Huge back cyst gets drained.

Draining a huge back cyst with a knife, to a drunken and shocked reaction. The angle at which this was filled does not do justice to the size of the cyst, which was so large it actually could be seen under his shirts. This cyst was on his back for over a year before this draining. The pus was unusually solid and dry. Unlike other videos on here, I noticed no odor. When the cyst was done draining I was forced to yank the remaining solid pus from his back and a perfect hole was formed. With hydrogen peroxide and neosporin his back healed fine and the cyst never filled again.
I wanted to upload it here but the file size was too big.

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  1. guiltypleasure says:

    Whoa… volume DOWN… Unless you like being deafened!!

  2. Very nice ammery,love the solids.

    1. This has been one of my favorits since it was posted! I love how she took care of the whole situation. Her surprise, laughter, seriousness and he was just a hoot! Loved it!

  3. letmegetitforyou says:

    The screaming was kind of funny. It seems ridiculous to us because we have seen buckets of pus and blood being squeezed from all sorts of things, but if you’ve NEVER seen a cyst (or even a big zit) being popped, even this smallish thing is probably pretty surprising.

  4. i have watched Youtube for about a year, learned much, esp. about sacs. Where have you been?

  5. @ammery This was your own vid and you did the squeezing?
    Bravo another PTZ original. I saw this on you tube but it did not compute at the time. Anyone who takes the time to make their own video and post it to us deserves a standing ova! Thank you for another piece of PTZ history.

  6. @letmegetitforyou
    I wrote this up to post and I said the same thing that you could watch it on mute but the screaming was kind of cute…lol

    @ammery I love you cat too…sorry I get excited when we get homemade work!

  7. Good work Amery!!! May you have a long career as a “Popper”!

  8. popitlikeitshot says:

    Considering the screaming was part excitement (as far as I can tell) it is forgetten when you also take into consideration the wonderful, thorough job she did. My fav kind of pus, too. A++

  9. Ammery – that was phenomenal! The screaming was the good kind, and your popping skills one handed were great! I would say you did get the sac out with that last pull. I don’t know if the winter and holidays have me seeing things – but it was kinda like “Pus Rorschach” – the second squeezing looked like a little snowman! hee hee. Thank you for bringing this to PTZ, it was fabulous. Now tell him to grow another one. How ’bout friends? Relatives? Dogs seem to be on the list too! lol

    Thanks again! Great job!

    ~ H.S.
    p.s. – any one of us here would probably have paid good money to do what you did, seriously. :)

  10. Awesome! Yummy hard pus :D Thank you!!!

  11. snapcracklepop says:

    Thanks for filming it and posting it here! You did a good job, especially filming and popping at the same time. If it looked like a hole at the end you might have pulled the sac out, which is a good thing.

  12. The big knife….the screaming….sounds like the makings of a good slasher film to me!! Good job!!

  13. Very nice! My dog watched with me and the screaming made her worried for your safety, Ammery. lol

  14. Very nicely done! Brava!
    I confess to a tiiiiiiny bit of worry when I saw the huge knife and the cat licking her lips! (Pretty girl!) (Or guy!)

  15. Watching the second time, I have to tell you Ammery, I’ve seen attempts to empty a sac with one hand. Most went way south, mucking up a beautiful give, or not emptying it. GREAT JOB.. You must be a pro.

  16. That was beautiful ammery. Handsome cat too.

  17. Innaffitoften says:

    ammery, you have quite a voice box! lol! I am outside, and my m.i.l. came running to see if I was okay! Cool video, thanks for doing it just for us! I don’t know how long you’ve been here, but welcome, and great job, just get a razor next time, it’s much easier. Or, if you are bad like us, look in the drawers at the MD’s office next time, that’s where we get all our disposable scalpels and things like that! Saved us a ton when when our Mastiff shook her head (ear) and popped it on a metal chair, causing a hematoma. We cleaned it, gloved up, gave her a small shot of lidocaine, also pilfered after a procedure, lol, and cut it open, bye bye hematoma. We would have taken her to the vet, but the CA economy has hurt my hubby’s line of work badly, so we are usually broke. Anything more major, we’d suck it up and take our pets to the vet, just so I don’t get my ass ripped by the PTZ ass rippers, lol!

  18. Another OMG video. Why do the women who cut these open always have to be recruited from meth junkie trailer parks?

  19. Halph Staph says:

    Umm, goodtimebob, that remark was incredibly nasty and uncalled for. Especially since the poster is a *member* of this community. But regardless I would still take offense to a rude, degrading, stereotypical slur like you’ve made. Nothing about this video warrants or in any way deserves trash talk. I really think you are a better person than that – maybe an apology to ammery is something you could muster up? Thanks! :)

    ~ H.S.

  20. Wow! Awesome and with the original popper in da house!
    I loved it when kitty jumped up to see. I imagined a cartoon bubble over kitty, “What the hell? A knife? I’m outta here!”
    Loved it!

  21. Yeah, I can see how my reaction could come across as a bit overblown for you guys, in my own defense it was my first real cyst and I was a tad tipsy. :)

  22. Nice pussy! (Oh gawd, you people have dirty minds! The cute orange cat in the first couple minutes!!)

    ::: runs :::

  23. great cyst vid, could have done without the high-pitched overly dramatic scream. Not quite sure WHY women scream like that. Men don’t scream like that. What’s up with that, anyway? WHY do young women scream like that? I know why and I’m not telling.

  24. someone pop that girl instead of the cyst!

    1. If by “pop that girl” you are in any way insinuating a physical action such as striking her, please understand that threats of violence, whether intended in a humorous fashion is not appropriate nor tolerated on PTZ. This is just a friendly reminder, nothing to get worked up over. Whereas many sites on the net allow for just about anything – here we are aiming for a more friendly and relaxed atmosphere. ;) Always remember, its just a video!!

      Much appreciated
      ~ H.S.


  26. Watch out! She has a large knife!

  27. In few moments this woman who squeezes a cyst sounds like she ***might be getting it on with enjoyment***. :)

  28. That woman…omg…she ruined the video with her annoyingly high-pitched screams. I like to watch my pops in peace!

  29. The lady in the video is a idiot. Whats with all the childish screaming? Really? He had a cyst on his back. Nothing more than a simple pimple with subacious material in it, only on a bigger scale and the lady is screaming at the top of her lungs like the world was coming to a end. Just made her self look and sound like a retard. Besides that, great video. Just sad that the lady had to take alot away from it.

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