Cow Pus Sunday!

Having cow pus on Friday – nice. Cow pus again on Sunday? SA-Weeet!

****STANDARD WARNING #436719: The following video contains a graphic depiction of a large abscess being drained from a herd cow. Please use caution when watching. Should you choose not to watch, we thank you for your patronage all the same! Those who have decided to proceed, we ask that you keep all arms, hands, legs and feet inside a safe area, and please consider utilizing the splatter shield provided in the seat back pocket to your front. All equipment emitting a digital signal should be turned off and stowed at this time. Please pay close attention to the nearest exit to your assigned seat, and remember – using the in-show upchuck bag is not a sign of weakness, it just proves you are paying attention and had your eyes open for the entire duration of the video. Thank you again for choosing PTZ for your extreme video needs, and consider joining our Frequent Viewer Club for extra discounts! (oh, wait, this is a free site…. uhhhhh) Enjoy the show!!! WARNING #436719 COMPLETED****

OT NOTE: It is snowing outside my window, adding to the good foot and a half to two feet already on the ground. I was drooling during this video, not from my obvious partiality to cow pus, but because the sky looked so wonderfully clear and blue, without a single flake of snow in sight! *BIG sigh!*

~ H.S.
(How was it, unclelarry? :P)

Draining huge cyst from cows neck” originally filmed and posted to YouTube by xBoRbAx on February 26, 2011

18 Comments on “Cow Pus Sunday!

  1. Excellent find H.S.!!! I’m not too keen on his knife sharpening skills but he wasn’t afraid to work for the pus!

  2. @H.S.: Living in Baja Canada startin’ to get you down?

  3. I don’t care what anybody says, I like animal videos as long as they don’t seem tortured, and this one didn’t. It was good that he made the incision bigger to get that pus out faster. But how about that high-tech sharpening stone? Hm?
    The cow pus you posted on Friday was even better. God, the chunks on that one.

  4. Ah, Halph, that was literary GOLD. Loved the seamless melding of warnings from Disney World & Delta Airlines. Even if the video is “meh” I always know that a HS intro will make it worth a look. And I agree with sdschlegs. I like critter videos as long as they aren’t being tormented. But one must remember that, at the end of the day, it sucks to be a cow.

  5. My milk shake brings all the boys to the yard…

    Poor Mooey, that twisting of the blade must not of felt good at all. But I do watch these videos and think if I had something like that and I couldn’t do anything about it, I’d beg to to be jabbed.

    Great find HS!!

  6. wonderfulstuff says:

    Poor baby. That’s why I’m a vegetarian going on 22 years. I think that putting some kind of a bucket underneath the sweety pie would have helped the disgusting factor a bit and the cow wouldn’t be stepping in her own pus.

    1. Couldn’t agree more! And why do they wait so long to drain them? By the looks of the size and weight, that things been there awhile gak.

  7. Anyone’s best guess how much pus came out, a quart, half gallon? ugh

  8. Splatter Man says:

    I hope he remembers to wash that blade before slicing an apple.

  9. So….can someone tell me why some animals (cows, horses) seem to be prone to these large abscesses with huge amounts of pus? This seems to happen regularly and I just don’t understand why. On another note….awesome vid, as always, HS!!! :) Thanks!

  10. Yeah, what is it with farm staff thinking they can use their pocket knives forever without sharpening them? Poor cow. =(

  11. I think Lg. animals simply succumb to their surroundings. Barbed wire, thorns, insects…Lg animals yield lg vols. of exudate.

  12. I hate hacks like this. I understand they may have good intentions, but shoving a knife you just sharpened on feces covered cement into an abscess isn’t gonna help much. Sterile blades are not that expensive, and can be bought in large quantities. That said, lovely amount in there, I’m sure they missed some, though.

  13. Shazam! rediculous amount of pus in there

  14. I like pus. This is a pus site. This had good pus. Enough said.

  15. Long live The King.

  16. magna-cum-pus says:

    sclorrrpppp.. sclorrrrrpppp.. sqrrrbbpprrbbllpbl

    @jordan1870 – was wondering the same thing, think ME65 has the answer

    @Halph, geewhizz, which bag was bigger – milk or pus? ;-)

  17. PlzEyeInCyst says:

    I don’t care about the cow, it is simply food. I do like pus and that was alot.

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