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  1. zitfangirl
    January 30, 2011

    Yeah, those were the gold old days, where ever scrape went septic. Polysporin wasn’t invented and our moms put iodine on everything and it never worked to prevent infection. Perhaps that’s where my love of pus was born. Oooh…and there were way more boils in them days as well

  2. sdschlegs
    January 30, 2011

    You’re right, Zitfangirl, about what our mom’s would put on our scrapes. I remember a lot of methiolaide (sp?) too. I can’t remember which one stung though. My mom was also fond of the good old bread & milk poltice (sp again). When I’d try to do it myself I’d always end up with milk running down my leg. I always got the bad ones on my knees. I don’t think they were ever scab-free until I was about 12 or
    13. Ah memory lane . . .
    Sorry there was no dripping pus folks. It’s a bit dry out there so I guess that’s why this pus is too? LOL

  3. magna-cum-pus
    January 30, 2011

    I never got pus on the knee or elbow

  4. savruk
    January 30, 2011


  5. Gabina
    January 30, 2011

    Mercurochrome (sp) is what my dad would put on my scrapes. That stung like hell. I’m pretty sure this stuff has been taken off the shelves of the drugstores by now!

  6. popitlikeitshot
    January 30, 2011

    My shins had a minimum of 5 bruises each ALWAYS (literally in a row down my shins) until my teens but I don’t know anything about ” that knee puss”… enlighten me, please? :)

  7. the infected
    January 30, 2011

    Mentally screaming “PICK IT!” at my screen.
    I know I’m a bad lady, no need to tell me.

    Side note: why do people wear socks with flip flops?

    • pussmeister General
      March 7, 2011

      It helps the rest of us “NORMAL!!” Folks to identify them so’s we can inform the fashion Police as to their whereabouts. TeeHee

  8. BigTull
    January 30, 2011

    Good find sd!!! Oh yeah, I remember that Iodine stung the worst, merthiolate methiolaid (what sd said!) was second in pain, and mercurochrome was third. Rubbing alcohol was in a league of its own for pain! You can’t even get that stuff any more, thank God!

  9. MotherEruption65
    January 30, 2011

    OK, You may know this one Tull. Lavender tincture. It was actually a bluish purple salve and that’s what my mom went for. She also used the membrane thats located on the inside of an egg shell, and ivory soap shavings. I guess it would be considered a poultice of sorts.

  10. MotherEruption65
    January 30, 2011

    Oh yeah, that brings back memories of chasing my brother up and down the shell gravel roads in Fl.

  11. zitfangirl
    January 31, 2011

    The first time I saw a biol erupt, I was five and my daddy made my 10 year old sister squeeze itwhile we were in the back yard weeding. She hates pus and was trauamtized by it and wouldn’t take care of a annual sebacoous syst on her husband’s back….he never asked me… Anyway, the boil was on the back of dad’s thigh and it shot bright green and yellow pus about six feet. I thought it was way too cool for a little kid. ANd a monster was born. I never ever had a zit of my own until I was 24. I had 2 of those giant ear zits a few years apart and it was th emost thrilling thing every to hear that cruch. Do I need a twelve step program.

  12. Innaffitoften
    January 31, 2011

    Okay now that I have recovered from the dizziness brought on by the camera work…I am kind of bummed, I never got pus-y things as a child, and I have only had 1 boil in my life, but even that might have been MRSA, as my boyfriend (skanky metal head dude during the 80’s) got them occasionally, and I never had one before or after I stopped seeing him. It popped sooooooooooooo cool tho’. It was on the inside of my knee, and made walking unbearable, but there was this gooey center, and no matter what I tried, my “boyfriend” said that I would have to wait for that to get a little “coagulated”, then it would pop. It finally did, and by then the hole itself was as big as a dime, the infection spread out, covering my entire knee, and the back part of it too. When I pushed on it to pop it that day, I almost passed out, and this HUGE amount of bloody green, yellow, and brown gunk ran down my knee. I stood there in shock for I don’t know how long, but the pain was almost 1/4 of what it had been. Such a relief! I still have a scar, about the size of 1/2 a dime from that crater. Looking back, I have no clue what I saw in that dude! lol! But I think that incident is what made me a pus fan, so no regrets.

  13. Innaffitoften
    January 31, 2011

    Oooh, and while I’m feeling chatty, my eldest (12), begrudgingly(sp?) watches PTZ occasionally with me, and she came outside where I was smoking to inform me that she got her 1st “popped on the mirror” zit! Woo hoo, I see good times coming for me! The thing is, if she would be consistent, washing her face morn. and eve., she wouldn’t have but maybe a pimple or 2 during her cycle, but she gets lazy until she has 4 or 5 medium sized ones, then tries to convince me to let her stay home from school! I tried that 1 too, so I can’t blame her too much, lol!

  14. audrey
    December 6, 2011

    o my bad camera work a lil pus

    March 16, 2012

    I had lots of scabs on my knees but not a big pus plug waiting to be popped out :)

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