Amazing Cyst Pictures

Wow, I had to watch this a couple of times. It’s short but full of cysts. It’s from a doctor in Berlin who also provides HIS picture as well, hehe. I hope you enjoy it!

Thanks Dr. Yasar Sarigul! From youtube, “dr. yasar sarigül – Lipom beule am kopf zyst sebasea cyst cebasea kafada yag kistleri”

25 Comments on “Amazing Cyst Pictures

  1. uhmm its been disabled…so soon?

  2. sorry it works now but I think we just saw this one…I remember everyone commenting on the looks of the doctor…good vid though, mspus you really are missing out on total entertainment by not going through the archives..there are some fantastic vids there you will never find anywhere else! So go for it and have fun!

  3. It ran for me- I’ve seen this before, but maybe not on PTZ. I remember the picture of the doc at the end. Boy there were alot of cysts shown- it seemed each patient had multiples!

  4. popperpeeper says:

    Yes (heavy sigh) it is another repost! The guy looks like Allen Rickman, I think.

  5. I did go through the site when I first found it, before I became active. It took me a good month. I do try hard to find new videos but this one slipped by me ‘cuz I didn’t remember it. Sorry guys, I usally search before posting.

    1. Why did the doctor remove (don’t judge me – you’re think the same thing too!) that mangled penis? Did he run out of cysts to remove and get carried away?

  6. So what, it’s a repost. Those cysts are works of art. Intact. The first one is amazing. And yeah, the doctor is a proud papa. He is an artist!

  7. Don’t apologize, MsPuss. We are all human, and its a great video – I for one will never turn down a good repeat. :) Thanks for the posting!!! Love them cysties!!!

    ~ H.S.

  8. Alan Rickman’s a doctor in Germany? Who knew…

  9. Some nice green grapes sound good to me right now.
    Thanks MsPuss

  10. its a new one to me, never seen it before. wonder if he collects and strings them together like popcorn to decorate the tannenbaum.

    “oh cystmas tree, oh cystmas tree,
    how laden are your branches”

  11. Jeez!!! I was the one that originally posted this one and I’m not ticked off that it was reposted. I wish people would stop ragging on people for reposting! It turns them off from contributing. And as for YOU, MsPuss…keep up the good work. You can check around the dates on PTZ and compare it to the original date on the YouTube posting. That works well for me.

    1. I feel bad for the other PTZ members who complain about reposts. A true Popologist/fan would appreciate them no matter how many times they are posted. Plus, it’s not like someone reposts intentionally just to piss you off.

  12. magna-cum-pus says:

    so far, mspuss has one of the lowest repost rates going, and I still like it
    bring it, baby

  13. Tnx Squeezer and Magna :) Good idea squeezer, I’ll work that angle as well :)

  14. New one for me! Just lovely, SMASH EM! A. Rickman doesn’t look that good..

  15. The Repost Police just seem to have this uncontrollable urge to haul people up short and point out the sin of reposting. I do so wish they would just STOP IT. It discourages people from participating. But, something tells me that is what they want so they can be the only ones to post content. I mean, they do work so hard at finding quality entertainment for us.

  16. faerlyn_darkelf says:

    I like how he gets them out whole. I wonder how the patients feel getting photographed throughout their surgeries? I’ve never seen this one, either. I too wonder what the big deal is about reposts, don’t we all ‘favorite’ videos so we can watch them over and over? (completely off topic, the ads that load on this page are freezing up my computer with their video-amazingness.)

  17. True, Alan Rickman doesn’t still look that good….but oh, that voice….

  18. Innaffitoften says:

    Alan Rickman is awesome, I know this is off-subject, but frankly I’d rather avoid most of the subject content on this one, but he’s in a little movie called “Closet Land” with Madeline Stowe(sp?) that everyone should see. It’s really, really good. It’s just the two of them, I believe it was done by Amnesty International, and he is amazing in it, that voice is really unbelivable.

    1. oh that voice…


  19. Oh you sexy Doctor… ahem (Alan Rickman or not…)

    Serious cyst action… so much fun, it’s a shame it’s in stills form, it is ‘still’ great tho!

  20. great cyst removal slide show i like that one that looked like a giant catterpillar great pic slide show MsPuss smooches hugs and audie bear loves :)


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