Sebac Sac Attack

I was looking for the first part of this vid but I guess there isn’t one. He slices a hole in his head and rips out the sebaceous sac while his girlfriend (thinking he’s crazy) films it! This dude has got to be one of us!

“Surgery on myself” posted to YouTube by the man himself “aaronmckinney7″ on Tuesday, February 01, 2011

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  1. strongstomach says:

    Women say that having childbirth is the most painful thing in the world.. I am a woman.. and i think guys see pain in a different light.. if u can stab ur head..and keep pressure on it while squeezin it.. then.. man.. u have my sympathy… Good goin u guys who use household products.. to stab ur head! =o)

  2. Good Heavens! DIY surgery with household scissors? Wow. This is one tough hombre. But now he has a gaping laceration to deal with. He’ll probably close it “Rambo” style with household sewing thread & needle. Good one Dripper.

  3. Dude’s got a pair of big brass ones, that much is certain. No whimpering or crying wither!

    Anyone else think that guy in the video kinda looked like John Malkovich’s character in “Con Air?”

  4. OK folks. I have been a lurker for over 2 years… that said, this one made me finally cross the threshold. HOLY S$%T!!!!!! This guy is crazy. I have seen some pretty shocking stuff on this site (and loved every single second of it!), but this one takes the cake!

  5. Bahahahaha! Fuzzy. Yeah! quite a bit. Gotta love the tattoo on the back of his head too, if he could sit through ink on his cue ball head you know scissors to his head is the least bad assed thing he’s done

  6. Oh Dear God! I am sitting here with jaw on the floor, totally in awe!
    I think that this is the most amazing thing I have seen here at PTZ!
    This was crazy, he was crazy, and that cyst was crazy!
    Wow just wow!

  7. popperpeeper says:

    Cripes! This looks like a scene from the OZ series!

  8. I wonder if this guy is a MMA fighter?

  9. Excellent find dripper!!! He gets my vote for the biggest set of balls in America.

  10. Now thats my kind of surgery, brutal and homemade, no drama, no SCREAMING GIRLS!. Just a cool efficient eviction and then examination of what you get out….big respect dude!

  11. seriously…who jams scissors in their head?

  12. Man, he cut the zit out of that thing!!! I was a bit disappointed though, I was under the impression that there would be cheese removal followed by the sac attack. Regardless, this dude is the Dolph Lundgren of sac removals….One bad mamma jamma.

  13. crazyblueyedgirl_49 says:

    He might be brave but he’s sure as hell not smart to do that type of incisal of possible infectious staph or strept bacterium without even the most rudimentarty practice of sterilization in view. Wow! He saved a few bucks doing it himself.
    But when he lands in the ICU with the highly possible secondary infections and the 6 digit or higher bill, I wonder how freaking “smart” or ballsy he’ll feel them????

  14. Well gang, I’m not convinced that incision was made with a pair of scissors. It was already there. Probably sliced the scalp open with a razor, before filming. He emptied the sac too!

    Yes Fuzzy! I was thinking the same…Glad you’re still around!

  15. Wow. Let’s hear it for a high pain threshold…you are RIGHT, dripper- he’s DEFINITELY one of us! And Fuzzy, I’m also glad you’re still around, he looks just like Cyrus the Virus, and he’s got the same attitude- I’ll never look at a pair of scissors the same way again!

  16. This is a great one Dripper, thanks!

  17. Cast iron balls. Holy crap.

  18. Is it bad that I kept waiting for someone to hit the end of the scissors while he was sticking them in his head?

  19. @ MomE and TheRza82

    I asked him were the first vid was and he said that his wife was in her bra so he wouldn’t film the incision and cheese parts. Why couldn’t she get dressed? lol

  20. ok, I had to sign up just to comment on this one. I was insane and I will never watch it again as I do most of the ones that are this highly rated. What next, Hari Kari:)))

  21. magna-cum-pus says:

    @fuzzybeard @darkelf – well said! ;-)

    5/5 hands down, dripper

  22. That is hardcore.

  23. Splashpopbong says:

    I can no longer speak english. I think I’m speaking in tongues.

  24. popitlikeitshot says:

    I agree he definately did not cut it with the scissors; I think he just used them to dig. ;)Either way… WOW!

  25. There’s your republican healthcare. JOKE! JOKE!

  26. Reminds me of some surgery I’ve had at the VA

  27. omg scissors !!!!!!! but i do have to give him credit he got that whole thing out all by himself exspecially since it was on the backside of his head

  28. WOW – that is one tough guy!!!

  29. It’s like he planted that sac in there! Poptastic.

  30. How could he dig around in the back of his head with scissors??? OMG

  31. Gliss-PussBliss says:

    Way to go Dude!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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