Soldier Spider Bite

Thanks to YouTube’s swynnz03 for posting this sweetheart NUNEZ SPIDER BITE.avi !

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  1. Yay!! So much fun :) That had to HURT hardcore!! My favorite part, “Be gentle”, hehe!

  2. I know it hurt like heck, but it was fun to watch!

  3. Good find sd!!! Aw c’mon man move the gauze so we can see!!!

  4. Innaffitoften says:

    lol! gonnaherpasyphilaids, I thought my husband made that one up. I also thought for years that I always sat on the remote control, like my ass was a TV remote magnet. Like for 16 or 17 years I believed it until he broke down and told me that he had been putting it there for all those years. Obviously, I’m gullible.

  5. Considering the likely location of the soldiers in this video and the look of the swollen mass under his arm, I’d gamble a few pennies that he didn’t get bitten by a spider. He had a boil form and manifest itself there. I think sweat is a natural way for the body to deal with extreme temperatures, and so many of us block sweat glands with anti-persperant. My deduction dear Watson. Elementary. (hehehe) The spider bites I’ve seen have a radiant red ring out away from the initial bite. I admit, I could… be wrong. Just saying…

  6. popitlikeitshot says:

    I love to see these guys just laughing and being boys; I can only imagine what they experience on a daily basis. OOOOHHH I think I’ll start supporting our troops by taking care of any boil, cyst, infection, bite etc….they have! There seems to be many cases of these things; they must need the extra help. yeah. yeah thats it.

  7. unclelarry says:

    That was a beautiful boil. Camera operator did a good job too. That HAD to hurt like hell but he manned up and got the job done. *Salute*

  8. thedude814 says:

    squeeze that thing! OMG! (yes again!)

  9. Damn that looked like it hurt. I felt for the guy!

  10. pus to bloody drainage ratio, looks like the drainage has it..Either way, I’m sure that fella was relieved!

  11. GimmeeAzit says:

    That looked so sore, the poor baby. But our fighting men are tough. Btw, long-time lurker, first post. I am thrilled there are so many others out the like me who appreciate a good infection!

  12. it looks like it hurt but he has a very girly voice lmao! good vid!!

  13. jordan1870 says:

    Poor guy! That HAD to have hurt! Just wish there had been more yellow/green was mostly blood. Wow…. Thank you, guys, for all that you do for the rest of us. God Bless!

  14. I second the salute!!

  15. Absessive Compulsive says:

    Love the soldier vids!

  16. That hurt just to watch. Poor guy! I don’t blame him one bit for screaming like a girl.

  17. Micrathena says:

    I doubt it was a spidey. People are quick to blame the 8-legged beauties. Course, I am a little biased.

  18. Micrathena says:

    Btw, love the military vids. Any guy in a uniform is HOT. That’s why I’m married to a cop.

  19. luvthosecomedones says:

    I just love hearing a soldier screaming and asking please be gentle……. How sexy!!

  20. Soldiers are so darn sexy,,,,please if you are going to record pus coming from any hole in your body, please, please, please don’t cover up the area with gauze so we can’t see what’s coming out, what is the use of recording it if we can’t see the good stuff……Still a pretty good video, just wish you would have let the pus fly…don’t be scared of a little pus, there is such a thing as soap and water……lol…..DwS

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