Strawberry Nose Pus-tastic!

When I was younger, and going through that wonderful stage of acne most of us suffer through (although I sorely wish my older self could go back in time and squeeze the *&%^ out of my younger self’s zits and blackheads!), and the pores on my nose were huge and packed full of icky blackheads, I always referred to them as strawberry seeds.

Seriously! It came to mind one wonderfully hot, summer Maine day when I was out with my mother at the Pick-Ur-Own Strawberry fields over by Two Lights State Park. I put my hand on a perfectly ripe, big as my hand, sweet fruit – and like a bolt of lightening (or perhaps more of a sizzle of static electricity off my polyester shorts) and realized those seeds looked exactly like my blackheads! Multitudinous, annoying, and too difficult to pick off one by one without getting red stuff everywhere!

And that is exactly what memory came whirling up when I started watching this video. I’m sure if I worked hard enough I could rekindle that state of “nosedom”, but alas, I am addicted to my medicated apricot skin exfoliate and nice, steamy hot showers. My pores have spent to many years behaving themselves.

Luckily – we have guys like this willing to share their carefully maintained strawberry noses with the popolgist community at large. If you can’t beat them, join them. If you can’t join them, watch their video on!

he he he

~ H.S.

comedons” originally filmed and posted to YouTube by anticomedons on November 14, 2010

28 Comments on “Strawberry Nose Pus-tastic!

  1. Strawberry fields forevah! (Sorry H.S. I couldn’t resist!) Great find H.S.!!!

  2. i need to go make lunch now. That made so hungry.

  3. This reminds me of an old girlfriend who had great pus filled pores but was extremely stingy about sharing the popping experience. (she thought I was weird for wanting to watch let alone participate). Is that you Tonia??

  4. Innaffitoften says:

    califa, unless your gal had a serious mustache, i think it’s probably not her, lol! i have to show this one to my guy. occasionally he will squeeze his nose like this and about 1/8 of the stuff seen here comes out and he acts like it’s the most disgusting thing ever, as in “how can you even kiss me?” lol! this was fabulous Halph, as per usual, you never fail to please!

  5. Somebody needs some Biore stips for Xmas…

  6. Anotherpopfan says:

    Excellent post as always Halphy <3 :)

  7. ThatSmellsLikeAss says:

    halph, ya made me wanna go get a strawberry and start popping it. heehee

  8. I get horrible ones like that on my nose especiallyin the creases too when i have breakouts. Maybe i should invest in a cam and start taping my poppings.

    Thanks for the upload!

  9. @cystface, hate to admit it, but for some strange reason i always get hungry when i watch these vids. why oh why is that? seems so sick. yet i can’t eat while watching them. usually i will go grab something, do another thing on the computer, then when done munching, go back to watch more zit goo.

    damn strange it is!

  10. Chia nose…..

  11. My hubby’s nose is like that… He won’t let me touch it, says it hurts too much to squeeze it and even biore strips are painful to him. I wish he’d drink himself silly one day so I could squeeze those worms out! He does biore every now and again, just because I tell him his nose is grossly polka-dotted :)

  12. lol @ freidabob

  13. I don’t know why but these nose videos are some of my favorite videos. 100 stars for this. :)

  14. Eeeeeeeewwwwwwwwwwwwwwhahahaha!!!

  15. popitlikeitshot says:

    I guess this brings back memories for me also. When I was a kid, about 13, I was on the train in New York with my Brother when he explained to me that if you squeeze your nose these come out. He grabbed my nose and tried, all I could remember are the tears that came out of my eyes. It hurt so bad. But now, years later, I do this every other week. It just comes back. But I don’t have the open pores like this guy. I’m pretty sure everyone’s nose can do this.

  16. Aweeeesome.

  17. sardaukar1977 says:

    after watching I had to go drain my nose pores too.

  18. Heaven, I’m in Heaven… Ah, a nose full of my namesake!

  19. They weren’t done! I wanted more! (Sobbing)

  20. @comedoness! Where have been, pretty Lady? I haven’t seen that lovely “ballet slipper” avatar in quite some time!! Nice to hear from you, hope all is well!

    ~ H.S.

  21. magna-cum-pus says:

    rice noodles
    optic fibers
    blind worms

  22. Nasty and I love it. Thanks for posting.

  23. snapcracklepop says:

    If he used an extracting tool he could get so much more out of there! I want to find him and go to work on that nose.

  24. zitfetishvet says:

    Fabulous!!!!!! Encore, encore!!!!

  25. Ah! There’s so much left! But wonderful camera work. This video has made me obsessed with my nose pores…

  26. Another not found or deleted video. On the list it goes

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