A Proper Rudolph Zit Explosion!

This is what really occurred on this kids nose…

“OK, zits! Pay attention! You are here at nose camp to learn how to be a proper zit!”

“You! In the back, what is you age you squirmy little lesion?!”


“Jim what?”

“Just, uh, Jim… I wasn’t aware that zits were supposed to have last names…”

“When you address a senior officer, you give him RESPECT! It’s Jim, SIR!”

“Oh, thank you!”

“WHAT?!? What do you mean ‘Thank you’? Are you weird in the pus or sumthin, Jim?!?”

“Well, you called me sir… I thought maybe I got a promotion…”



Jim: “Does my promotion still count?”

~ H.S.
P.S. After the explosion, not much happens – and beware volume ‘cos I have no idea what this video sounds like. Enjoy!

There She Blows! (Pimple Poppin’ Fun!)” originally filmed and posted to YouTube by jeffuhnator on February 21, 2011

39 Comments on “A Proper Rudolph Zit Explosion!

  1. Come on in, the volume’s fine!

    What a fun little video – most excellent splat.

  2. Good find H.S.!!! Mirror splats,Gotta love em!

    Ok, who got up early to post vids this morning, or who stayed up all night?

  3. Good morning to us! That nugget was good & ripe. Love the mirror splat. What’s up with the cotton swabs?

  4. Great find. I love the3 mirror splat. I feel badly for the poor kid. His poor forehead is a mess. He needs some minocycline and a good wash with benzoyl peroxide in it for about 3 months

  5. Yes!!!! nice work rudolph!!! ;-)

  6. Cuties with a strong sense of hygiene…no dirty fingernails or tatoos visable!

    1. Whats a “dirty tatoo”?

      They are as clean as your skin,no?

  7. Absessive Compulsive says:

    Tattoos have nothing to do with hygiene.

  8. Yeah, what abessive compulsive said !
    First of all they were trying to film this in HD widescreen. but had the camera sideways and made it tallscreen. and not being racist. I think he could have done that faster using chop sticks instead of q-tips. I can say that because both my parents saw a chinese guy once. so that pratically makes me chinese.

  9. ThatSmellsLikeAss says:

    he had a towel around his neck. was he expecting his whole head to explode? i too must protest the tattoo comment.

  10. magna-cum-pus says:

    nice squirt

  11. Ahahaha!! Fun!

  12. i think im the only one in the community that doesn’t care for mirror splats…Good job young dude..Now ya have ta clean up ur mess! Yeah, thats it, the mess!

  13. This was so cute, and they were having so much fun. I felt the pain of his disappointment when the size of the pimple didn’t go down. Excellent splat!

  14. Hi everyone. My first post. Nice pop, but is it me or doesn’t anyone else want to attack those zits on his forehead?

  15. Just curious but how to tattoo’s contribute to “bad hygiene?”

  16. butterfly15323 says:

    Rudolph the rednosed pimple lol

  17. pussloverCCTX says:

    I dont usually , though I have seen every vid on this site at least 10 times and am on every day.

    However, I had to post because there is no way that this vid should have received 3.5 stars. That is totally off line with the usual high standards of PTZ!

    At best this was a 2 star. And very disappointing after such a high rating.

    1. You are wise , and I agree with you 100%.. Why can’t these stupid idiots do anything right …?

  18. Why doesn’t he realize there’s a bunch more in there? Judging by his forehead, he should know that by now.

    I must agree with pusslover about the rating. It’s nowhere near a 3.5. One splat in a long video does not a 3.5 star make.

  19. Aww, I think it was alright… I was actually surprised at what came out! For a popper of such a young age, I am more that satisfied. Hopefully he’ll keep the camera rolling through the years!!

  20. Twisted Cyster says:

    He should have ,,Done,, his ForeHead for us Too !!

  21. @H.S,
    your preamble to the video reminded me of a family guy episode where chris griffin gets a zit and names it “doug”

  22. Whats all this touchy feely stuff, I don’t come here to see cute, I come to see pimples and blackheads exploding, wash your hands with soap and water, wrap tissue around the fingers if you need to and squeeze the freaking thing until the pore is screaming

  23. Ryu_Hirakashi says:

    I laughed at the q-tips too. I wanted him to pop those suckers on his forhead too. :(

    2 stars here. one splat, and too much laughing for my taste.

  24. MissTinkJordan says:

    @ TheRza82 If you rubbed A & D ointment on a fresh tattoo with the hand you just used to beat off and didn’t wash maybe then but I don’t see any other way.

  25. This probably wont be the first pimple related video this kid will make. His forehead was covered in them…I bet he’s got some ripe ones ready to explode on his back as well. I personally really miss having acne sometimes. You didn’t realize how great it was till it’s gone. Hopefully in the future they come up with a technology that breaks you out in pimples whenever you’re bored at home. I swear, I haven’t had a blemish on my body in over 5 years. The last zit I got to pop with these two massive blackheads on my X Girlfriend’s back a few years back.

  26. Ya knowww, this is the same as any other vid where the camera berk has Parkinson’s syndrome. That camera moron was shaking worse than a seizure patient in grand mal status epilepticus. I mena, C’MON NOW, DAMMIT! Ya got the pop at 1:18, and that was almost okay; but ya could’ve DONE A HELLUVA LOT BETTER IF YOU’D CORRECTED THAT ANGLE AND JUST STAYED STILL. And yes, bunkie, there was obviously a lot more in that Rudolph Suitcase on the end of your snozz; one good squeeze, LIKE A MANNNN, BABY and you’d-a had it. Another great pop! But Nooo-ooo! Not you; you’re too delicate a flower to get your widdow piddies dewt-eee. Grow up, the lotta youse. And don’t mess up the next one!! The one you’re gonna do of Rudy’s forehead!

  27. Omg! The advertisement that came up for this one was for “Loreal Destination Beauty!” :p

  28. And the second one was visit Mexico….

  29. Pick_That_Puppy says:

    I can almost guarantee that tonight was the high school prom!
    That’s the only time the Red Rhino Horns from Hell appear………………..

  30. A buncha danged metro-sexuals trying to see if there’s an antiseptic method of popping a juicy nose shooter… and finding out that there ain’t . And I think that the camera berk trying to direct this kid gave him bad advice in telling him to use a pair of damned Q-Tips.

  31. I was NOT expecting that!! Cool.

    Once again, there’s the toothbrush, right in the line of fire. From now on, where ever I go, or even at home, I will keep my toothbrush covered or out of site. Ya just never know when a zit popping party is going to happen!!

    Nice post!!

  32. big boom!!!

    family fun, teenagerhood at its best… great vid!


  33. Cute! Legitimate pop, but he gave up waaay too soon and camera work def. needs some work. That being said, they look about 13-15 and we’ve caught ‘em young. He will cycle thru gads more to pop before he’s a grown up, giving us plenty of time to help him hone his technique. :)

  34. Gotta love a zit exploding on a mirror!

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