Four Guys a Back a Needle and a Cyst

OK I have been patient and I have found my 100th post. Just what I was looking four hot guys speaking French, a close up view of a seemingly small infected pimple, great camera work with a perfect needle puncture in the center. The squeeze with a few blood droplets, then squirting green slimy pus with joyous sounds of cheer all around! Geesh did I miss anything; you will have to let me know. But there is always a catch, it’s long so start at around 3minutes and be entertained for the next 6 or 7.

Please post the for me EM please please

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  1. Build up… build up… bammm!! Great post! Wow its been 100 posts!! Kudos to you Dripper!!

  2. Thanks’ for 100 post Dripper..

    May you have many many more happy post..

  3. Bravo on 100! You did that fairly quickly,dripper! I love this EXCEPT these guys are pretty inept at getting the pus outta there! There was quite a bit more in there I think but they just couldn’t get under it to get it out!
    Also, did you see the other bumps on his right shoulder and around his left shoulder blade? Let one of us popologists at those and we’ll show ‘em how to do it!
    Good choice for 100!!!

  4. Innaffitoften says:

    I’m curious, what are you going to do with all of the tickets that popped out of your computer for your 100th post? Maybe a PTZ bumper sticker? A PTZ trucker’s hat? A PTZ t-shirt? It’s endless what you can do with those tickets! lol!
    Seriously though, I do not think anyone else, besides Halph, of course, has made it to 100, unless of course it’s PPM, but this was definately a good one for your centennial vid. Thanks for the “3 minute mark” instructions. These guys really wanted to make it last, didn’t they?
    It’s a good day for pus on PTZ!

  5. Happy 100th Dripper! Nice pop!

  6. Happy 100, Dripper! That was a great one!

  7. Excellent post for #100 dripper!!!

  8. You can sum up the first 3 minutes thusly: pin poke, blood drop, chit chat, wipe. Blood drop, chit chat, wipe. Blood drop… and so on and so on, until at the 3 minute mark the squeezing begins, although the first movement towards squeezing was a feint… naughty boys trying to psych us out. But if we know there is good pus to be seen, we popologists stay the course!

    I do find the whole kneeling like a dog position kinda weird – and since I don’t know French, I was imagining the popper saying “Kneel before me like a dog, you fiend, so I can pop that nasty thing on your back! Kneel, I said!”

    Of course, he could have also said petunias were his favorite flower – and I still wouldn’t know the difference.

    Nice video, worthy of your hundredth post! Congratulations! Keep up the good work!

    ~ H.S.

  9. This post was great! In Quebecois French therefore easy for me to understand. That first pop they referred to as the spaghetti! The one popper felt the pockets and was trying to move them to the hole but the other guy didn`t feel them. Congrats on your 100th Dripper! Keep em coming!

  10. Congrats on your 100th, well done!!!!! Is it just me or were there some blackheads amongst those moles??

  11. Doesn’t the first big pop look like “The Scream” by Edvard Munch? Great find Dripper! Sounds like they’re speaking French AND German.

  12. Beautiful. Simply beautiful.

  13. Twisted Cyster says:

    Congrats with the 100 Dripper. Nice lil squirt that first pop. I think they let the ,,patient,, do the Doggy position because of tighten his back-skin. But I think they better do it when he lays flat and relax. Because then its way easyer to get UNDER the cyst with the squeezing finger. You could easily see that the sac was still filled up a bit at the end of the vid. And BTW he had some more treasures on his Left & Right shoulders…… maybe ,to be continued next week ? ?

  14. These are Canadians who speak French, not French. When one of them said “Estee”, I knew it.

  15. ZitinatorQueen says:

    Congrat’s on your 100th post Dripper. Quite a satisfying pop when it started coming out.

  16. Thank you everyone for your kind words. Everyone is so smart here! I think we should open up clinics every where we live doing demonstrations and making vids…all those in favour say high, I mean aye!
    Yep the guys were from Quebec, a kind of, how can I say this, abridged version of french.

    @Inna if I needed tickets I would go to Chuck E Cheese and get a stuffed animal or something. lol I do this to have fun and to watch pus shoot out of peoples bodies! I just try not to take it personally anymore ;)

  17. Congrats on 100th! Some seriously slang Quebecois with a hella lot of cursing. Fun.

  18. snapcracklepop says:

    Congratulations Dripper! Happy 100!

  19. Great post dripper!!! Happy 100th Post!!! PTZ clinicsm wow! I’d volunteer at that clinic!

    Maybe there will be more from these guys.

  20. OH……MY……GOD!!!!!! That stupid video could be edited down to about ONE MINUTE and that’s about all there is worthy of viewing!!! From like 3:18 to 4:30. Before AND after those times are a PAINFUL waste of TIME!! ARGH!!!!!!!

  21. TC – I was watching this again – and saw what you mean – This guy has a few splendid looking cysts on his shoulders. You can see them very well towards the end when he is in the pup position and the camera draws back for a wider view of the “surgical” team.

    Ooo, I hope they decide to get those ones, too! Dripper – stay on them!! Make them do a sequel!

    ~ H.S.

  22. I always do! HS

  23. Twisted Cyster says:

    @ Halphie….That was excactly what I meant yeah !!!

  24. This man should be stripped of his popology degree… take a wider stance with your fingers dang-it!!!

  25. @Checkminus – holy-poop – that’s funny! And now its a permanent new slang term “popology degree”. I looooove it!

    ~ H.S.

  26. pain4anangel says:

    I think it would’ve come out easier if he had his pants off and the cameraman stood behind him at a little bit of a distance :o) I counted 6 guys…wish they all were nekkid…totally would’ve helped get that pus out…might need a longer video though in that case *heehee*

  27. pain4anangel says:

    Oh yeah…addition to my prior post: I would totally have to be there! Ya know…to assist and whatnot…with the popping.
    Seriously though, the fact they didn’t use both thumbs and both index fingers to come at it from all four angles really bugged the heck out of me.

  28. omg lmao. The only thing I could think of when the victim went into doggy style position, is “Assume the position zit!” rotflmao.

    Congrats Dripper! keep up the good work!

  29. Anotherpopfan says:

    WooHoo Gratz on your 100th hun! You have been a phenomenal and prolific poster :) Thanks for all you do : )

  30. Anotherpopfan says:

    P.S Definitely Quebec french, man lol ;)

  31. Grats on a hundred Ms Drip!

    I have submitted a hundred to!! To bad by the time I get here with them, either you or H.S. has beat me to it. Everytime! But Im glad you do such a great job of keeping on the ball. You and H.S.

    Cheers =)

  32. great little cyst vid- bit of a wait at the beginning but good all the same, almost ruined by the fake wretching that was going on halfway thru- why is there so often someone doing that?? leave the room if its that terrible for you!

  33. at about 3:29 the pus show begins most deff worth the wait great find dripper smooches hugs and audie bear loves :)

  34. En français, s’il vous plait !

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