The great cyst bust

I don’t think this video needs any buildup. Just sit back and enjoy the whole thing!

posted on YouTube 01-15-2011 by billyjfilms

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  1. Very nice! A little something for everyone…fantastic find ;)

  2. Nice video. Keep the camera in one spot let the cyst speak for itself. Pun intended!

  3. Best one of the day!! Way to go.

  4. Brilliant! Best one I’ve seen for a very long time. I do like the squirty ones. LOL

  5. That was delicious! I loved it! 5/5

  6. A thing of true beauty. Loved the pus blobs running down the skin. One finger popping, and great results, that thing was more than ready!

  7. Loved that loud ‘pop’ at the end, that was the cherry on top of the ice cream.

    1. 3cysterscafe says:

      I second that definition with gusto!!

  8. Nice way to start out a Sunday morning. I just wish I wasn’t eatting a blood orange while I was watching it. I didn’t expect that I guess. Pretty good camera work for being alone. Love the natural sound effects.

  9. Just what I needed this morning. Nicely done w/out screaming, quick and to the point!

  10. That was wonderful. It looks like there’s more in there though. Loved the “POP.”

    1. I would have loved to see it squeezed with two fingers though instead of pressing around it like that; but, as I said before, wonderful, beautiful, and sound effects to boot!!

  11. one of the best vids ive seen on this site great job

  12. Pick_That_Puppy says:

    Goo, puss, cheese, blood, a nice wet “Splat”, sideways gravity, no wasted time just action.
    What’s not to love about this one?

  13. Oh well done!!!!!
    Amazing camera work, considering he was filming himself!!
    Great action, no words needed!
    PPM RULES!!!!!

  14. That was magnificent!! Oh yeah. *standing o* You rock PPM!

  15. Applause… applause!

  16. Such a good one PPMama! Outstanding! Incredible spurting and flowing…wow.
    You know I noticed something during one of the several times I’ve already watched it. I caught a glimpse of another knot on his chest, but this one is was bigger. I needed to be sure so I turned my laptop on it’s side, so I was essentially watching him right side up–like I was looking at him as tho he was standing in front of me. I could see the neck and on down the chest and there really is a BIG bulge above the one he was working on. You can see it for a little while right after his title rolls on the screen. If you keep looking at it with your screen turned you can see what I believe to be a “channel” of sorts joining the two lumps. Maybe that is what he was alluding to at the end when he promised more cyst vids. Take a look and see what you think, ok?
    Also his “front” reminded me of the back of the shingles guy. What do you think? I don’t know how to make a link here so you might have to copy/paste. That’s about as tech-y as I get. LOL
    Thanks again for such a great post / in my favs / *****

  17. Sir Lancealot says:

    Holy flying pus piles ! Lol!

  18. Very nice…I, actually prefer the ones with thicker, chunkier pus but this is nice as well. Thanks for sharing, ppm!!

  19. Great vid. PPM, you do fine work…I have to wonder, whilst this guy was gettin pus on everything…Did he remember it is very unsanitary? He obviously does know his way around a camera.

  20. WOW! Love it. Well done. Need a cigarette, and I don’t smoke………..ha ha.

  21. This guy has promised to send more vids so we should be seeing a lot more of him…keep your fingers crossed!
    PPM you do rock!

  22. Yes, yes, yes…….

  23. My husband of 16 years walked by, looked at my screen, said “argh, disgusting. If I didn’t know you, I’d tell you to get a life” hahaha! He just doesn’t get the beauty of a great explosion!

  24. Excellent find ppm!!! That was the perfect ending for my day! (Along with wins by the Bears and Jets!) ;-)

  25. cool angle…love this!

  26. There’s nothing more satisfying than a wet, gushy splat during one’s popping of a zit. Makes it worth the effort!

  27. Great find but disappointed he only popped one out of the two. That other one looks pretty ripe, I hope he doesn’t leave us hanging when he goes to pop it!

  28. When the pin comes in, you know it’s going to be great.

  29. Love that snap noise!

  30. Innaffitoften says:

    wow, unbelievable! that’s true praise from someone that’s seen every vid on here! great find ppm! your sabbatical seemed to innviggorate your joy of pus finding, lol! pleased that you’re back to find us some of the great ones!

  31. Squeezie Queen says:

    OMG!!! EPIC!!!! Annnnd I never say epic. lol I am in ppm bliss!!! Awwww….

  32. wow that was a great one not a fan of cysts but that popped at the end did it for me wish it was slower

  33. Hey thanks for posting pmm it’s me billyjfilms the real one!! Thanks to all who have watched and enjoyed……..please get me more hits… can go to my facebook @ billyjfilms and sub, I’d really appreciate it!!

  34. Ohhh and I just joined ptz so it’ll take me some time to understand this site and work on my stuff…….Just learning please be patient.

  35. Welcome billyjfilms and thanks!! we want more!! lol

  36. Encore!! Bravo!!

  37. Standing Ovation

  38. oh, SOOOOOO great! Thanks billyj- more more MORE!! And thank YOU ppm!! I think I managed to convert two new poppers to our ranks with this one!

  39. Lets face it, the zit/cyst itself was good but what made it epic and a first ballot hall of fame
    video is the “SNAP” at the end, it sounded like a rubber band snap. Bravo!!!

  40. After watching this video many times I thought the dude had just finished a shower and had water droplets on his chest but after watching many times its not water its his skin, look at the video again, his skin on the chest shows alot of pock markings and bumps so I would assume we will be seeing more from this lad.

  41. I was honored to post your video, billyjfilms. I just happened to be one of the very first from this site to view your vid, and I knew it was perfect for the site. Quality videos like yours are the ones I love to post! I hope that you can supply us with more videos in the future! You certainly seem to know what it takes to make them!

  42. oh, and PTZ members, thanks for the great comments. I just happened to be in the right place at the right time and I appreciate quality when I see it. I do appreciate positivity. For the most part, PTZ peeps are the best!

  43. AnalogRocks says:

    Nicely popped! Good camera work too!

  44. Love this

    Is the last pop sound fake?

  45. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOhhhhhhh I LOVE the ones that make their own sound effects! 5 stars!!!!!

  46. That was the zit!

  47. princesspustule says:

    It was so quite on the video, you could hear his nose whistling everytime he breathed in (ha,ha,ha). Not making fun of ya billyjfilms. I just thought it was wild that it was that quite on the video. Awsome video by the way. That pop was so loud. I am sure that had to have hurt when you popped it that lat time.

    1. LMAO princess because I thought the whistling booger in the nose was ME breathing!! I paused the video and realized it was billyjfilms’ musical nostril and not mine. I totally enjoyed this video and even got a little grossed out! YAY!

      1. princesspustule says:

        I notice the oddest things. (Ha,Ha,ha), I wonder how many people noticed before we said anything?

  48. Awesome loved the chunky gunky sound at the end!

  49. This being my first reply, I have to give props to the uploader. Pea soup, cheeze curds, a lil bit o blood and a big wet “SNAP” for dessert. Who could ask for more?

  50. meglio dei botti di fine anno!!!!yèèèèèèèè!!!!!

  51. Nice!!!Very nice!!
    Everything was good;the camera work,the sound,or the NO annoying sound,etc…

    But,in the same time,it made me sad! :(
    It made me sad cuz,me being such a zits maniac,I would never have such a big “thing”(cyst,zit,abscess,etc…)on me cuz as soon as I see something growing on me,I’m squeezing the hell out of it ASAP!!
    It would be impossible for me to keep a cyst on my back for…5yrs!Not possible!

    Lucky for me,PTZ’s here,so I can live these experiences…(well,kind of…)

    1. Welcome to the club! :(

  52. Pretty good, but not the best.

  53. I really like watching that videos on this site but every time I go to view a video it wont bring it up and I send a “video problems” comment to whoever. Can anyone tell me what I can do or how I can view the videos more effectively.
    Thank You,

    1. 1961casey says:

      click on ‘tools’ and halfway down find ‘compatability settings’ start there and see what happens. It worked for me.

  54. zittylover says:

    and the huge lump over there that is what?

    1. Heh heh heh with any luck at all, video #2!

  55. This was good, but it wasn’t the best.

    1. I guess a hyper-wiper is granted a little more leeway in the content of their comment–I notice that a certified popologist up above who made almost the same comment word for word was deleted because of low opinion rating. I’ll give you a good one, cuz I sorta agree, given the quality of the vids we get to see here–this one hasn’t even gone into my personal faves list. Cheese, give me cheese!

  56. Jen_the_ledge says:

    yumbo and even the core popped

  57. Glueballer says:

    I like it when the blood mixes with the pus at the end.

  58. Uh..this was not on the back..titty shot at 2.01

    1. collarbone area…

  59. So, was that a cyst or a jumbo pimple? It looked too easily ” taken care of” to be a cyst. Just curious…It was fantastical!!!

  60. This may not have been the “very” best, but it sure is close. I certainly enjoyed it. And to Catrya, very good observation….you are right it was the chest…I had to watch it 4 times to see what you noticed. It was definately on the chest. You can see his nipple in the mirror reflection. Or at least thats what I saw and apparently so did Catrya. Nice post. Thanks !!

  61. I don’t recall having seen this before….not in my faves….the camera angle is always interesting. I liked the bathroom!

  62. ZealousZitZinger says:

    I think I climaxed when I heard heard that pop at the end. Straight to favs.

  63. A good one to revisit on a quiet Sunday….

  64. I wish his nose would stop squealing!!

  65. Perfect 10!!!!!!!!!!!!!! One of the best…………

  66. OMG! ewwwwww… Its a pretty good one, but not the best… Still, lots of yummy thangs coming out of there…hehehe

  67. great find ppm oh my god the clock ticking in the bacground was the perfect setting like it was a ticking bomb ready to explode lovely pus everywhere…

  68. Pus spurts reminded me of a water hose or lava spout into the ocean!!! Best part was the thud against the mirror – it was a pus BB bullet!!!!!!!

  69. a true pro ! all that pus and blood using the one finger press and pray method…nice indeed!!!

  70. Pop at the end was great

  71. That was great! I loved the explosions, and it had a happy ending, no pun intended…..

  72. A wonderful film, altho the nurse in me worries about all the germs all other that bathroom… argh, stupid OCD

  73. Real good producer! I don’t know how I missed this one before. It’s not my favorite “kind” of pus–but hey, pus is pus!! Bet it feels better outa there!

  74. I hate when people use just the index fingers while popping, but this man must be given the award because he has achieved much more with just one finger than many others with both hands. ;)

  75. Poppa Pimp and the little squirt says:

    The only thing that would have made that any better would have been if a bot fly larvae had suddenly popped out along with all that glorious goo. This is my new favorite… even better than the video that started it all (for me anyway)

  76. Sweet Squeezer says:

    Looks every bit like lava flow down a mountain!

  77. HMMMMMMM WOW UMMMMMMMMM WOW WOW WOW FINALLY HE HAS ARRIVED YOU ARE THE ZITSYIA AMAZING VIDEO DONE PERFECTLY WOW GREAT FFFFFING JOB!!!!! IM SPEECHLESS hell ill even help clean up since you did such a great job!!! thanks for our sake i hope you get many more!!!

  78. pashion4popin says:

    cystic acne is a pop’ers dream – love at first sight then explosion!

  79. Pus Junkie says:

    I loved it . Great camera, quantity, and multi-squirts, what more can you ask for!! Thanks for the video!

  80. These was great! I loved it, although seeing pins go into people makes me nervous! Beautiful cyst popping work

  81. 10 Stars!!!! Best chest zit video!!!! Has it all, spurts, splats and soaks!!!! Brilliant filnd!

  82. Nice for such a small one…

  83. Thanks to PPM for posting and to poppee billyjfilms, who joined PTZ as a member. I thoroughly enjoyed the extraction method. I never wish for anyone to have more of these. I merely state that should you have to extract more of these, film it so we can watch as well!!

  84. That was just too cool A+ work…. I thank you for making my girlfriend regret looking at my laptop in bed…..

  85. OMG, a cyst fart! Loved it!

  86. That was so satisfying to watch. It just kept getting better!

  87. Another oldie but a goody. Runny pus, thick chunks & a just enough blood-something for everyone! And the highlight that always has me watching this cyst again & again-when it pops it snaps so loud, it’s like a starters gun! Thanks PPM & billyfilms for this classic!

  88. Thunderstruck says:

    The pus on his chest kinda looked like **************. The whole vid was great from start to finish.

  89. that “SNAP” is addicting!!!

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