*WARNING* Ear Infested With Maggots

**WARNING: Contains graphic real life video of a human being suffering from a severe maggot infestation. Do not watch this video if you are easily grossed out by anything other than pus! (If pus grosses you out, what da heck are you doing on this site?!? lol)**

Technically called ‘Otomyiasis”, this is the ear of a 74 year old patient, an alcoholic who presented to the doctor with a large number of maggots slam dancing in the grunge pit of the ear canals. Yes, I said canals, as in plural – meaning the patient had ‘Bilateral Otomyiasis’. As if ONE ear isn’t disgusting, shiveringly sickening, and life couldn’t get worse!

To say it plainly, so as to have no false pretenses of what you are about to witness: the guy has a lot of maggots infesting both of his ears! It is very, very, very (to infinity!) GROSS! Maggot Therapy? Nope, Maggot Anti-therapy!!!!

I’m sure after treatment the patient probably drank themselves into total oblivion – heck, having endured…that… I, too, would want to be unconscious for as many days as possible. Just… ewwwwwwww. I’m gonna go clean my ears now. Maybe invest in ear plugs. Enjoy the video.

~ H.S.

Otomiasis” originally created and posted to YouTube by Loxo82 on August 15, 2010.

32 Comments on “*WARNING* Ear Infested With Maggots

  1. I wonder if he went deaf after this. Meaning the maggots permeated the drum.

  2. Anna Nonymous says:

    Can you imagine what this sounded like? I would imagine it would be like having an ear full of pop rocks and peroxide. (((SHIVER)))

  3. You want to blow chunks…check this little horror story out….http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=a5e_1285140098

    1. thank you ass, i was wanting to blow chunks!! oh my dear god, i have never seen anything so bad, i couldnt believe that was the bowel of a 3 year old and it never stopped!! they just kept pulling them out!

    2. I am 1000% positive that I shall have nightmares tonight after watching that video!!!!!! If I was the surgeon, I would have re-sectioned the bowel and given him a colostomy bag. UNBELIEVABLE, F*CKING UNBELIEVABLE!!!! Film should be shown to people you are inclined to under cook pork!!!

    3. What a nightmare! ahhhhhh

  4. They look like the Scrubbing Bubbles guys.

  5. magna-cum-pus says:

    as the Srubbing Bubbles guys say: EEEEEAAAAAAUUUUUUUUUU

  6. Good find H.S.! @ Morgan: LOL!! Brilliant!

  7. hhaha morgan. they do look kinda cute.
    thast being said, if that were me id have a vacuum cleaner against my ear. if that didnt work id go for the shotgun.

  8. I can’t even imagine how loud that must have been! EEEEEEWWWWWW! I really would have liked to see an after shot to see what kind of damage they did.
    Good find Halph!!

  9. It gets worse. Much, much worse. Ladies, cross your legs. A family friend’s gynecologist once treated a woman from the Indus valley area who had never before seen a modern doctor. She had maggots in her vagina. The gynecologist said she almost threw up when she saw them.

  10. Ewwww! Looks like a pot of boiling barley.

  11. What if they all hatched and he had a bunch of flies in his ears?

  12. I would like to watch them be removed.

  13. magna-cum-pus says:

    @ass that link you supplied is…is…is OMG OMG OMG OMG WRONG WRONG WRONG!!!!!!!! eeeeaaauuuuu
    actually, now I want spaghetti

  14. alicewonders says:

    UHGG… but I knew it was gonna be an UHGG sort’a vidi. LOL.

    O, and: “…a large number of maggots slam dancing in the grunge pit …ear canals.” ROFLMAO!
    Halph Staph: You can turn a phrase like a Jeep Wrangler in fresh mud! Thanks for that. :)

  15. @eeuuurgh In the vajayjay?!?!? What was the lady doing that would give flies the ACCESS and TIME to lay eggs THERE?!?! WAIT! I don’t wanna the answer to that! ;)

  16. @alice – I love Jeeps!!!!!! Too funny that you would reference them. You must be psychic, or is that psychotic, like me? lol

    @ass – You should post that video you linked here! Just make sure you put a Warning label of sorts on it, and I would recommend that no one who has eaten any kind of noodles in the past 48 hours watch it. :)

    ~ H.S.

    1. @H.S. I must not have been “registered” when that video was first shown, but are you, or original poster, SURE the person was an alchoholic?? I’m a recovering alchoholic, and I do take offense to people being called that just because of the circumstances in which they were found! I’m not trying to start any trouble (maybe), …..just sayin’…..

  17. Ass, omfg! That poor lil baby! I hope its ok now. Plus I’m wondering if perhaps there would have been an easier way to kill and get rid of those disgusting worms. perhaps a long and strong course of antibiotics and a strong laxative?

    Morgan, LMAO!

    I too want to know what happened to this guy and see the vid of th removal.

    Beetle, I was thinking the same thing about my lil shopvac hose would have been in my ears.

    Eughh, OMG i hope I never see a vid with a gina full of maggots. i dont even want to think of that anymore or any of these worm vids!

    Ok back to pus because i’m itchin and feeling like things are crawling on me now. Ewww! Got to hate the heebie jeebies!

  18. Well I wonder what happened, I hope they post the cleaning!!

  19. They kinda look like baby chicks.

  20. How in the world do you get maggots in your ears. I would have loved to see them extract those little suckers. Very nice and entertaining video.

  21. am i the only one who thought the music was something from leave it to beaver??

  22. Pick_That_Puppy says:

    Is it just me, but do those little dudes look like the WalMart smiley face logo?

  23. omg have u ever scene the movie village of the damned and all the kids have the same eyes and there all looking at you at the same time thats this video those maggots were staring at me im so itchy rite now

    1. HAHA, village of the damned yea im having that! Priceless! Ben

  24. That is a horror show – all those maggots swimming around in filth looking outward. Had to have used suction to get the ear clear. THIS is by far THE MOST disgusting video on this site – hands down, no question about it.

  25. No fair! There should be a PTZ rule that if maggots are shown infested in a body cavity, their removal also must be shown!!! :D

  26. Halph-Staph, I don’t understand why the extraction wasn’t included. I’m so mad I had to put my hands on my hips. But then I couldn’t type how mad I am…

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