Infected Belly – Ingrown Hair Gone Wrong

The wound was lanced and drained 2 days prior, but after the packing is removed, looks the pus factory is still working overtime. I don’t think anyone alerted the foreman of the factory to start laying off the workers, since a new company, Pen-E-Sil Inc. would be taking over the contracts from here on out.

Maybe there just trying to get as many hours in before admitting defeat – its a touch economy out there, not a lot of jobs available for pus pushers these days. Too many doctors, and the white blood cells are getting way too much asistance, forcing an upset in the normal balance of things.

Man, I’m losing it – political commentary using a infected, pus filled belly wound for illustrative purposes? Sad, so very sad. Do I qualify for my walker and cane yet? Can I yell at the youth on the streets and call them little hooligans? he he he

~ H.S.

Bos’ Ingrown Hair” originally filmed and posted to YouTube by patti2011 on January 23, 2011

22 Comments on “Infected Belly – Ingrown Hair Gone Wrong

  1. That hurt!!! love hte hear comes the biggest squeeze!! hahah

  2. I love how he starts out with a fairly nice hand towel to shwipe the pus and blood off his belly but then trades that in for a rag that looks like it may have been used by the detail guy at the car wash. Ummm…disposable absorbent material, anyone? Paper towel, tissue, good old toilet paper? A few weeks from now a guest at his house will walk out of the powder room holding that first towel saying, “Hey, isn’t this the towel you used to wipe nasty bodily fluids off your stomach in that video?” Blechh…..

  3. this could have been good, but he was chicken to really squeeze or pull. I love work with tweezers, pulling stuff out is the best

  4. That was SWEET , looked like it was an infected alien probe toward the end

  5. At first I thought that was the hair coming out! Good pus work for a second round…he kept at her and @suolucidir I so agree with the towel thing…whats up with that!

    great post as always HS!

  6. Good find H.S.!!! C’Mon Man!!! SQUEEZE that thing! And get something that will pull that plug out!

  7. Nice & gooey. Beautiful find H.S.! Coulda been a little more aggressive, but those suckers hurt like hell.

  8. Squeezie Queen says:

    I don’t think he could have squeezed much harder without crying on the floor. That site looked angry! Oooh, painful! I was hoping he’d get the plug after the tweezer thing at the end. A lil disappointed that it stopped there. ;)

    And maybe the washcloth started as a hot compress, it looked damp. Hmm… He looked pretty clean, I saw the nails! lol

  9. suolucidir I was thinking the same thing! I thought the rag looked like it was the one he used to check his oil…Sterile gauze anyone/ How about NOT finding the rag under the sink to use on an infection. YIKES!

  10. maybe he should quit shaving his manginia!

    1. MANGINIA is that what they call em in Virginia. Surely tis MANGINA, but I agree with ya Gaston he should quit with the razor down there already or at least get his mankini line waxed YEEEEOOWWWWW!!!! MANGINIA AGGGHH LMMFAO :-) :-)

  11. Good find Halph, this one had lots of squeeze action, ans as Squeezie said I don’t think he could have squeezed much harder, but I do wish he had dug a bit deeper & longer with those tweezers!
    Dang, I know I could have gotten that plug out for him! :)

    1. thedixiecrystal says:

      That’s exactly what I was thinking…well mine waws more like “oh come on, get the plug, I bet I can get the plug, aggghhh, GET THE PLUG” LOL
      Good video

  12. At 3:36 I was hollering at my screen, “GO! GO! GOOOO! YEESSSSSSS! I’m such a sadist, I know that thing HAD to hurt. I was nose-to-the-screen, desperately hoping he’d manage to get the pus plug out before we ran out of video…aaah, if ONLY he’d videoed the lancing!
    I’m one sick puppy. I watched this whole thing eating a big burrito.

  13. ThatSmellsLikeAss says:

    halph, you can scream get offa my lawn you little bastards!

  14. Very nice Halph, I felt bad for the pain he must have been in.
    @gaston804 I loved your manginia comment!

  15. I know what you mean pickypicky. I’m feeling a little hungry myself.

  16. H.S. you never disappoint with your commentary. That could have been a 0 rating and I’d have loved it by the time you wrote your input. In this case, it was far better than a 0, so we had you and your amusing humor, then a decent bit of pus to boot.

  17. popitlikeitshot says:

    Wow, alot happens in a week or so! I hate when I can’t get on ptz… as far as this video, ggggrrrreeEEEAAAATTTT btw, this is the first vid I’ve seen that I could actually say that it LOOKED like it hurt!

  18. It is my BD today. I was hoping this v would finish with a great long pull out. Oh, well. I have all day.

  19. invisableman says:

    What a chicken. That sac is ready for the big blow!

  20. A BIG two-handed squeeze might do the trick

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