My gross ear infection.

For the last week and a half, my ear has been extremely painful. Three trips to the doctor, 4 different medications and the blasted thing still isn’t clearing up! So I attacked it with a Q-tip. And attacked it some more. And then just a little but more. I got a little bit out last week when the pain got too bad, but this one is a nice big glob. It helped with the pressure a bit, but I’m hoping the antibiotics will start kicking in and get rid of the swelling tomorrow. :(

Gross huh? And all my kitten wants to do is play with the Q-tips. siiigh.

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  1. Nice pics moogless! From what I read, the patient may need to see an ENT.

  2. I took these nearly 36 hours ago and I think the oral antibiotics and everything else is starting to clear up. As usual though, the antibiotics are making me sicker than anything else! Doc said if it hasn’t cleared up by next Tuesday then she’s going to arrange to for me to see an ENT. Like I need to see any more doctors! Lol.

  3. @moogless: Glad to know you were refering to yourself and glad your feeling a little better. Be careful not to puncture the ear drum when you try to relieve the pressure. That will really make a mess of things.

  4. I’m glad you’re doing better! Please don’t do that again with the Q-Tip (I know, no fun!). I’ve made things way worse by doing that. It’s safer if an ENT clears your canal.

    I know you probably think a doctor is a doctor, but would you let your GP give you a filling? X-o

  5. One of those tree things on the Lord of the Rings? Geesh…they better be careful! (maybe a Entling!)

    Take care of that moogs please.

  6. I would really get in to see an ENT in the morning if you are not remarkably better! I have a history of ear issues and an ENT has instruments to see much more than your GP. You might need another or a different kind of medication…

  7. I cannot tell where on your ear the trouble is. It looks like cheek

  8. Hi guys, my ear seems to be getting better, but if it isn’t totally cleared by Monday I’ll be put on the waitlist for the ENT (one of the joys of socialised medicine – waitlists! Even private has waitlists!)

    @dripper: hubby laughed very hard when I should him your comment :P

    @Savruk: it came OUT of my ear canal. It’s just sitting on white paper. We have yellow lights in the house so the second photo is tinged yellow.

  9. @moogless I’m glad to hear that you’re doing better! :)

  10. thanks, was this pus or wax?

  11. Pus and fungus. Ewwwwwwww. It smelled AWFUL

  12. Where’s Dr. J when u need him? Sounds like the drs might need to flush ur ears out to get most of that gunk out and then try antibiotics. Did they give u eardrops because those things usually work wonders at clearing up ear infections quickly. All else fails maybe try some peroxide to bubble that junk loose from your canals. But definitely talk to ur dr again first before trying anymore home remedies. Hope u feel better soon! Hugs


  13. It would of been better on video so we could of seen that lovely cheese crawl out

  14. @moogless: Glad to know your feeling better young lady!

  15. The EENT that I worked with for a short time, always recommended using one of those little bulb syringes instead of Qtips. You know the kind that are used to suction babies noses? It’s much safer as you can’t spray with enough pressure to injure the ear drum or other inner ear structures. Just use it with warm water in the shower each day. That would at least help you get rid of the chunks you’ve got in there. :)

  16. I tried that bulby thing and now half of my brain is missing. It works great and if you don’t have one try a turkey baster. And remember not to blow just suck…OMG did I just type that out loud…ignore any of my comments today…nasty migraine and pain killers. I going back to bed now.

  17. Saw the doc again on monday – I have glue ear as well. They took a swab and gave me a script for another lot of meds. They seem to be helping a little more. Back again tomorrow to get the swab results and if the glue ear isn’t clearing up, they’ll stick the gromits in. BLERGH.

    my ear wasreally painful at school yesterday and all i could think about is grabbing one of the basters from the kitchen (I teach home ec & hospitality practices) and sticking it in my ear. LOL.

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