Oh I know someone by that name…I couldn’t post this without thinking of you. Well your Av anyway…Nice pus and chunks and cheese but mommy turned off the camera before it was over. We must always listen to our moms…maybe not!

13 Comments on “CystFace

  1. Bravo! Very nice! Too bad, indeed, that it was cut short.

    Great find.

  2. Dude, that’s a staph infection, not a zit. Ummmm, medical attention……

  3. You need a better razor to shave with!

  4. ohhhh, mommmm !!!!

  5. Another great find dripper!!! I almost agree with Emil on this being a shaving zit and that guy needs to change his blades, or it could be cystic acne and he needs to squeeze it and quit wiping!

  6. ComeToPopper says:

    That’s one a doctor should be taking a look at.

  7. How do people let these things get so darn huge? I mean, as soon as I see a hint of a blemish, I am on it like “white on rice”, pardon the lame term. I mean, damn, some of these folks need to request new area codes for these huge masses! I never get lucky enough to get my hands on anything so huge. sighhhhh.

  8. That had to hurt something fierce. It looked deep. I’d ‘o gone to a doc. Don’t want to mess with nerve damage and scaring, especially on such a mansome mug. Mmmmm.

    @TracyF I get marble sized boils that pop up literally over night. Oh, blessed be the blighted boil fairy! Also had some superficial facial acne that started as a mildly sore, blemish free area and while at work became real monsters. Then you can’t do anything even though your coworkers are staring into Mt. Vesuvius because bleeding is just a tad unprofessional!

  9. I’m with you eeuuurgh! There are too many facial nerves in that spot, he needs a Dr. and some meds!!
    Good one Dripper, thanks for all the work!!

  10. Sorry this has been removed by YouTube :(

  11. dang it!!! Can anyone get it back??

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