Cyst On Elbow Explodes!!!!

I don’t know how we all missed this one, but it says it was posted to YouTube in December of Oh-Nine (2009), but this is the first time I have ever seen it. Took a peak around the archives and didn’t see it… I am just so puzzled it slipped through so many cracks! Because I sure as heck am confident in the knowledge that there are at least ten of us (and many, many more) constantly perusing the Tubination for yummy morsels we can share with other popologists… why don’t I just shut up and give you the video.

Notice that yet again, the pus spews forth from a very tattooed arm… so for those of you who keep trying to grow a pustulant garden you can harvest on your very own PTZ Premier Video… GO GET A TON OF TATTOOS!!!! lol

~ H.S.

Popping HUGE cyst on arm SPRAYS EVERYWHERE!” originally created and posted to YouTube by robbfc on December 10, 2009.

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  1. You can see that spray was like 2 inches wide!! How did we miss this one!! wow!! nice find HS

  2. That was so awesome…holy crap!

    1. Pick_That_Puppy says:

      More to come………….


  4. Biohazard cleanup on Aisle 3, please…

  5. princesspustule says:

    OMG!!! That was the mother of all explosions.Halph you always come through with the most amazing things. You could actually hear the spray. It sounded like a water hose spraying. H.S. keep them coming we love your stuff.

  6. OMG “So EFFFIN Sweet” Splurt of the year my good man. Keep up the fantastic work.

  7. Nice find, Halph. That was incredible, and I think it has to be the best spurt on PTZ.

  8. I did see this a few days ago but I didn’t think anyone could see anything, sorry. I have to get my eyes checked and now I do see it was a great vid. What a shot…thanks Halph for posting this.

  9. Not great but AWESOME. I cant believe I didn’t see the squirt, it was so obvious and wide.

    Emil can we put in an edit when we post before we want to?

  10. Can I challenge anyone to put a slow motion version of the squirting action? That would be awesome, too!

  11. Anna Nonymous says:

    The video was removed….awwwwww


  13. @ phyrewall L-O-freaking-L!!!

  14. @Anna – video is still there… did it just not play for you?

    @princess – Don’t say such nice things. You’re making me blush. I do this for fun, and other people’s enjoyment is the bestest reward there is!

    @dripper – check your eyesight, sweetie. (I am saying that with total humor!) Actually, truth be told, I’m wicked overdue to get mine done! Part of my problem is I never seem click Full Screen, so I miss some things, too! You should see me with my nose almost touching the screen while my inner monologue reads “What da heck is dat? Is it pus or just glare???” lol. Keep posting, dripper, you do a great job!

  15. Excellent HS! Nuff Said!

  16. Eeet eez dee Mudder uff ALLLL Puss Popz! I tell u now, eenfeedels! Bow down to Allah 3 times for theese theengs! Yes. Right now!

  17. I had to come back and watch it again and again. Someone really needs to slowmo this video. This could be the National PTZ recruitment video! I want one!

  18. HS
    I dont know if tattoos will work without a mullet.

  19. Oh my!!!! Where was this filmed? To me it looks like a restroom of a hospital- Did they go to the Clinic and then decide to do it themselves? I like the brief glimpses of the two elderly people in the waiting room, whispering to each other…”What is going on in there?”

  20. Moar!!!!

    Awesome find Halphy!

  21. Innaffitoften says:

    Halph, I’m almost offended, you must know by now that I’m pretty tattooed! Not a cyst on me! Now if you want burns…. I got em!

  22. Anna Nonymous says:

    I just tried to watch it again and it says Video not found or deleted.

  23. if tattoo ink did this,then i’d be covered,so it doesnt. could help cultivate them. sadly i lack this.this was a one time shot at the look of one spewing, and loved it,great timing and love.wish it went slower then it did.

  24. Where was this filmed?

    A hair salon – that’s why you see two old ladies in the background whispering. There are two hair wash stations just outside of the “closet” they are in. Probably where the washing machines are, brooms, a sink, etc. Yeah, I was a salon receptionist for awhile. :)

    I’ve played this at least 25x’s by now. It looks like the blast caught the door edge at the top, if you carefully look you can see an immense amount on the front of the door. I wish they had thought to point the camera at the floor, just for 2 seconds. I bet they had to put up a “Caution! Wet Floor” sign after that fountain!

    I, too, have my share of tatts – they are good for an occasional clogged pore. I think the reason we see more videos with tattoo loving folks is that they are more adventurous and outgoing. “Film pus coming outta my arm? Hella yeah!” (Inna, do not even try to tell me you aren’t adventurous…lol)

    Just a theory.

    PS – mullets. ha ha. well if leggings are coming back in style, and leg warmers, you know the mullet ain’t far behind!

  25. Shut TFU and squeeze it some more!

  26. peterpiperpicked says:

    When I first saw his lump, I thought to myself goodie gum drops, then the spray with that glorious sound……and then it was all over, I feel a bit greedy here, but “please sir, could I have some more?”

  27. Sir Pick-a-lot says:


  28. xoSunshineAngelxo says:

    Awesome vid, but to be honest it would have been nice to see the rest of that gem expelled….a part two perhaps? It was just such a tease to see that awesome squirt, then it was just done….oh well

  29. haha thats my arm lol and yeah i was in a salon lol

  30. AnaRosePellegrino says:

    ziting awesone! you hear it!

  31. PussINBoots says:

    *KABOOOOM!* I love the girls down the hall standing there, probably wondering what is going on or something. “Nothing to see here, just… um… doing some… uh… pore cleansing!” That was epic!

  32. Loved it. Wish we could have seen the rest of it.

  33. Pick_That_Puppy says:

    Tatoos + Cyst = Entertainment!

  34. new and entertaining!! I agree with a lot, s-l-o-w it down!

  35. She says its not ready? Its the size of a golf ball, but its not ready?? Lawd a mercy! lol

  36. SPLASH!!!!
    Lolll,he must have made a huge hole IMO!
    Short but…awesome.

    Tnx HS.

  37. i love watching reactions of peoples faces when pus pops every where litterally lol hahaha

  38. I wonder what those women were thinking in the background??

  39. Epic splash!

  40. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.MMMMMMMMMMMMMM.GGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Best Video I’ve seen on PTZ!!!

  41. I would have LOVED to see further squeezes!!!! The camera operator called it just in perfect time. That bump was H-U-G-E!!!!!!! Wonder what caused it???

  42. Okay, I have to admit my old eyes can’t see what just happened to cause so much excitement!! Halphi, I still appreciate you bringing back oldies for us newbies to oogle. :lol:

  43. this is one you have to love to look back on…I could just imagine what the ladies thought in the salon…I hope they cleaned up….lol

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