Lil Birdy Abscess/Cyst

Again a little birdy here, Its not the one which was posted before by dripper a while ago, I checked the archive and I did my best but couldn’t find it there….. Please forgive me Fellas….??? I’m only Human……

“KYSTE.3gp” and “KYSTE2.3gp” posted to YT by BAOUNAS1, 4/17/10

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  1. Pick_That_Puppy says:

    I think I saw a blackhead on it’s lips too….

  2. I’m having a hard time figuring out which part of the body on the bird this is. That was a lot of junk to come out of such a tiny little bird!! Good job!!

  3. Would have loved to seen the bird before the procedure was started.

  4. the infected says:

    That poor tiny baby. So much more trauma than that other one that just popped out.

  5. disgusting. It must smell terrible. I say, just put the bird out of its misery.

  6. Twisted Cyster says:

    @ Pick-That-Puppy….LOL ! ! Now YOU got an eye for details !!! A blackhead on the Birdy’s Lip, hahahahaa I didnt notice the first time, LOL

  7. Good find TC!!! Big ol’ cyst on that bird!

  8. littlemisssquirt says:

    For some odd reason I tend to like to see these bird cyst vids. I think the surgery was on the rounded wing section just short of where his wing is joined to the body. It’s true about trauma; birds are very susceptible to heart attacks and too much pain and./or stress will deliver them to The Big Cage in the Sky.

  9. littlemisssquirt says:

    Halph….can anybody find us more vids with japanese clients having their faces cleansed w/ the stainless steel needle device. I have onle seen two. Many thanks if you can….Little Squirt

  10. Whoa! Poor Tweety Bird! Looks like the cyst was on the ‘shoulder’ area above the wing- a huge cyst for such a little guy! Thanks, TC- great post!

  11. Excellent find TC! I love the bird videos too, apparently from watching the Parrott video, I learned that bird pus or infection isn’t expressed the same way as others, it needs to be removed as in this proceedure, like cheese!

  12. I sure hope the bird was sedated before undergoing such a traumatic procedure.

  13. @getit – sometimes I think birds are given a little something to calm them, but sedation is hard on a small bird. Most bird folks have a calming technique in the way they hold them and treat them prior to starting the procedure. And LMS – you are right on about where the cyst is – that is a very common place – I wonder why? Due to the way they preen?? Wish I knew.

    ~ H.S.

  14. P.S. LMS – I will try and find something you’ll like. ;) ~ H.S.

  15. butterfly15323 says:

    Poor thing :(

  16. My word! Do they pack that or close it?

  17. vulturedoors says:

    I believe it’s a cockatiel, and it’s being held upside-down. The bit he’s operating on is the “elbow” joint on the wing.

  18. What a huge cyst on such a little bird. I would guess that would be (ratio-wise) like having the 300 lb human ovarian (?) cyst removed.

  19. popitlikeitshot says:

    poor guy; I must say I love a bird abcess. I find them so interesting….and CHUNKY!

  20. wow that was a pretty big birdy abscess for such a little bird great find Twisted Cyster smooches hugs and audie bear loves :)

  21. Oh that poor bird it’s bad when it’s thick, chunky cottage cheeze. Wonder if the bird recovered.

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