that…can someone clue me in?

  9. slider1964 says:

    I seriously think men should shave their pits! It is starting to be more common place. After watching that I can see why, ugh!!

    1. Innaffitoften says:

      mine shaves his, and i didn’t even ask him to do it! he says deoderant doesn’t get past all that hair to where it needs to be. hi s dad found out about it one nite while we were just talking and laughing, and despite the fact that they love us unconditionally, and have helped so much during these last 2 years of crisis, he said that the day a woman asked him to shave his pits would be the day he died and proceeded to talk in a “gay” voice to my husband. i wanted to kill him, i am so glad that my guy is more mellow than i am, or it would have caused a major war…over armpit hair! i’m gonna shoot myself before i start to get so old that i judge people for things like that! my f.i.l. is 75, so there is a major generation gap.

  10. Pumperpimple says:

    what a mess. It should have been shaved. Lanced and squeezed. ahhhhh wishful thinking…………

  11. Ahhhhhhh the gift that keeps on giving…….And yes, they should have shaved or at least clipped the hair. AND MAKE A BIGGER INCISION……geeez!!!! Amateurs!!!!

  12. OMG STOP WIPING!!! Ok I had to get that out lol. Lots of thick pus, It would have been perfect if they shaved the hair and stop wiping. Great find thanks guys.

  13. Oh man, that must have been excruciating with all of the squeezing and wiping and yanking of the pit hair!

    1. I agree; the hyper wiper must go!! Love old world gramma and her knowledge of “the pus”.

      1. WhiteChocolateJesus says:

        From now on we should replace phrase “the pus”. w/ the phrase, “The Force.” Conversations would all become wacky & brutally funny!


        p.s. Smegma

  14. BoogerKing says:

    I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO glad that the word “armpit” appears in the title…as I could have SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO easily assumed this was another body region. YUCK!

    1. WhiteChocolateJesus says:

      Pus flowing is fine. Certain “body regions” are YUCK!

      Never understand that thought pattern.


  15. appleorchard says:

    I’m picturing these people crowded into a small tent on a hot, humid night, and they keep sniffing every 10 seconds.

  16. This was fantastic…was that a seam-ripper she used to poke holes in it? And why am I the first one to point out this absolutely classic conversational aside: “I can feel your big ol’ boobies on the bottom of my feet. It’s like I’m stepping on watermelons.”
    Not to mention “I can’t stop NOW! I’m enjoying myself too much!”
    Yes. She is One of Us. And Mom is, too!

    1. Innaffitoften says:

      nope, you weren’t 1st on the boobie comment, you just didn’t read the top comments or not close enough anyway

    2. Pick_That_Puppy says:

      HAHAHAHAHAHA…. “I can’t stop NOW! I’m enjoying myself too much!”


  17. creamymatter says:

    I can’t believe I watched the whole thing! (for those who grew up in the 80’s, you’ll find the humor in that statement!)

  18. *****This product does exactly what it says on the label *****

    However it does need a big old squeeze to get it flowing freely as I believe there is a semi-solid pus-plug in there which is hampering the drainage procedure. Either that or a larger incision.
    I would always opt for the one which produces the biggest scream purely from dramatic stand point of course.

  19. Wipe wipe Wipe Ugh Just let it go!

  20. Will someone please call the hyper wiper police on this woman?

  21. Arg! All that here makes wanna barf…..

  22. Arg! All that hair makes wanna barf…..

  23. The Guy is a woose!

    1. Innaffitoften says:

      these kind of comments are not appreciated or wanted here at PTZ. we aren’t here to belittle the postees. you have no idea what he was feeling or his pain tolerence. keep those kind of comments on YT.

  24. Grandma was WAY into this “It’s ripe! It’s ripe! It’s ripe!”

  25. Nice drainage. When is Part 2, because there is definately more to come.

  26. comedoness says:

    I waited until I had 14 minutes to watch it. Wow, just wow! Great camera work, thick green pus…magnificent!

  27. is it just me or is it always the armpit that produces the nastiest boils on a regular basis?

  28. Great vid. I do think a shave of that armpit would have made things a bit easier on all and a nice incision would have made it far easier to get all of the gunk out and perhaps even the sac. lol Part 2 should be good … hope you find it for us! :) lol and wasn’t grandma a hoot? lol Its ripe! lol loved her.

  29. Popthatpus says:

    Is anyone else thinking MRSA? I had a friend that had recurring MRSA, and when it got bad, she would always get a huge infection right where that guy’s was. It would get so bad sometimes that she would have to put her arm in a sling to relieve pressure. I think since it’s warm and damp, generally, the armpit is a prime incubating ground for bacteria. Which would also be why we get stinky. ;-)

  30. dixiebelle6577 says:

    This is amazing. Armpit videos and behind the ear videos are my favs. There should be a sequel to this video as there is much more to come out.

  31. :( Poor guy! The video would be GREAT if the popper wasn’t a hyper-wiper! The hair is too much for me, lol makes me wanna gag! Good vid tho!!

  32. ugh, the wiping is actually making it worse. STOP WIPING SO MUCH!

  33. the problem isn’t the popper. It’s the recipient is a wuss. get him a couple drinks and pinch it!!!!!! I bet that lymph node is swollen like crazy. Those hurt.

  34. Very nice drainage, but I know for sure that there is a video #2. Where is it at?

  35. dixiebelle6577 says:

    AMAZING! Love it.

  36. ickychick says:

    OMG, she’s poking him with a nut picker. Stop the video at 11:52, you can see the ornate handle of it. Those come in nut cracker sets. You can still see some in gift baskets. My parents had a set for years. She needed to cut that hole bigger. Maybe compresses.

  37. he is a ripe juicy peach…LOL..

    and OUCHIE!! that red inflamed shin. it had to hurt!!

  38. Cystine Chapel says:

    Yikes!!! This guy deserves a medal – the arpit area is soooo sensitive. Great vid & I LOVED Grandma.

  39. CystrButtPimple says:

    okay, I didn’t think it was possible but I was too grossed out to finish watching this video. My limit is hair dripping (swimming) in puss. I can handle anything (so far) except this. I wanted to shave his arm pit. You did it. You grossed me out. And I NEVER thought I could be.

  40. Jen_the_ledge says:

    under arm soak a deem mia !!!!!

  41. Grandma is cute with her little voice and giving “old days” tips and advice :)

  42. My favorite moment was in the tenth minute when a woman says:
    “I can not stop now, I am enjoying myself too much!” :)

  43. If I ever lanced a man’s armpit abcess, I would make sure he shaved first. eeeewww under arm hair covered in pus.

  44. Who uses a stitch ripper to make the hole bigger? geez Great vid tho

  45. The instrument she used on him was a cuticle remover. I have one. I agree that he should’ve shaven the area first. All that pusy hair was disgusting. Also using tissue instead of her fingers (she wore gloves) hampered the squeezing mechanism such that she didn’t have a good grip. My ex had an armpit boil. Neither he nor I would touch it because it gave him so much pain. He went to the doctor the next day and had it taken care of. The guy in the video had a low tolerance for pain. He said he had something on his leg and the doctor gave him morphine for the pain and he still was in pain.

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