Boil leaves HUGE crater

Not much to see here other that the removal of the gauze but the close ups at the end are pretty cool. So give it a few minutes of move it along to the end….its neat! Well maybe not neat…groovin’

“etu Uaisele’s boil” posted to YouTube by “e2uate” on Thursday, January 20, 2011

16 Comments on “Boil leaves HUGE crater

  1. That is one angry hole!

  2. Good find dripper!!!

    @unclelarry: My thought exactly.

    That had to be worse than a boil! The packing looked to me like it was still infected.

  3. OMG that was a hole and ahalf!! ow!

  4. Is that hole where they filmed the new James Cameron film?? (if you haven’t seen the commercial for it, you will soon and then you’ll get the funny. ;P)

    Thanks, dripper! When its dry, you still manage to find some good ones!

    ~ H.S.

  5. I was more concerned about his nasty ass dirty shorts. Didn’t your moomma tell you to put on clean underwear, you might end up in the hospital ?

  6. ThatSmellsLikeAss says:

    i believe they were grey underwear. and i didn’t see any dirt or anything else on em. plus he has a nice arse

  7. Was anyone else thinking “Sarlacc!” when the camera operator went in for those extreme close-ups towards the end of the video?

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  8. Grey shorts not dirty. Sheesh! And that was one hell of a nice ass. Yum Yum. Poor guy, that was a nasty crater!

  9. Aussie Cyster says:

    Was there a boil??? All I saw was a gorgeous ass ;)

  10. Fantastic Fuzzy!
    Has to be some sort of anaerobic bacteria that continues to crater or a superboil thats gonna end up looking like the above pic!.. What a pity, such a ugly wound so close to such a shapely bottom…

  11. @ MotherEruption65: Agreed. I wish that I had such a nice body instead of being a middle-aged lump. I’m actually a bit jealous of the subject in the video.

  12. Squeezie Queen says:

    lol, Love you guys and the funnies! It cheers a girl up!

    Boy do I want to see Part 1 with a backstory!!! That was nassstay!

  13. Halph Staph says:

    The guy with the very nice butt may stop in and say hi – I hope he does, at least. I chatted with him a bit and put the link for him on his YT Channel page. He did say that when the doctor drained it – he actually was scooping most of it out with a spoon – probably a curettage tool? Must have been either really thick pus or some really infected, necrotic tissue in there! Poor guy! ;)So, if he comes by, we’d better get primpin’ ladies! LOL! Also, on his YT Channel there are more videos – some are of the same footage, but there is some different stuff too. I don’t think the initial draining is there, tho. :(

    ~ H.S.

    PS – I *love* the Sarlacc, Fuzzy – awesome! And the resemblance is uncanny when you see his open wound on close up.

  14. LMAO @ Fuzzy!

  15. I agree about the underwear, but if you take a closer look, it appears that he soiled himself.

  16. Very nice ass, with a great big hole in his upper thigh. Now that is the biggest crater ever. Wish I could of seen him pop that thing> Nice!!!!

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