Pusy Pusy……..

Here we have a pussycat who has a lil pusy ear…. I remember we had a post like this before, but its not the same……

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  1. lol – TC, you must be following me around YouTube!

    Great video – you can tell the kitty wants the help, the will purr like that not just when happy, but also when getting medical attention when very very hurt. I think it might go beyond the ear – even though the face was black, I could see the nose right by where the pus was running – possibly a huge abscess affecting both the ear and cheek area?

    NICE GEM! Thanks for posting it TC!!
    ~ H.S.

  2. Poor baby! Definitely more than just the ear…with that other ‘river’ of pus running down, there’s got to be more going on. Poor little babydoll…let’s get you some help! Animals in pain just kill me…. Good luck, kitty!

    1. Kitty acted VERY VERY well during the extraction!!!! She/he was a real trooper being still for the pimple pops the hard core then the top liquid burst – that was a real surprise. Hope kitty is ok and not a systemic infection.

  3. Poor little kitty :( Keep on truckin’ little cat!

  4. Poor baby. I wouldn’t be purring if somebody was squeezing my pus pocket.

  5. Wow, that kitty must have been miserable. It seemed to tolerate the squeezing pretty well.

  6. Cats purr when they are in labor if that tells you anything lol. Its a way of showing pain, pleasure and need….but also comfort. So in this case its the owners she is purring for, though she may still be in pain, she appreciates the love! I would do ANYTHING to make an animal feel better as long as it did not have to loose a body part.

    I just would’nt appreciate it as much as this!!!! Great post.

  7. Great find TC!!! Gotta be the product of a cat fight because pus is comming from more than one opening.

  8. Poor fella! makes me want to go hug Ozzie right now. I’ll wait a few mins!. I bet he/she feels alot better. I love kitties.

  9. MalkavianPrincess says:

    My cat had gotten beat up by some other cat and he ended up with an abcess that took up his whole cheek. We had to take him to the vet who put a straw in the abcess to let it drain. So for a while we had a kitty who would be dripping pus all over the floors and the beds.

  10. Poor kitty! I hope they took it to the vet!

  11. I feel so bad for that little kitty. My cats purr all of the time. Even if they are getting a medical exam. Who knows why…I hope that little kitty is feeling much better.

  12. yummy burst at the start. Could almost feel it betwee my thumb and index finger…

  13. The title of this post scared the hell out of me when I first saw it.
    I was never a cat person until we got one for my daughter and this little fur ball would follow me all over the place and even slept on my shoulder the first night, so I guess from then on I sort of warmed up to it, now it is my cat and still follows me all over, she like to be scratched on the belly like a dog, is that strange? but she is an inside cat, we have two cats now and they never go outside.

  14. Wow, there was a lot in that hidden infection sac. My old kitty, 13, just got through an infection somewhere around her “parts.” She’s not a very social animal and wouldn’t allow a close enough examination to determine exactly where or what the problem was. There was just a lot of very stinky residue around an area that’s pretty stinky on her own.

    Some cats are fastidious cleaners, but not this one. She’s a real grub, too fat to adequately manage grooming her primary canal, as it were.

    I wasn’t sure if it was a bite from the other cat right at the base of her tail, or a more personal bite. I think it was more personal because when I finally was able to take a peroxide-dipped 1-tip to the region there was a small opening next to her “thingy.”

    No video worth a damn even if I had taken one but I wish I could have shared the smell with you guys…

  15. buggin-I’m so sorry for you, your cat, and anyone else who reads about that. Yuck.

    As for the video, I couldn’t really make heads or tails of the cat’s face aside from its whiskers. Poor thing! My dog has the same patient attitude when I help her with a medical issue and it’s quite touching the trust the put in us! I wonder if the cat needed further treatment?

  16. snapcracklepop says:

    @buggin sounds like it’s her anal gland. They sometimes get get blocked up. The stink that comes out of them is unbelieveable. One drop will make the whole room smell like death.

  17. Halph Staph says:

    @snap – Ye gads, I will never ever forget *that* smell. Had a cat who had that problem once – and that one drop that stayed behind after she left the room? Wow- S-T-I-N-K-Y! First I had to find the spot, then scrub like the dickens – the whole time praying she didn’t come back to drop another mini-bomb.

    @buggin: if the infection was near the “other” area, it could have been a nasty vaginal infection, or a case of pyometra, which would also account for her large belly, the smell, and the discharge. The opening might have been a sinus tract that formed from the infection. Even spayed cats can get a pyo (pus filling her uterus canal) – its called stump-pyometra as the pus fills just the end where the uterus and parts were removed. However – pyo’s don’t normally go away, from my experience, and your vet probably would have figured it out already. Hope she stays well!

    @popper: my cat likes tummy rubs, too. Major sign of trust and love from your cat!!

    ~ H.S.

  18. good..i hate cats

    1. That’s not a nice thing to say, in fact it’s mean.

  19. Good kitty mommy Popper1. Cats live a lot longer if they are indoor cats. I’ve always kept my cats in, unless I was right outside with them.

  20. Poor kitty, definately on the face area, and close to the eye. I had 2 kitty brothers, rescued them from a church parking lot, so I named them Moses, & Zachariah. Moses got poly cystic kidney disease and passed away 3 years ago, but Zach who is now 10 is still going strong & goes outside every day of life.
    Once in a while he will get a cut from fences, or bites/scratches from other kitties, he always purs when I treat his wounds, he knows & trusts me to take care of him.
    Nothing like an animal video to bring out the softies in our group eh.
    Pets are the best love on earth.

  21. @klh You are a douche!!! Even if you don’t like cats wishing pain on a creature is cruel and inhumane.

  22. My calico/siamese recently had a bad abscess in her lower left jaw. I had no help getting it done, so I couldn’t film it. Sorry! But she purred so while I was excising the abscessed area, and then she got all pissy with me afterward. I guess that my squeezing hurt her. This kitty was so sick from the infection that she probably had no more fight left in her. Mine I had to wrap in a big towel and hold her firmly. Then I did the usual anointing with Bacitracin and a shot of penicillin (gotten from a local farm supply house) and she was good as gold. These abscesses in cats can go extremely deep before they are noticed, so pet owners, always check your animals out each day they are outside unsupervised for any length of time. And get a friend to help. And FILM IT! I’M SOREEE!

  23. Oh and by the way, klh; your a hateful and sad person, and not worthy of an animal’s trust and love. AND you’re a douche.

  24. To SnapCracklePop: Always look at your kits’ anus at least once a week. If you detect anything out of the ordinary, take it right into a vet; expressing the anal gland is terribly difficult and usually has to be done by two people and a lot of benadryl… for the cat!

  25. To Buggin: Your cat had an impacted anal gland. That’s a sac whose purpose I am not sure of (not being a vet) and it can get quite infected and/or filled with anal run-off. And expressing it, you get a substance that looks and smells like ten day old hot s**t. That’s a job for a vet.

  26. I’m pretty sure the cat wouldn’t pur if he/she didn’t feel safe !

  27. Pick_That_Puppy says:

    Yup, poor baby been in a cat fight.

  28. Now that was alot of pusy…pus…omg

  29. Having that pus released is what really cures the cat…..even w’out antibiotics they get well if the wound is fully expressed and cleansed. In nature, cat scratch/bites are prevalent and once the abscess bursts, its constant draining rids the infection from the host. But a little help from peroxide or saline solution or betadine insures better, safer healing.

  30. wow thaat had alot of runny goodies in that kitty meow meow great post Twisted Cyster smooches hugs and audie bear loves :)

  31. Very sick little girl – hope she recovered

  32. well behaved Kitty – I’m sure she’ll feel better now!

  33. Poor kitty. I love my two babies and hate it when they suffer.

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