Toe myxoid cyst

This is interesting a “Myxoid Cyst”! Ever see one of these? The notes on this is that “A dermatologist dubbed it a ‘myxoid cyst’ and said it was related to Osteoarthritis” Hummmm Interesting…

“How to Pop a Myxoid Cyst” by dotslady, posted on YT – 2/26/2011
NOTE: Amazing story by original poster is included with the video on YT. Check it out if interested! Lots of dietary tips for multiple health issues…

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  1. this was very interesting for me as i had a similar cyst on my finger on the first joint. it had been there for a year or so and i had thought it was just a swelling related to the joint disease that i have. when the pain was too much, i lanced it and the same kind of clear gelatinous gunk came out. it hasn’t come back but there seems to another developing on another finger. hmmm…i may have to check out that poster’s info as i have no info on these things.

    1. Pick_That_Puppy says:

      Did he just do that on the good tablecloth………….?

  2. Looked like stuff one gets from a ganglion cyst. I’m never seen it from a toe. Interesting post ppt.

  3. Good find popintime!!! Not the most exciting vid but she did squeeze till the bitter end!

  4. Oooo, different is good. Thanks Poppintime!

  5. pussmeister General says:

    Interesting Goo. What beautifully cared for feet she had. I wish mine looked as healthy as that , not much chance of that having spent my entire adult working life in steel toed costruction boots Ahh well I can still dream!!!

    1. I’m very anti-feet, They gross me out. I too noticed her toes were really pretty and looked so soft and clean. Such cute toes lol.

  6. Know what you mean pmGeneral…Been on my feet a life time not in steel toes, but on concrete floors!
    Thanks for the informative vid.!

  7. Splatter Man says:

    What sprayed at :50?

  8. I love watching all these vids but wow the ones that have to do with the feet bother me, being as I am diabetic and have witnessed what open sores and ulcers can do. Hope she takes care of her toe after this. Good find!

  9. squeezethatpuppy says:

    These are like ganglions and blisters to me…..yawn :O

  10. I had never seen or heard of these before, and am always up for learning new stuff. Good find!

  11. So this is what toe jam looks like ehhh ?

  12. Petroleum jelly leaking from a toe!

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