Kaluha, Piercing and Pus!

Spill a little Kaluha on your new peircing and what do you get? Unfortunately for this guy, infection. And we get to watch it drain.

Thank to YouTube’s sasquatch136 for posting Draining my infected Dermal Piercing on Feb 6 ’11

15 Comments on “Kaluha, Piercing and Pus!

  1. I want a microdermal piercing.

  2. popitlikeitshot says:

    I am a tattoo lovin chick ( on me and others) but I just do not understand the piercing on flat surfaces of the body. Hey, to each his own :)

  3. I thought that piercing would have looked better on a rose tattoo but on a woman. Anyhoo, what where those scars on this guys belly? Scars or excema?

  4. Good find sd!!! Looked like Kaluah that came out!

  5. MissTinkJordan says:

    i was thinking it was eczema as well…..

  6. Why does he still have that in there if it is infected? It is kind of girlyish…may he should get a be-jeweler!

  7. the infected says:

    If he takes it out it will close up. I’m thinking it will need to be a lot more infected than that before he throws away the cost of getting it done.

  8. What a nice little touch o’bling..Wait!..EWww, it leaks!!

  9. more tattoos and piercings

  10. I had one of these and it can’t simply be taken out – there’s cutting involved (provided it was done correctly) and a butterfly closure afterward.

    They’re really awesome but they’re aggravating as hell. Mine was on my upper left arm and it got caught in sweaters and the terry weave on my towels and on the edges of my pillowcase and on one very memorable occasion my hair got wrapped around it in my sleep. That was one helluva rude awakening! It was a relief to have it gone…but I still catch myself guarding that spot when I put on a sweater.

    LOVE that tat!! And the seepage wasn’t half bad either!

  11. This is a semi permanent implant you can’t just take it out you have to go to a piercer and get it taken out. ALSO, DO NOT TAKE IT OUT when it is infected the infection will stay in the wound and the abscess will not drain.I have a macro dermal in the center of my chest, similar area and only took a month to heal. I had more trouble with my cleavage bar. Beautiful tattoo as well hope the piercing doesn’t scar the tattoo. Also if anybody is interested here is a site with the producer on the implant and what the jewelry looks like. http://www.alternativelook.net/microdermal-implants/

  12. The oozing didn’t look like normal pus to me, kinda clear, maybe it’s just my monitor.
    I did notice the belly at the end. I thought maybe burns that didn’t blister.
    And on my God, Dripper–a be-jeweler?!?!? Hilarious! couldn’t you just see him decorating himself like a jean jacket? Crazy.

  13. ewww infected peircing

  14. ah some serosanguinous fluid… it must be Saturday

  15. Oh my, it looked like he had other sites on his chest that were infected or becoming infected. Hope all turned out well.

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