Quick Ear Pus for Wilkes

For all sad pops of pus and wen, The saddest are these, ‘It might have been…. a whole lot better dude’. But you got to go with the flow and dripping there is out there…nice little squeeze though. SD made a comment on this and maybe he could not get into post….. so its a team effort!

“popp cyst wilkes barre” posted to YouTube by “pimpinfbi” on Friday, February 04, 2011

25 Comments on “Quick Ear Pus for Wilkes

  1. Halph Staph says:

    Wilkes Barre – my mom was born there!! And my Grandparents and maternal family came from that area of Pennsylvania! Double enjoyment of this nice BTE Pop! Thanks, dripper!!

    ~ H.S.

  2. wow, Halph, I worked in Wilkes Barre when I lived up north! small world, huh?
    thanks for this one, Dripper, it was cool.

  3. HS – My Dad and his family back into time immemorial lived in and about Wilkes Barre, Nanticoke, Plymouth, Forty Fort, etc. Maybe being from coal country inspires a love of pus!

  4. Good find dripper&sd!!! Sounds like a homecoming in here! Plenty of cheeze left in that ear!!!

  5. Great payload. Love BTE zits. I don’t have relatives in PA but I attended fire officer school in Bucks County. Very pretty place. :-)

  6. I have been down every street in Wilkes-Barre Filling in potholes. Where is part 1 and part 3?

  7. Can you believe that a gal from the Canadian Maratimes has been to Wilkes-Barre? Yup I love Penslyvania, actually have been there 3 times now, different parts of course, Gettysburg, Harrisburg, Wilkes-Barre, Lancaster, Prince of Prussia, and of course Philadelphia.
    This is a great short video Dripper, lots more in there of course, but good squeeze and great pus flow!

    Thanks again

  8. @Puss n boots where do you live..I mean you don’t have to give me your address but I live in the Big O. Have many friends that live in NS and I used to do part time work in NB! We all live in our own little small happy worlds…lol

  9. @Puss – anytime I think of the Maratimes I think of “Trailer Park Boys” lol. I love that show! I think we watched the entire run plus the movies and shorts at least – oh, lets say conservatively, about 15 times through? We have one of those rotating yellow dome lights you can stick on your dash or on top of the car, and we call it our “Mr. Lahey Light”. he he he Better watch out or come spring I’ll take the CAT Ferry and come find you! Muwahahhahaha!!

    ~ H.S.

  10. Darn, much too quick. Certainly was some good pus in there.

  11. I’m from Wilkes-Barre and go to Wilkes University!

  12. Cystematic – My Dad went there when it was Bucknell Jr. College and then later, Wilkes College. He’s an “Ancestral Colonel” as a member of the football team of a billion years ago. What stories he tells of his time there – he really remembers it fondly.

  13. glad to know there is a link to a fellow Colonel in the pop the zit community. It truly is like a local reunion in here.

  14. I wish I could see that guys face so I can find him and get my hands on the zit.

  15. What did we miss, was a’seepin when we tuned in…Very nice give..Lets do it again soon!

  16. @ Dripper, yea a fellow Cannuck! I’m in Moncton, NB, but was raised in Halifax, NS, born in Quebec!
    @ Halph I love the Trailer Park Boys! As for Mr. Lahey, I know the actor who played him. I used to work for his Uncle in Halifax, and so I would often see John and his daughter Sara who also played on the Trailer Park Boys!
    Talk about your 6 degrees of seperation!

  17. ThatSmellsLikeAss says:

    i’m a southern girl and feeling very left out right now. but i do have the same mirror the dood in the video has heehee

  18. popitlikeitshot says:

    I’m from Montgomery county PA here now always have been definately will NOT always
    @puss in boots do you mean KING of Prussia?

  19. hey puss n boots. its not prince of prussia.
    its “king of prussia”, i used to go to there for company training every so often.
    nice amount of pus though, too short, seems to be a habit lately.

  20. Never been to wilkes barre, but send a student loan payment every month to sallie mae’s address there. the bastards!

  21. Wow!
    two mirrors
    two hands
    one camera
    one five pound ear . . .
    put very simply, a recipe for delight!
    Dripper, you ROCK! There was just an amazing river of pus and the color!
    And thanks for mentioning that I posted to pimpinfbi on YouTube. What a screen name, huh? Haven’t heard back yet.
    You know I wish there was a way to see if anybody posts comments to the video finder. Like you may not ever even see this. And some of us don’t have the time to go read all the new comments looking, you know, especially the ones that have lots of video posts; someone could comment on one that’s a year old, I know I have even tho they may not even know it’s there to read it. And also, let’s say I was mentioning Halph in your post comments, I wish that each member’s name had the @ sign or something that would put a little note to the member that a new comment was posted to them.
    Okay, I’m done rambling.

  22. Oh and how about old home week going on here!
    Small world, great people!

  23. Great Video HS- I also lived there for many years with my X-wife, SATAN!!! haha, I don’t sound too bitter do I??? Anyway, lived in Elmhurst and Moscow for awhile- right off of Rte. 307, then moved to Moosic. Used to take 380 towards NYC when travelling, then started using I-81 (??) to travel down to York / Baltimore. Loved the area… couldn’t handle the X!!!!

  24. Bird Poooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DwS

  25. dripper, thanks for a short but sweet post!

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