Cat Abscess

WARNING messy animal video with lost of pus and an unhappy cat…remember don’t shoot the messenger! Apparently this is being done in a home (sounds like a cattery with the background noise) and by a competent looking vet. I guess I am thinking she could be a bit more gentle. And tap water…I am thinking that’s prob OK. But I bring you pus and pus there is.

“Giant Cat Abscess Surgery” posted to YouTube by “joyball1977″ on Thursday, February 10, 2011

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  1. WOWWW! WOTTA GREAT VID!! Now, THIS is what I mean when I say well done! A lotta pus, yes, a steady camera, yes, and a steady (non-running away) subject. All the elements of a great video. Now if only human beings would stay as still as this cat. Did they drug the animal? Maybe someone should do that for all the juveniles who “try” to make a pus vid.

    I have had the unenviable situation of having to get an abscess from my cat’s jaw, and she’s a fighter! Half siamese and half domestic shorthair, and all teeth! Usually a great cat, but hurting and scared and just wanting to be petted by “daddy”. But I had to do the job, so I wrapped her in a towel. I did get the thing, but I had to give her penicillin shots (available from a horse supplier) for days and I had to keep squeezing it out. Not a lotta fun. And I didn’t have anyone to hold a camera, or a camera (cell-phone only) with a tripod.

    But this woman and her friend did a great job, and got that nasty infection, and made a great video in the process! Kudos to all!

  2. Excellent find dripper!!! I agree with sarge, Nuff Said!!!

  3. I don’t think either of them is a vet, considering they didn’t wear gloves or use sterile fluid for flushing out the abscess. I just hope the cat is ok.

  4. woah great, poor cat, glad they helped her, excelent vid work.
    i loved the smell desc.

  5. My momma cat doesn’t even like getting a bath, I couldn’t imagine trying to drain an abscess..whoooh good kitty, good video nice drain

  6. NICE! That was beautiful. The kitty musta felt better after that gak was drained. Kudos Dripper. That was awesome.

  7. Excellent dripper, excellent.

  8. xoSunshineAngelxo says:

    I cannot believe that cat sat there and was sooooo good….if I tried that with either of my two cats they would kill me!!!! This kitty got cut open and then washed down….both of which would cause me mortal wounds if I had to do that to either of my cats….either the kitty was sedated, or was in such excruciating pain that the procedure was pure relief! Great video :-)

  9. The abcess was probably from a cat bite. They turn gross pretty fast. Even if they later went to a vet the thing probably needed immediate draining. If nothing else for pain relief. Tap water was OK. Idea is to wash away infection. Sure, might be bacteria in the water but in low concentrations and probably not the kind that cause infection. You wash your own cuts under the faucet. The cat’s immune system could handle that level.

  10. whatta lotta pus! I bet Kitty’s eyes are rolling back in her head in pure relief! “awwwh, thats the stuff”….

  11. Awesome amount of pus. Good job Dripper! and kitty, kitty’s mama & vet friend. That kitty laid there so nicely I bet she did give her some sort of sedative because there was no struggle and we only heard a little growling.

  12. I would also add that tap water has small levels of chlorine, a good anti-infective / disinfectant.
    We were taught in our medical program that- “the solution to pollution, is dilution”!!! :-) Don’t think she was a vet- knowledgeable owner or groomer perhaps…. good with animals, and has “the touch”! most important, she cares about taking proper care of her animals!!!!

  13. zitfetishvet says:

    One of my professors in vet school preached “The solution to pollution is dilution” on a daily basis. :) I have used tap water in an emergency situation, or in a barn situation with large animals. After the initial irrigation, you can always put in a drain or clean it up with sterile water when/if the wound needs debridement. With this large of an abscess, I hope the cat was Great find, another one to show at work!!

  14. littlemisssquirt says:

    After working for a vet for 18 yrs.this was no vet and the screams in the background are those of children. Tap water IS a no-no. As cats’ abscesses are bacterial infections caused by bites or clawings from another cat, the best course is lancing and then a plunge of hydrogen peroxide, followed by 10 days of the peroxide treatment. A vet would not be put off by the stench or even be surprised by it…..and he/she would certainly wear gloves, for his own sake, but more importantly, the animal’s.

  15. that was fing great poor kitty

  16. The blood and pus always reminds me of the lifesaver lollipop flavored bananna and cherry, YUM YUM my favorite.

  17. Pick_That_Puppy says:

    That cat was being VERY tolerant…..

  18. Katie Hernandez says:

    If I were that cat they would have had to tie me down. lol. Nice video :)

  19. Tapeworm water isn’t the best thing touse, and unless you’re in denver where the water is super clean. Great video!

    1. Haha auto complete sucks, tap!

  20. wow poor kitty but im pretty sure kitty feels all better now you could hear the kitty grunting grrrrrrrrrr

  21. I wish the sink was plugged to gauge exactly how much pus came out of the incision. It was nasty – green and yellow. The stench must have been incredible.

  22. That is one unhappy kitty

  23. wobblerlorri says:

    Ahhh… it was a ragdoll cat. [Nods knowledgeably] Ragdolls are super tolerant of just about anything you want to do to them, and I believe the cat was somewhat sedated. That wasn’t growling, that was a stress purr, which they’ll do when they’re under light sedation.

    But still, good kitty and good technique. This could have happened on a weekend and they couldn’t get hold of the vet, or were told to go ahead and lance it then bring kitty in the next business day. Vets will do that with knowledgeable owners — I can’t count the number of times vets have told me what to do over the phone with a horse until they could get there.

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