When zits go hard?!?

Do i make you horny!! yeah baby!!!

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  1. Tree man has a version of this.

  2. princesspustule says:

    OMG!!!! That was the coolest thing I have ever seen. I have never seen anyone with one of these. Holy cow…could you imagine getting your hands on one of those (pure heaven). I gotta go and watch this again..

  3. Excellent find Kara!!! Ok, whats the name of this condition and are there any surgical vids for it?

  4. popperpeeper says:

    this is very likely a montage of people who have never gotten laid in their lives!!

  5. That looks like a massive blackhead that grows outside of the skin, instead of in! Some of those looked like it would if the blackhead was popped, right before wiping it off.

  6. The condition is known as Cornu Cutaneum or Cutaneous horn.
    ~40% of the time they are a pre-cancerous lesion of the skin that most commonly appears ace, ear, nose, forearms and
    back of the hands, prompt treatment by a doctor is imperative.

    Sources (some with images):

    eHow.com: “How To Treat A Cutaneous Horn.”
    The New England Journal Of Medicine: “Squamous-Cell Carcinoma Manifesting as a Cutaneous Horn“.
    dermnet.com: “Cutaneous Horn Pictures.”

  7. Wow that’s freaky.
    Once again you have to say, how or why did they let it get so big before doing something about it.

    It sucks that may be cancerous.

  8. That is fascinating. I was suspicious this was all photo shop fake images but after reading fuzzybeard’s links I’m convinced it’s the real deal. Wow.

  9. Innaffitoften says:

    yuck! but I just recently visited Ripley’s Believe It or Not at Pier 39 in SF, and immediately recognized the 1 Asian guy as one of the larger life size features there. lol! pretty gross.

  10. i knew a girl who had this. She used to say to me “honey….does this horn make me look fat?” id say “no, but you are buttttt uglys!!!!”

  11. Squeezie Queen says:

    lol, I immediately thought Tree Man Warts too! Crazy that’s a form of cancer. Why are so many of the subjects Asian??? Off to click on all of these links! :)

  12. Kinda scary looking.

  13. I could not watch all of this. Odd, I can usually stomach most anything. Truly yucky poo.

  14. I find this so disgusting and sickening. They did an episode of Grey’s Anatomy recently about this. It can be caused by the wart virus. WTF though? How do they get this large ifthey can be removed? I suspect they grow back but sweet Jesus, I would be getting it removed daily if need be. It has to be the most socially debilitating thing I’ve seen. The guy on youtube with the hands and feet and face covered? Zit. Is there no reliable cure for these poor people?

  15. goodtimebob says:

    Custom knife makers make handles out of horn. Wonder if these would work?

  16. That was fascinating. I had the same question regarding heritage. It seemed like a large portion of the people with the disease in the montage of photos had Asiatic heritage.

    I wonder if growths like those had any implication of some sort of touch by the gods, or other such legend, and by the time you fast forward to the 20th/21st century, they had just let them grow, not knowing per se why, but it was just what they do. Otherwise, why let them grow so enormous?

    Very cool diversion. I love seeing new things here!

  17. ROTFL Popper!!
    Ok so where’s the chain saw and that guy from Texas??

  18. @Squeezie Queen: Dede Koswara The “Tree Man” was a case of Epidermodysplasia verruciformis, a rare hereditary autoimmune disorder that leaves the person who has very susceptible to Human papillomavirus. This condition is marked by the “tree bark” like growths on the skin.

  19. When I see Human Horn I think of the Futurama where Lrr from Omicron Persei 8 used it as a sexual aide. I have nothing of substance to contribute the conversation…

  20. MalchirStarr says:

    That is so gross. I can handle a lot, but man that was nasty! How can someone let something like that grow on their body? I would cut it off myself if I had no other option. A big hi-5 to those of you that can watch this without cringing.

  21. @Fuzzybeard: Excellent information! Thank You Sir!!!

  22. Big thanks to Cface and Fbeard for all the info..Yeah, these things aren’t related to zits or blackheads at all. More like a wart. (bet you knew that! Snicker..)
    Even though, these were excellent and entertaining shots..Kara, so happy you brought these to us..

  23. Those are made primarily from keratin growing out of control. Keratin is such a part of our skin and so many other things that grow out of our skin such as hair, nails, etc. It’s not farfetched to imagine this growing on you as much as it’s wicked sick to see how many let it start curling like a pumpkin stem!

  24. Very interesting Kara, thanks for posting.

  25. hi everybody! this is my first time leaving a comment. ive been visiting this site for like 6 months straight lol. but i still dont know how any of it like, works. i just saw an amazing video on youtube. am i allowed to put just any ol’ video from youtube on here, or do i need like some type of permission? what im thinkin is that maybe i could leave a link and someone more experienced could help me out. thanks! i love love love this site. ive been obsessed with zits, blackheads, boils forever..and all the rest ;)

  26. OK, I don’t know why but this literally made my stomach churn. I can watch all kinds of zits, abscesses, boils, etc. but this just really made me sick. Not quite sure why…

  27. Absessive Compulsive says:

    Kill it kill it!

  28. What…The…Fu$%^????

  29. pussmeister General says:

    Take The Hell Boy approach and file those mothers down. Alteratively get yourself down to the Nail Parlour pick a nice design or a bold colour to go with your accessoriesa and bingo!!!???**

  30. pussmeister General says:

    Me and my fat fingers DOH!!

  31. Pick_That_Puppy says:

    The social stigma is huge for these unfortunate people. For every one that is known there are 12 that never see the light of day.

    Source: University of Edinburgh Medical School

    1. Thats the first thing that came to my mind! (did not have no source tho!)
      Lots of ppl in our world dont have (an easy) access to medical facilities.
      THAT is a shame…

      Plus,I wonder why its the first time that I watch this vid????Its been here for 8 months…

  32. BoogerKing says:

    If it were me with one of those things, I’d take an axe to it! Hiiiiiii-yah!

  33. cutatious growths are not uncommon at all in the elderly….these things range from very small to quite large..commonly found on the ridge of the ears. mostly found on elderly males/ not akin to a zit at all

    Fantastic amazing vid.

  34. I have seen alot of stange things, but this takes the cake. It this what it looks like before or after it has been popped. Because some of them look like they have just been squeezed out of the hole. I have never seen cysts that look like huge horns, very interesting to say the least. Nice find, I just love looking at things that I have never seen….thanks for the great post….DwS

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