“huge boil on knee” from YouTube.com

Yeah boy good old family fun!! Great work that was awesome!!

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  1. Awesome has that great consistency/texture that I love!! Ripe baby Ripe!! You rock!

  2. Innaffitoften says:

    I love it that despite the accents that so many people here use to judge people as “red necks”, they know what they are doing, and what needs to be done. He had that 4-finger sqeeze down! Shooting pus, gotta love it…as long as it’s in someone else’s home, lol! I hope we get to see what happens when he goes to have it cut open!

    1. diamondgirl says:

      I was just going to comment on the accent and use the red neck remark, then I read your post and decided…ok, now I will.

      This is probably one of the best I have ever seen. I love it when there is no blood or little blood and there isn’t no runny junk streaming all over the floor and hands…now that really gets to me.

      Great vid! great accents!! good beer, good smoke, good laughs…GOOD TIMES!!

  3. I agree, and that’s a tough mother F–ker.

    1. I wish I had one like that to pop!

  4. Brilliant! I think I’m a sucker for great technique because I loved the way he squeezed that. No pussy-footing around, just grabbed hold and squashed it. I think there was more in there, but hopefully that means a sequel.

    GREAT find.

  5. Guess there’s going to be a Part 2….I hope, I hope!! That was great!!

  6. “knowing what needs to be done” wow….. sounds straight out of Sarah Palin’s talking points

  7. That was awesome!

  8. Twisted Cyster says:

    Nice Squirt in the begin, after that only blood….lame

  9. ComeToPopper says:

    Nice one. I just get frustrated when these people pop those suckers in common areas of the house, like the kitchen, living room, etc. Why not pop it in the shower/bathtub? That way you can contain the pus and easily clean it off the tiles. Plus, you can admire your work while its on the wall and estimate how much came out. It just seems like no one thinks that kind of thing through and just kind of run on the adrenaline and excitement of shooting nasty zit out of their body and just go for it. Good technique. I think he should have completely straightened out his leg so the skin around that area loosened up so he can get under it and get the rest of that crap outta there.

    1. diamondgirl says:

      Agreed and now I don’t think I can watch the rest of it since Twisted said there was blood….ICKY…not sure if my tummy wants to deal with that right now..LOL..what the hell….gotta finish it out…one of these days!!

  10. Wow superbch! That was incredible! The pops were shocking! I can wait until he pops it again! Oh yeah!
    Thanks for this great popper!

  11. Great fine superbch!!! WE GOTS A SHOOTER!!! That man is gonna take that one down!!! We just need to seeif there is a part 2!

  12. Great vid! Got to the point, no messing around. Why did he cut it again? Just made it bleed, he was doing so well until then. Hope part 2 shows up! I’m new here and I just love it! You all rock!!

  13. The person holding the camera had to of gotten sprayed all over from that.

  14. Cuso, yeah, one of the kids said, “Mom, it’s in your hair.” That was my favorite kind of pus.

  15. Oh yeah! Beautiful splurts. He’s tough as nails. Outstanding find superbch.

  16. Awesome find!! I saw this last night WAY after you and I watched it LMFAO! Great work finding this crazy vid!! I love it :) Redneck pus is the best pus of all!

  17. Tnx again SB for this great vid!! And I come from redneck stock and to me calling someone a redneck is funny and not mean. I grew up with a white trash side of the fam and a redneck side and they are way different. White trash is more of a mean thing in my head. Redneck to me isn’t a rude comment and I grew up using it in a fun teasing way :)

    1. Amen to that.

    2. diamondgirl says:

      I am proud of my redneck heritage…very proud of it! Proud to be a Texan, proud that people make fun of my accent…and even more proud to be able to watch other rednecks POP THAT ZIT…LOL

      I would make a bet on where this man and his family live…My first guess is ALABAMA!

  18. Larry the Cable Guy has lost a lot of weight. Why didn’t he say giterdone!?

    1. I was expecting to hear that for some reason!

    2. Well he did add extra syllables to several words before he went to “warsh” it all off.

  19. Sweet Jesus! That dude’s a rockstar!

  20. I agree MsPuss. I was born & raised in Mingo County West Virginia on the Kentucky border. This was where the Hatfield/McCoy feud took place. The term redneck originated in the 1920s during the coal mine wars when the striking miners marched from Matewan to Charleston demanding better working conditions. They wore red bandanas around the neck as a show of solidarity. They were met halfway by US Army Troops on Blair Mountain & an all out battle ensued. Many were killed. The news media ran the story & the country was appalled at the hardships the miners endured. As a result sweeping labor laws were enacted. So, if you work a 40 hour workweek, get OT for anything over 40, and are not required to send your 9 year old son into the work force, thank a redneck. ;-)

    1. sdschlegs says:

      Hey UncleLarry, that was a really cool story about the origin of redneck. Very interesting. I’m always amazed when I hear the real story of how these terms evolve into our everyday language. Thanks.

    2. diamondgirl says:

      Preach it Uncle larry!! And that really is the truth!!

  21. @unclelarry Thanks for the story, very cool. Silly me I always thought “redneck” came from ranchers or farmers who worked outside when they get a physical “redneck” from being in the sun all day haha! My grandpa’s nickname was “red”, red hair runs in my family, and “redneck” was not a mean term. To me it stood for a “good ‘ol boy” who works hard and doesn’t do everything the most “modern” way, if that makes sense :)

  22. Loved it…tough dude indeed as he gave it his all. They even talked about removing the sac. They must watch our site!

  23. ThatSmellsLikeAss says:

    real rednecks are proud when theyre called redneck. they love being a redneck and love being called one too

  24. ThatSmellsLikeAss says:

    the accent ain’t wut makes a redneck. i have a very southern accent and i’m no redneck. been asked if i am a lot tho just cuz of the accent. also, there’s varying degrees of redenck. hehe. these look like they’re at the highest level

  25. WOOO HOOO!! This was a great one! so happy and so satisfied! Who needs Parcheesi when you can have family fun on this kind of level? Part 2, I wait for you with bated breath…..

  26. and this was GREAT ‘goulash’- glad I don’t eat goulash, might have ruined it for me- did anyone else look at that cyst at the beginning and think it kind of looked like his knee had a nose with a nose ring in it? LOL

    1. sdschlegs says:

      I did! It reminded me of a bull’s big ole nose ring!

  27. Five Stars! Good stuff! I hope there is a Part 2 because there is more s–t in there!

  28. Very nice..Oh yes! I have to wonder was the incision sufficient?

    1. diamondgirl says:

      hehe…rednecks don’t understand that..so I will translate…

      you reckon I put a big enough slit in that sucker???


      1. wobblerlorri says:


  29. @unclelarry…Mama’s from Mingo Flats and my father is buried in Slaty Fork, just a couple of miles from the house in which he was born…so I’m a proud redneck, but an even prouder real 100% bona fide hillbilly!

    Now excuse me, I have to top off my espresso and head to my office job…

  30. That was awsome for sure!

  31. Halph Staph says:

    Wonderful, absolutely superb! Thanks so much superbch! I love this video! Rednecks who are proud of who they are. Looked like a definite “man-cave” to me, perfect backdrop. lol

    ~ H.S.

  32. Mr. McPimple says:

    I love it! Looking forward to part 2!

  33. parainvdolly says:

    Yeah, pickypicky, I thought he put some kind of u shaped hook that is used in carpentry to poke the holes in it!! Turns out that was just the pus still hanging out from the first squeeze! WOW What a squirter!!!!!!!!!! F&%#ing loved it!!!!

  34. I kept waiting for the guy with the knife in the video to say, “GIT R DONE!” GREAT VIDEO!

  35. magna-cum-pus says:


  36. Straight edge razor would take care of insision

  37. I am proud to be a redneck and redneckery is what we do. Born ‘n’ raised in Louisiana raht by the swamp. Ate more deer than beef growin’ up. But you ain’t got to be from a southern state to be a redneck. It’s a way of life. A redneck is a family-oriented, fun-loving person who chooses life and entertainment in the country as much as possible. My husband and I work in the city now, but we are involved in demo derbies, mud-ridin’, car racing and any other activity that we can be that does not involve the city. Git ‘r’ dun!

  38. Percystent Popple says:

    omg I would give anything for one of those! lol

  39. Best video of 2011 so far awesome find thx for uploading it!!!

  40. snapcracklepop says:

    I love their accents. You know that thing had to be really painful for a guy like him to stop. I live in CT and we have rednecks here too. I never thought of it as a southern thing, just more of a country thing.

  41. sdschlegs says:

    Best stringer EVER!!!

  42. Did anyone else catch when he asked her if the way the cyst popped out reminded her of anything else? Hehe. I wonder if Jr. was clued in to that one.

    1. I caught it heh heh

      Also, what was right above the cyst? A huge thigh muscle or another even bigger cyst? Looks like the latter to me…

      Applause for rednecks! Thanks for the education UncLarry. Fascinating!

      And lastly what a GREAT video!

      1. Oops haha it’s his knee wow he’s damned buff too heh heh don’t understand why he just didn’t jab it square in the middle real deep, we really would have seen some chunkiness I bet..tho he did say it was hurtin..

        a real replayer for sure!

  43. ok. just a few things to clear up. dont worry bout calling these ppl red necks. they are for sure. and are aware. trust me. im from southern WV and know red neck when I hear and see it and…….. thems rednecks by god.
    awesome video. really like the chick in the beginning that catches the huge shot. she screams “that didnt work” I beg to differ. worked great for me lol.

  44. this one went in my favs! Love the over-the-top good ol’ boy stuff! The sound of the popping was wild!

  45. rebornmoron says:


  46. Pick_That_Puppy says:

    That baby shot clear across the double-wide Dr. Buba….

  47. Looked like a sebcyst to me.It sure had a lot at 1st,but then it kinda petered out. I bet there’s a sequel coming!!

  48. Yes like the same consistency as that finger zit! This is one of my all time faves!

  49. There was still a ton of cheese that needed to be extracted from that hairy knee, please send us a round two. Would be much appreciated. DWS

  50. i would like to think that i heard the “crunch” of the chunks coming out. That was awesome.

    1. He was just laughing that it was shooting his friends…. man you cant stand anywhere with the cam and be safe =)

  51. When the vid starts at the very beginning I thought Gomer had a big old gym clip shoved up in there from the way it looked. Then I saw that it turned out just to be a string of “goolosh.”

  52. After viewing this video for some strange reason Jeff Foxworthy comes to mind.

  53. Aussie Cyster says:

    I love it when the family all have a good laugh and enjoy the “event”.

  54. He says, “It’s the cowboy way.” The difference between a fairy tale and a cowboy story is that a fairy tale starts off with, “Once upon a time,” and a cowboy story starts off with, “It’s no s**t, this really happened.”

  55. get er done!!!!!!!!!!! i love rednecks they crack me up every time..

  56. We got a sprayer! What bothered me was he was doing so well getting all the cheese out until he cut it again, once he did that only blood came out. I think there was a lot more cheese left in it….Still a great vid, the beginning was awesome!

  57. AWESOME!!!! BEST knee cyst on the website! Wish they would have recorded the first chunk that came out when the two holes were made. Most of all would have loved to see someone take a pic of the phone with all of the pus splattered on it!!! Like the guy with the cyst under his chin that literally sprays out like a sand blasting machine! It must have been thick snow coating the ‘screen’ they reference. My #two fave.

  58. hey im from alabama,audrey..but we do get’er done!!

  59. This knee cyst/infection video has always been a mystery to me. Obviously, that thing wasn’t even close to empty. I mean, there was still a golf ball’s worth of bus in there. He was getting good cheese, then he makes the cut and BAM….All blood. I wonder what happened? Was the cheese inside the cyst just really compacted together into a ball from it being old or perhaps because of the location being packed down? I just don’t understand it. I’ve never seen a cyst go from pure, white, shooting cheese to just blood instantly while the cyst wasn’t even three quarters of the way gone.

    Can cysts ever just get so old that they become almost calcified? Just a big, dense ball formed together by organic material or whatever?

  60. SkeetSkeet says:

    wow what a nasty blaster.. excellent

  61. pashion4popin says:

    hilarious rednecks popin away. too nasty and fun 4 words.

  62. diamondgirl828 says:

    Loved this! Made the favorites.

    Is this here what they call staph?

    *Picks up dirty case knife and cuts on bump more – LMAO!!

    Is that more ghoulosh??? LOL

  63. To answer the RaZa’s question: yes, he was doing very well until he cut it again, because cutting it again made it hemorrhagic, causing the blood to pool in there and block the exit. What happens now? More than likely it will abscess now, and hopefully we will get a part 2…from the doctors office!

  64. Too funny! If he doesnt get an infection I will be surprised. I loved the hillbilly commentary !

  65. LOL!!! I ADORE this video!!!! He is such a character and wherever the lady taping the squeezing went, the sebum found it’s way onto the phone – I could hear it hitting the phone :) Great posting!!!

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