Neck Squeeze Cheeze

Anyone need to brush their teeth? OK maybe not so much … but watching this coming out of the tube is fantastic!

“Disgusting gross zit boil squeezed!!” posted to YouTube by “HairyVadge” on Saturday, January 15, 2011

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  1. Could have been great if he would have sat still. Camera was all over the place. Gotta give him credit for trying though. Let me at it!!

  2. So much more to give. The camera man was a wuss. Seriously, what a baby!

    1. Supposed to soldiers – a little green cheese – and they all run for cover. It soooooooo much potential!!! Small bump yet a deep reservoir of tooth paste like green glop. I so wished they would have filmed a part two!

  3. what we got to see was awesome

  4. Some nice cheese in the middle, and liked the guy with the sweater over his nose. Bad choice of cameraman, and someone hold that swivel chair still! Coulda been a 5. Oh well…

  5. I agree with you all, he had so much potential. We did get some good stuff and the camerawork was clear, if erratic.

  6. Twisted Cyster says:

    Another excample of what could have been……

  7. OMG were squirrels filming this? Running all over the place- just put the camera on the goods! If you are not prepared to film it- hand the camera to someone who knows what to do. I want to smack them and take the camera from them!

  8. Awwwww. What we saw was great. When the sun, the moon, and the stars line up, a PTZ classic is born. Unfortunately, it didn’t quite happen this time. *Sigh* Good find Dripper. That thing was a monster.

  9. Wow dripper that was great! I didn’t think there was that much but it just kept piling up on his neck. And it didn’t even get emptied; should be more coming don’t you think? Very cool.
    I really like that you included the name of the original vid and the YT posters name. When I have time I like to also go to the original YT post and give them a thumbs up.
    And oh my God, the posters name, HairyVadge; too funny!
    Oh yeah, in my favs!

  10. This video is in my favs, not the HairyVag name. LOL

  11. This is a mini-We have a winner! woo hoo back toothpaste!
    Great find.

  12. This was avery good find. I think it had the makings of being in the 10 best of all time had they just had a few less redbulls.

  13. Dripper another great find! The camera work did suck, however what he got on film was amazing!

  14. I could just strangle the camera guy.. What a waste.

  15. Maybe it was the squirming guy with the boil who messed up a good filming. He was rolling all over the floor. What we did see was great. Sometimes, I just want to shake people! :) Thanks dripper.

  16. “gotta get this squeeze, where should I stand, where should I stand..??” DUH! wonderful bunch O give. from the looks of this guy’s skin, we should see him back..(with his back and another cyst on his back!)

  17. We may see more of him..what a clown! But of course what was see was good so I had to post…I wonder why some of these cysts have a yellow fatty substance and others the white cheese… that I prefer…sounds like I picking out one for a cracker :) anyone know…are they both sebaceous?
    melted cheddar or feta, what do you prefer?

  18. Hold still for crying out load! There is more in there!!!

  19. The two saving graces on this video is that we did get a good money shot and there were nice accents involved….other than that they needed to work together, so much potential wasted!

  20. … Really? The posters name is Hairy Vadge?

  21. Good find dripper!!! Oooooo! Cheddar cheeze!!!

    2 cameramen and both equally bad and afraid of a little pus! If ya can’t run with the big dogs, stay on the porch!!!!

  22. yeah, and some sebum has a grayish tint..I”m not aware of any facts regarding color…Maybe age, oil content, cleanliness ( gray stuff) or even perhaps skin i.e. the amt. of melanin??

  23. Could have been a major 5!

  24. I thought it was great that the popper (poppee?) was having fun and the guy with the sweater over his nose really cracked me up. It must have been stinky.

  25. Innaffitoften says:

    “it’s not got on my camera has it?”, what a douche. if he didn’t want to film it with his precious camera, why did he do it in the 1st place? sad, it could have been so cool if just 1 of those wimps had helped him, and 1 of them had the brains to film it right. but now that I’m done complaining, it still was good entertainment. not bad for a bunch of wimps!

  26. once again, what Innaffitoften said

  27. i get the sense this is at a military air force base – if so, heaven help the brits in case of an attack

  28. This was a good find my favorite kid of pus thanks!!!

  29. Squeezie Queen says:

    Favorite part was dude with sweater over his nose! Squirrels is right! lol Good one even with wussy cameraman!

  30. Awwww, come on guys….don’t leave us hanging like this. Get the rest of it, and for crying out loud, hold still!!

  31. I LOVE this video. So awesome! Thanks Dripper!

  32. AnalogRocks says:

    I watched this while eating a Cheddar cheese baguette. I agree on the camera guy. A little puss won’t hurt it. ;)

  33. waste of a great zit! Could have been a favorite

  34. Army guys afraid of pus!!!Come on…

    I wonder why the guy with this wonderful cyst seemed so…”shy”?
    The poor guy had no help at all!One of his “mate” stabbed him in the neck,and then
    he ran away…LOLll
    By chance,the enemy was just a beautiful cyst!

    It was a great one tho.With sooo much potential.
    But what I saw was really cool.

    Tnx for the post Dripper ;)

  35. Vid will not play on iphone!!!! HELP!!!!

  36. that could have been so wonderful, those guys were acting like a bunch of 13 year old girls!! great find dripper!!! thanks so much!!

  37. There’s another cyst the size of a nickel right above this one….

  38. Splatter Man says:

    I thought for a minute I was watching a Cheez Whizz commercial.

  39. What we did see was awesome! I bet there was way more in there though, and I love the accents…

  40. I just wished someone would have helped him with the squeezing!

  41. sexandzitz says:

    Yellow matter custard, dripping from a dead cyst’s eye………..

  42. Absolutely Ace find dripper! Unbelievable potential judging from the parts we did get to see. So disappointed his camera man and aide were soooo unprofessional. Hopefully by the time this baby fills back up, he will have gotten himself a better film crew!! So hoping a sequel on this one! The find is a 5 all the way, but have to give a 4 overall b/c of his ninny mates.

  43. Now that was some perfect cyst cheese, very consistant color throughout.

  44. Uncle Carbuncle says:

    That was a nice cyst with an awesome payload. Too bad the camera operator was a completely useless twit. Could have been a 5 star vid.

  45. Is it wrong that I can eat while watching this??

  46. sounds like Bagpipes in the background. Nice video; thanks for sharing Dripper

  47. Gliss-PussBliss says:

    Great Cheese!!! Must of really stunk, one guy was on the other side of office, covering his face.

    Nice find!!!

  48. I want to squeeze it for him- SO much more could come out!

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