Botfly removal from cat

I think I would have had the same reaction if that big fat bot fly just plopped out!! ughh gross!

7 Comments on “Botfly removal from cat

  1. I hope that cat runs away and finds a new, smarter owner. I’m not sure why I disliked that woman, but she’s lucky her cat let her squeeze her like that. Or, should I say, squeeze, smear, squeeze, smear, squeeze. My perfect, fluffy, gorgeous little princess would have disembowled me.

  2. Well, I’d have screamed too. It’s disgusting. And that kitty was such a good kitty letting her mum get the botfly out of its tummy. My cat would have disembowelled me too if I did that to him.

  3. nasty thing stuck in kitty bad botfly

  4. sebaceousqueen says:

    Too bad the botfly didn’t jump right in that screaching mamma’s mouth.. .She was so loud and nasty!!! The cat was an awesome kitty and deserved a treat.

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