Monster Mash..or Cyst I & II

In the beginning the light is crappy but have no fear cause it gets clear.

Part I

Part II

“Monster Zit Gone” Parts I & II posted on YouTube by “jrrundles” on November 18, 2010

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  1. I know what your thinking…14 different techniques used to get this job done when all its asking is please…GIVE ME A FOUR POINT PRESS AND SQUEEZE THE CRAP OUT OF ME!

  2. Are you serious?? He said to leave it alone after all of that! And they just left it hanging out of his back…ugh, all of that goodness and they would have had it all if she would have just yanked it out without him knowing it was coming.

    Oh well…if they left it like that, there will be another video in the future! haha

  3. Could someone PLEASE make a “how to” video!!!!! It needs to include the 4 finger under the cyst squeeze, what is a cyst, and how to remove the sack unless you want it to come back – AARRRGGGGHHHHH

  4. @gajustme – Actually, surprise, surprise – there is one in the works! It may take awhile in production, but it has begun!!! Stay tuned!

    ~ H.S.
    (nice video, thanks!!)

  5. Don’t forget the “when and how to make an exit large enough for spectacular explosions” segment!

  6. Two more things:

    1) I have never seen pus pop back IN a hole, instead of out. Like a freakin’ prairie dog!

    2) The sac left sticking out of his back looked like a pectoral goldfish fin…

    Funny, funny stuff. ~ H.S.

  7. WPSD paducah ky..

    People will learn if you don’t want others to know where you from surely do not leave local news on in the background..

    Bunch KY wildcat’s…

    Well we got a nice down the shirt view near the end.. Them 2 did look nice..

    They did OK but I think they not got through our Pop That Zit 101 Class yet..

    Need little bit more studing to do before next operation..

  8. Good detective work mc79. Good post Dripper.

  9. My question seems like it should have a simple response. How hard is it to keep the camera steady so the zit, cyst, pimple or other poppable junk remains in the center of the picture. This is only one among many where 1/3 of the time, the popping occurs while the work is happening beyond the frame of the camera. Okay soapbox done. Ugh!

  10. Good one dripper!!! Tripod and viewfinder, USE THEM!!!

  11. Awesome :) That ashtray was bugging me! Eww, on the bed and ready to tip over any second, yuck. I wish she woulda had some tweezers at the end to pull out the sack :D

  12. ThatSmellsLikeAss says:

    haha he said put it back in the hole!

  13. They bruised the crap out of that poor man’s back! You could actually see it growing. He’s gonna be sore for the next few days.

  14. Whoever heard of someone NOT wanting to have the sac removed once things were to that point? Thanks, dripper!

  15. This whole v gave me a headache, tv/radio, 3 people talking. too much noise.

  16. magna-cum-pus says:

    pull, snip snip!

  17. My family lives in Paducah. I’ve woken up to WPSD many times throughout my life. And no… this is not my family.

  18. I’ve been watching these videos for awhile now, and none have ever made me cringe until this. He just kept getting more and more bruised. It’s like his popper had a vendetta against him or something. Gentle, steady pressure, lady, not a vice-like death grip!

  19. How do you know if your a Redneck?” You leave the ack hanging out of your back! lmao Really?? How long do you think it lasted hanging there like that?

  20. Stupid. That’s all I have…

  21. That sack needs to be pulled out that the hole left behind needs to be sterilized or that thing is going to get mega effected. Also, they need to put some ice on that man’s poor back because that thing was swollen as all hell. All in all, not a bad video except for the excessive whipping with the dirty paper towel the anxiety that was building in me because she didn’t just use the four finger technique. I’ll give it 3 stars.

  22. cant believe he wanted it put back in.
    cant believe she said it pulled in, it popped out-bet she found it on he celling later.
    gawd i just love rednecks where would todays comedy be without them.

  23. no sorry normdoty, it did go back in look at it again, she squeezed it the wrong way and it did go back in. watch the thing again.

  24. this makes me so mad at these stupid rednecks I actually wanted to jump through the screen and pull it out myself. Imagine if he went to the hospital, they must have thought that he was as stupid as I do. This makes me MAD! I don’t know why I get that upset with stupid people. Just can’t help it.

  25. Don’t these people watch PTZ I have seen this before, the sqeeze out all the cyst and the sack begins to come out and they freak-out when it is attached, they have no idea what it is and start thinking it may be some sort of vital organ. if thid guy would have been a PTZ popologist he would have known it was the sack and he could cut it off with no pain.

  26. most aggravating video ever

  27. To appease everyone’s ire – they did squeeze more of the sac out finally (shortly after the video ended) and cut it off. Regretfully, they didn’t film it as it apparently would have made a good round out to a trilogy. I guess she meant there was some more fun stuff still in there! lol. Guess we can’t win ‘em all!

    So – should we call the how-to video “Popology 101″? And then maybe add some advanced technique pseudo-classes? This is a serious (well, somewhat serious, since it is way too much fun!) question. Hmm, as things progress, I’ll post a thread in the Forum.

    ~ H.S.

  28. Did anyone else think Boomhauer when he was talking?

  29. I THINK THIS IS A JOB FOR wonder woman….

  30. dontbesogullible says:

    Part II gone????

  31. I want to see part 2 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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